Residential Services

Exterior House Wash:

Rid your home of unsightly contaminates that create an eyesore and eventually break down the materials in your home. The Exterior of your home is constantly under attack from the harsh elements on a daily basis. Wind, Rain, and humidity bring dirt, mold, algae and other contaminants to your home. Not only does this look unsightly and lower the value of your home, but the mold and mildew spores work their way into your home, breeding an ugly environment for your family.

What you might not realize is that salt, mildew, mold, moss, dirt, and other grime that collects on your home’s exterior surfaces do more than making your home look dirty. Aside from affecting your homes curb appeal, these substances can also cause damage to the surface of your home. If left untreated, the contaminants can cause permanent staining and potentially even degrade your surfaces.

Our Renew-it House Wash service uses the perfect blend of low pressure and biodegradable cleaning products to allow us to provide the best service possible. We take great pride in the protection and safety of your family, pets and the elements around your home. Give ReNew-It, Pressure Washing Tulsa a call today.

Roof Cleaning Service:

Keep Your Roof clean to extend the life of your Roof and avoid costly repairs.
Having algae on your roof is an unattractive attribute. However, it’s more than that, and it’s not something you can put off cleaning.

Here’s the thing: roof alga is a living thing, and it’s feeding off of your shingles (actually, it’s feeding off of a limestone filler commonly used in shingle production). If it’s not taken care of, it will take years off of the life of your roofing.If your roof isn’t cleaned regularly, especially if the algae is visibly noticeable, it can lead to rapid deterioration of your composite and wood shingles and could lead to expensive repairs in the future. Roof cleaning is a hugely important part of home maintenance and may be the most critical part of roof maintenance. The shingle manufacturers require periodic cleaning of their products to maintain the warranty provided by them. The longer the infestation is left untreated, the more damage is done to your shingles, drastically shortening their lifespan along with reducing cooling efficiency due to the darker color of the algae absorbing more sunlight as heat. ReNew-It, Pressure Washing Tulsa take care of your roof and do the dirty work.

Fence Cleaning Service:

If you are looking, have your fence look great without the cost of replacement? Look no further. ReNew-it Pressure washing Tulsa will Renew your wood fence. Wood Fences are expensive to have installed. That’s why it important to keep the wood free of contaminants that over time break down the wood resulting in a shorter life. After getting your fence cleaned consider having the wood sealed to help maintain the worry-free longevity of your fence.

Concrete Cleaning:

Renew-it’s Concrete cleaning is an excellent way to add curb appeal to the exterior of your home. We invest a lot of time and money keeping our flower beds and yard looking great. We fail to take into account the driveway and entrance to our homes account for around 40% of the front landscape.

Concrete is extremely porous, and over time, rain carries dirt, salt, and other contaminants that settle into the pores of the concrete. The winter months make things even worse. As the temperatures fluctuate, the concrete expands causing cracking, chipping and pitting. The cost of a new driveway can reach into the thousands not to mention the inconvenience of not having a driveway for a week or so.

Concrete Sealing:

The concrete wash is done using biodegradable cleaners and under a safe pressure, allowing a deep cleaning of the concrete to flush contaminants from the pores of the concrete.

Once the Concrete is thoroughly cleaned, you may want to seal the concrete to restrict moisture absorption and limit harmful effects of deicing chemicals, salts, acid rain deterioration, alkali attack, corrosion of reinforcing steel, and UV damage.

Deck Cleaning Service:

Decks are a great place to gather with friends and family, but decks take a beating from the elements and traffic on a daily basis.
When the weather starts to warm up, and the smell in the air signals Spring is on the way, People start thinking about outside activities with friends and Family. Decks are a great place for people to gather and enjoy time away from their busy schedules. Decks are built level to the ground and therefore collect the leftovers of rain, snow, and daily traffic. Any dirt, algae and other contaminants that happen to be on the surface tends to stay there unless you take steps to remove them. With the runoff from your roof or house brings contaminates from those surfaces right on your deck with nowhere to go.

Our Renew-it Deck service offers our customer many options when it comes to the elimination of mold, algae, and gray/worn looking wood. A Renew-it deck wash will get your entertaining outdoor space looking wonderful. We have the Deck beautification service to meet your budget and expectations.

Paver and Brick Cleaning Service:

We all know patio pavers/brick get extremely dirty over time and look horrible with weeds growing up between the pavers, black moldy staining, and unsightly green moss. STOP! Please don’t run out to your nearest hardware store to rent a power washer and clean yourself this could damage your pavers. The best way to clean your pavers is by using a surface cleaner, not at power washing wand. The jet style wands could etch your pavers making them look worse than they did before you started.

Achieving Proper Cleaning: We use hot steam water with a surface tool at a lower pressure this removes all dirt, mold and moss growth and does not damage the pavers. Pavers are made from small granule aggregates using high-pressure cleaning you will remove these and the color (dye) that makes these so attractive. Call ReNew-It, Pressure Washing Tulsa Today for your free estimate.

  • Any Size Homes Ground Level or Raised
  • Driveways and Walkways
  • Patios and Decks
  • Docks
  • Carports and Awnings
  • Gates and fences
  • Garage Doors
  • Rain Gutters