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I love this. Renew a power washing episode 58. We’re here to talk to you more about how important it is to get that taken care of your house. Power Washing Tulsa. We offered all kinds of services, pretty much anything exterior cleaning service that she that you could imagine anywhere from vinyl awnings, commercial and residential, all the way to a concrete word, any type of various sightings, whether it’s a corrugated metal siding for a shop or business or vinyl siding on a house. Power washing, cleaning of Tulsa has has that 40th. So anyway, that’s Tulsa Roof Cleaning. Give us a call nine, one eight, eight, zero, nine two, five, eight. Or visit our website@Tulsapowerwashing.com or a little bit more and a click on the button and we will be more than happy to get back with you and provide you a free estimate for any project that you have going around her house.

So right now we’re really honing in on roof cleaning. There’s a few people around. You’re doing it and I’m kind of surprised which tells me that just the lack of, I guess, an education to the public about the roast with something that, something that you really should periodically do not only meet the manufacturers, have qualifications for your warranties and stuff on your shingles, but it also helps the pocket book in the long run. Tulsa Roof Cleaning, typically, typically we’ll get a couple more years out of keeping it clean, which translates into a, the course of time translates into a lot of, a lot of money. It’s fairly inexpensive to have the roof claim and uh, it, it definitely is worth taking a look at that in the fall time is here. A lot of leaves and stuff, a lot of debris falling on the roof. Uh, we do remove all the leaves stuff or anything like that.

A small branches. Anything that can be basically tossed off and hauled away, we will remove that in the cleaning process and your gutters full time with all the leaves and stuff falling out of the trees. It’s a really, really good time of the trees kind of stop shedding their leaves to go ahead and get your gutters cleaned out. If it involve what kind of winter and stuff we have a with get snow or ice or any type of precipitation, having your gutters cleaned out is extremely important. It keeps, it keeps the flow case, the water off the roof. And then it allows for proper drainage. So the water that’s coming off your roof doesn’t back up or a freeze and your daughter. And then so and I backed up onto your roof. It had nowhere to drag a, that’s where not around here so much, but in the, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, in the door, in the northeast, they get ice dams real bad.

And that is basically where the ice snow has formed over the top of your gutter and your shingles and the warmth, the warmth. This underneath allows for a small layer of a belt underneath the ice. If that water runs and it has nowhere to go. So was what ends up happening is it runs back up underneath the shingles and it and a lot of times can run inside the house, down the walls of various places inside the house. So I’m keeping out, keeping the gutters cleaned out will help prevent that in our environment here in Oklahoma. So that’s something that might want to be considered. Let’s go ahead and get those gutters and stuff. Cleaning out to allow for proper proper drainage, a power Washer, roof cleaning of Tulsa so we offer services to our customers, make sure that we’re offering and taking care of the customer the best way that we possibly can.

Feel free to give us a call at nine, one, eight, eight, zero, nine, two, five, eight one. Tulsa Roof Cleaning we do a power washer. We give free onsite estimate taken care of. So getting the roast something that we kind of honed in on quite a bit just to help people over myself and I just want to help as many people as possible. That type of stuff. Taking care of health in the long run, save money, something that’s addressed. Black streets primarily side quite a bit. South side streets are actually eating, so that is definitely something. We also play fences, so same type of process. It’s a little bit differently.

Shingles, I’ve noticed watching videos, some of these other companies and stuff, all the bad thing about that is cleaning solution that will actually take for life, so that is absolutely not the proper way of going about it goes from regular water. She goes soak up the water shingles surface if that’s what you’re trying to clean in the first place. Everything is on the surface so you do not want you going down the inside the inside, so we have a couple of different methods that we follow a lot the other more time consuming, but in the long run it’s much, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, much better. I can’t tell you how bad it is for the really discolored and really make some rental that is a longterm get renewed. Power washing call, renewable power washing because there will be more than happy to come out and take a look at it. Once again, that’s renewable power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa, Tulsa, power washing called. Thank you.