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Elaborate on this episode some circumstances that insurance companies will not offer. You’re selling a house a really good thing to have done prior to acquire ladder or something like that out there. Rarely. That is absolutely the best way to go about it. We do a power washing roof. Cleaning with Tulsa will be more than happy to come out there and take a look at that for you. Like I said, our, our system that we use is very in a very easy on the rough. Does it cause any further damage or anything like that to the roof? We want to make sure that we are giving the best possible service to our customers as we can. Uh, and that is the method that we choose to use. That’s actually the method that, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, a lot of companies choose to use just because of how safe it is and it doesn’t acquire any money to get on the roofs or anything like that.

So it cuts down on the wear and tear on your roof as well as the safety of having somebody crawling around on the roof or walking around on your roof. Renew it. Power Washington roof, cleaning of Tulsa would be more than happy to come out there and give a free estimate, a kind of walking around and explain, explain to the customer what we do and how we do it. And a please feel free to give us a call at nine. One, eight, eight, zero, nine two, five, eight, one or business on our website. And toss a power washing.com. Tulsa Roof Cleaning we’d be more than happy to come out there and take a look. Thank you for your time. Do it. Power Washington roof cleaning of Tulsa.

Hello everybody, this episode, 54 renewable power washing a roof, cleaning Tulsa. We’re gonna be talking today about the importance of getting your roof cleaned, kind of what that looks like and what that means to you as the homeowner noticed lately that pretty much almost wintertime here and we’re still seeing the algae and stuff continues to grow, so what that means for the homeowner, the black streets and the algae is actually material composed, so I’m getting that stuff off there is pretty big considering how expensive roofs are today and how much it would cost to have somebody to your house versus getting it cleaned once a year or once every two years to keep the paint Tulsa Roof Cleaning. Manufacturers actually have their warranties and suggested that he could maintain this by getting them on a regular basis. The insurance companies definitely would like to see those ropes being claimed to taking care of considering when it comes to damage or anything like that.

Then turned in a claim in most cases will come to replace your roof. So lately and certain parts of the country, and I actually heard about it here where we live now, some of the insurance companies are actually denying insurance coverage to your home based on a properly maintained and in some cases actually denying claims when they come and follow up on a claim and find out that has not been properly maintained. Man’s getting way out of not actually not paid for those can be replaced because it was properly maintained by the standards of the shingle manufacturers. So there’s a lot of reasons that is pretty important to go ahead and get that taken care of. It’s not super expensive. It doesn’t take long time. The homeowner does need to be home, so it’s something that, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, they can call come out and do a quick estimate to talk about it.

The other workers like that around the house, we discussed that as well. And that taken care of. That’s fairly painless. We get in there and get out of there a few hours and his claim back, snoop. Um, it varies. It varies from roof roof, shingle manufacturers back and forth, depending upon how much you know they want that cleaned. Typically it’s every couple of years to get that cleaned, to meet their standard and a Redo it. Power Wash your roof, cleaning of Tulsa. We, Tulsa Roof Cleaning we definitely have the the system and place that meets the a shingle manufacturer’s recommendations on pleading standards so we knew it was Tulsa, could absolutely get that taken care of for, you know, with no issues and no damage to your roof. A lot of these guys are out there using high pressure, high pressure tools and stuff like that. I noticed as a company that is actually selling a roof, cleaning kits, I guess systems I guess if you will, a renewable power wash your roof cleaning of Tulsa.

So we just for fun. I called and was going to get a quote to see what it looked like on the system and of course I couldn’t get. I couldn’t get any information as far as concert or anything like that. They wanted me to go through all this jumping through all these hoops and blah blah blah blah blah. So I didn’t, uh, I didn’t get a quote from them, but I did kind of find out what was going on as far as, you know, what the system entailed and some cleaning supplies, uh, that was proprietary to them that they probably have somebody make or, or something like that and they sell themselves, have somebody else make it, whatever the case may be, how the roof power washing, roof cleaning to Tulsa. So, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, but they sell, they sold a piece of machinery essentially that is a surface cleaner that you are to basically hang off of the and kind of roll it down the roof and pull it back up and rolling down the roof.

Well that’s all well and good. I guess if that’s the route that some of these companies is going to. Some very surprising and selling this stuff. To tell you the truth, we do a power washer to Tulsa. I don’t know what kind of pressure that they are wanting on. I do know that the surface platers if there are any type of any type of close to the ones that we use for a concrete, they require a minimum of about 2020 500 Psi just to get them and they use them properly, so if they’re using anything like that, that is way, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, way too much pressure to be using on your shingles. We do a power wash, your roof cleaning of Tulsa that will destroy your shingles really, really quick. It’ll take me years and years off shingles. So there’s a lot. There’s a lot of systems out there that are being pushed on some of the industry to be using and uh, there’s no way I would be using anything like that.

Renewal power washing, roof cleaning. We use a method called soft project that no more pressure than your fossil puts out there. It’s very, very easy on the tables. It doesn’t remove any of the composite grades and like that she was afraid of very, very few times have to get on the roof. A lot of times we do it from a ladder, so therefore it cuts down on walking around and causing further damage to do a power Washer, Tulsa. So we want to make sure that we are doing the best for our customers as we possibly can. Provide the best services we possibly can. Educating people about what we look for in the industry and getting, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, getting what they spent. Pleaded to Tulsa.