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Hello, this renewal power washing episode 72. We’re here to talk to you about different services when it comes to your home to do various things for homeowners and business owners alike. Definitely entertain multiple things that we can do. Definitely have that conversation with you as well. We have a lot of services to meet your specific needs. Cleaning up. It’s actually pretty important damage that the algae or black streets material, so want to make sure that we are offering the safest and best way to get that clean and move properly and effectively without causing further damage to your renewable power. Tulsa Roof Cleaning Definitely specific material that your shoes are made out of stone actually that she just make sure that process goes black streets as well. I don’t want to necessarily use high pressure but it doesn’t kill the algae roof and also usually especially on the asphalt substance that collects downspouts and especially your daughters that that is actually made from and that is what will be removed using using high pressure.

There are some companies out there selling equipment specifically for roof cleaning and for some odd reason it definitely of using a high pressure surface cleaner to get your roof and everything that I’ve read, all the research that I’ve done that is, that is absolutely not a good idea. Like I said, deteriorate further and it will take years of life on a regular wear and tear on your roof is bad enough that we have here in Oklahoma. So there’s no need for a comedy to get up there and cause further damage to your roof. So we use a system that does not use high pressure users, just a little bit more pressure coming out of there on your house. Tulsa Roof Cleaning we choose to use that system to keep everything clean because that’s just the best way to get do a power washing. That best system that we use is backed by sheet manufacturers and it is a warranty.

So that’s the system that we choose to use a surface plate. So you know, don’t, don’t hesitate to give us a call, you know, definitely. We encourage customers, could definitely do the research and look, you know, look at what your options are so you can make the best decision possible. Power washing with Tulsa will answer any questions that you have walked you through the process, kind of explained to you what is going on, putting those services, so roof cleaning of Tulsa, we just want to make sure that we’re keeping all those surfaces clean, properly maintained and doing it in a manner that is cost effective. The process is the correct process to be using in order to get all that stuff. Tulsa Roof Cleaning I’ve seen a lot of power washing videos on youtube and the first thing that everybody does, a lot of situations grab a high pressure power washing, clean, multiple different types of services.

The visual aspects of cleaning with high pressure. Yes, it is absolutely it. Absolutely. Visually it looks better. The problem is that a lot of times when it comes to the bolt and the allergies, the black balls and stuff like that, it’s visually removed, but it is. It is not. It has not gone yet meets, so we want to make sure that we are actually killing in the algae on whatever surface that we’re cleaning and so going back as quickly and the surface anymore so we do a power Washer, Tulsa. Give us a call, be more happy to walk you through the process and answering any questions that you might have. So give us a call at nine. One Eight, eight, zero, nine two, five, eight, eight. Or visit our website and Tulsa power washing.com. Be More than happy to give it a three onsite estimate and take over. Take a look at any of your cleaning needs, roof cleaning to tufts.