Tulsa Roof Cleaning | A Noninvasive Method

Hello, this is renewable power washing, cleaning with tulsa episodes, just letting everybody know that definitely be more than happy to give free estimates for all of our customers, whether that’s residential or commercial, and we’d be more than happy to come over there and take a look at your project moving forward for you. We do offer a 10 percent money back guarantee as well. Say 10 percent off any competitor’s price, so we will match and reduce 10 percent to a better price. So this renewal carwash and griff cleaning of Tulsa, we have a surface for you. Tulsa Roof Cleaning That will definitely be the way you’d want to go. As far as getting your roof surface clean, we use a noninvasive method called soft blocking that allows us to get the roof clean without having to get up on it. For the most part, we can clean it from the ground and using very low pressure to not harm your service, a surface of your roof anymore than it already is.

A, there are a few companies out there that are selling products to a clean roofs that require a, a basically a high pressure surface cleaner to be used on the surface and you kind of dangling down from the eaves and then pull it back towards you. That is an absolute no, no cleaning your room. I don’t even know why some of these companies are selling products like that for a contractor power washing companies to be using it. It’s absolutely not something that I would ever use. Tulsa Roof Cleaning I don’t see a reason for an application like that. You are trying to preserve the shingles. That’s why customers are calling to get the algae and the black streaks, the mold off of your roof, not to cause further damage, which one of those high pressure surface cleaners would absolutely cause significant deterioration. That machine goes kind of defeating the purpose and not only does it deteriorate your singles, but using a high person surface later with a cold or hot water.

That is only removing the visual aspects of what is causing the damage to your roof. Not necessarily removing the actual algae killing off the surface. So the goal is to remove that from the surface and kill it, so the growing of that on your surface stops, so therefore it doesn’t multiply, it doesn’t manifest on your roof and uh, so just visually clean it off with a high pressure is not necessarily removing all the old scores or the algae from your roof, which as soon as we started getting some more warmer weather and score, he would weather, especially in our climate. That ball’s going to start growing back fairly quickly. And then you’ve just spent your money on something that necessarily isn’t doing anything for you. Tulsa Roof Cleaning So you want to make sure as a consumer that you’re doing your research and I’m sure that contractors that you have coming to work on your house give you a bid, are actually going to do the job properly and not causing any more damage than necessary. Removing that from your existing roof surface. Renewable power, wash your roof cleaning of Tulsa. We definitely have the surface to get your roof cleaned the proper way. You give us a call at nine, one, eight, eight, zero, nine two, five, eight, one or business. On our website Tulsapowerwashing.com, get this roof renewal carwash and roof cleaning to Tulsa and we’d be more than happy to swing by if you have free onsite estimate help you with any of your exterior cleaning needs.

The importance of getting your roof clean. It’s actually pretty important. Tulsa Roof Cleaning, I know you know, a mom and he ended up selling the service, but I’ve also done enough research and talk to enough insurance companies and people across the country on what the consequences are. Not maintaining your roots and taken care of properly. I’m really one of the biggest things is the cost to replace the roof is very expensive. So if you have a few of a house for 20 years, let’s say. And the roof is expected the last seven years for awhile and it has algae and mold on it for the majority of its life. That roof is actually only going to last and were like four or five years. So you know, if that is the case, then over the course of 20 years you’re putting on three or four roofs and might only need to put onto roofs.

So really when you look at the cost savings and the cost difference of maintaining your roof, it is absolutely something that you want to go ahead and do to maintain the integrity of the materials of your shingles and keep that roof breathing and a good, a good working order. The algae on the mold actually is living off of the a rough surface. Some of the materials that the shingles are made out of is actually being consumed by the, by the algae mold. So you just want to make sure that Tulsa Roof Cleaning that is something that you’re addressing and getting taken care of for your roof so you’re not avoiding any manufacturer’s warranties or avoiding or put yourself into a position where an insurance company a a claim on your roof or even. I’m not cover the roof at all being that it has black streaks or algae on it.

So I’m renewable power wash your roof cleaning is Tulsa. We have. We have this service that will take care of that is extremely innovative. It doesn’t hurt anything and um, we’ll be in and out of your hair in a short amount of time. So please give us a call. We have scheduled the work around here. Your schedule. We do give free onsite estimates, renewable power, Washington roof cleaning of Tulsa. Thank you for everybody for listening. Tulsa Roof Cleaning That’s renewable power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa. You can reach us at nine one eight, eight, zero nine two, five, eight, one or on the web it Tulsa. Power of watching.com. Once again, that’s renewable power, Washington roof cleaning Tulsa. Thank you.