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Hello, this is episode 57 with renewed power washing, cleaning of Tulsa. We’re here to talk a little bit about getting your rest clean on your home. For that matter. A commercial buildings are just as important as getting your roof on your home. Stuff taken care of. Obviously majority of commercial facilities have asphalt shingles or quite a bit larger than homes, so obviously your costs involved and getting something like that replaced, it’s going to be significantly more. Running a business is expensive, enough is cutting any type of costs and using the below so we definitely clean roofs, metal roofs, anything like that. Tulsa Roof Cleaning Metal siding, corrugated metal siding, exterior siding, concrete surface like that we have, we use a software system to clean all of our ribs as the safest and most effective way to get the roads clean. We use a solution that not only removes the algae but it also kills it, so it will.

It’ll stop the growth, which is exactly what you want to do. Just remove it. Usually you’re moving, not necessarily gone and they could definitely grow back fairly quickly, so you want to make sure that if you’re getting that, it’s a process. It’s actually killing the boss or the algae that is on there, some risks that are pretty heavily saturated with the algae and moss. You can actually see your growth on there rather than just the discolor ization and when you go to you go ahead and clean that off or go ahead and apply the treatment to kill that. You can actually over over a day or two or sometimes even immediately watched that start turning white and that’s it. You know that the Tulsa Roof Cleaning, it is actually being killed on the surface. So we want to make sure that we are definitely killing the killing the growth, just usually removing any type of further further road.

Not Too many people want to pay for something soft washing system that we actually designed the system ourselves. A lot of these guys are out there selling systems. We have actually designed our own is extremely efficient. The product waste is a really, really low are all of our stuff is remote control system, so we do not have to go back to the trailer to switch to grits. We could do it right there on the fly, which just ends up saving time and saving the customer money and it also cuts down on the amount of product that has actually happened to be applied to the surface. A lot of these companies will just saturating, saturating, saturating the surface. We got our stuff dialed in so well now that we don’t have to worry about oversaturation, we’ve got a better mixture down. Tulsa Roof Cleaning Pretty, pretty solid. So we know a power wash.

If you, uh, if you’re looking to have your growth or your extra year services clean is our website and pulse power washing. You can give us a call at nine, one, eight, eight, zero, nine two, five, eight one. And we give free estimates so there’s no obligation to. The customer will come out there and take a look. Whatever project that you’ve got going on there at your home or your business. And we will walk you through the process and explained to you what it’s going to take to get that clean. Tulsa Roof Cleaning, we will be completely honest with you. We have run into a couple of situations that a one particular on some metal corrugated citing that had been painted. I’m the customer, was not aware that it had been painted in the past, I guess maybe prior to them buying the place. Um, and we let them know that we can get it clean, but we can probably get it as clean as we would like.

One of the customer would like just due to the, uh, the surface being painted prior to them buying the house. You know, you’ve got to be really careful on the metal. You don’t know how well it was prepped, you don’t know what kind of paint they used or anything like that. So we will be very honest with our customers and let them know what’s, what’s capable of what we’re capable of, what we’re not capable of, and try to give them the best information as we possibly can so they can make the best decision that they possibly can have. You know, a power washing roof cleaning salsa. Like I said, if you need any help, you can visit our website@Tulsapowerwashing.com. There is a, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, there’s some picture before and after pictures, there’s information on our services and there’s a quote button on there if you’d like to go ahead and click that button, fill out the information we will get back to you in a timely manner, scheduled that onsite, a free estimate and get you taken care of. So once again, this is renewable power wash your roof cleaning of Tulsa. We just want to make sure that our customers are getting the best attention as they possibly can. And then easy, easy to use system with a, with the least amount of headache to the customer as possible. We try to work with your schedule A, we get in and out with no with no issues and trying to make this as painless as possible for, Tulsa Roof Cleaning for our customers. So don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Renewable power, Washington roof, cleaning of Tulsa, a show. Do a joint, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, everybody listening to us and we really appreciate our customers for everything that they’ve done for us. And we look, we look forward to building a more customers in the future. Um, so if you’re looking to get your rug cleaned, please give a renewal power Washington call that is a renewable power, Washington roof cleaning of Tulsa. And we reward. Happy to come out there and take a look. Thank you very much for listening. Bye.