Tulsa Roof Cleaning | The Safest Method

Hello, this renewal power wash and roof cleaning of Tulsa, episode 66, talk to you a little bit about a roof cleaning service that we offer and try to help inform the services that we offer. So yeah, we just got through doing an estimate and a out here at Claremore, Oklahoma there we noticed a lot of groups out there that are in a pretty dire need of being clean. So it is a, obviously this late in the winter, well to kind of, not necessarily winter yet. It is middle of December and I’m kind of surprised by how many roofs are still showing those signs. Tulsa Roof Cleaning We do a power wash, the roof cleaning of Tulsa. So we, like I said, we definitely have a service to offer you to get those ropes clean. We do use a soft wash system in order to get the roof cleaned properly.

And so it is a pretty important that you get those taken care of and um, get those black streaks and algae off of something that is eating the materials that your roof is made of and definitely something that you’d probably want to get taken care of a secretive later just to make sure that your ropes or are in good standing and not having any, any problems. So do a power wash. Tulsa is a pretty important to keep those roofs cleaned. Tulsa Roof Cleaning I know there’s a lot of people that probably don’t think about getting your roof cleaned. A lot of calls we get is for citing and driveways and stuff like that. So the roof is something that people don’t typically think about hitting clean, but it is, it is actually probably one of the things, not only a cosmetic issue but definitely one of the more important things to get plane just from a maintenance standpoint and keeping them in good standing and in good working order.

It does reduce your, uh, your heating in your attic so you’re cooling bills in the summer are going to be less. And so it is definitely something worth taking a look at, spending a little bit of extra money on your home and getting those roofs and stuff taken care of. Tulsa Roof Cleaning So renewable power watch, root cleaning of Tulsa. We definitely have the surface for, you know, any of your exterior cleaning needs. I’m more than happy to us the website at [inaudible] dot com and we’d be more than happy to come out and give a free onsite and estimate.

Take a look at anything that you’ve got. So we choose to use the soft Washington looks clean. There’s some companies out there that are selling roof cleaning systems to people. And when I first started looking into it, I was Kinda surprised that they were selling. They were selling. It’s basically a high pressure surface cleaning system similar to the one that I would use on concrete. And they are trying to sell that for your roofs to be selling, to get your drugs. Which that is everything that I’ve read. Everything that I’ve seen that is an absolute no, no, that is not something that you want to do or have done to your roof because they were really deteriorate. Roof. Tulsa Roof Cleaning Take a lot of years off of the roof here. The asphalt shingles right up, so if you look at your gutters or look at your downspouts after really hard, you will see that a little gravel downspouts, that is the asphalt shingles can imagine what a heart rain does. Imagine a bunch of super high pressure concentrated pressure from the pressure Washer with a roof that actually bothers me that there’s people out there cleaning asphalt shingles in that manner that it’s absolutely safe.

I would definitely not recommend that way. So we use a software system that allows us to claim the roof from the ground up every months while having to get on a ladder, but very, very rarely would we ever have to get onto the roof to do the cleaning. So that is the safest method for us to get that real clean. Just spraying hot water, concentrated a crusher onto your group does not kill the algae that is rubbing on your roof, definitely does not kill, so we just want to make sure everybody is aware that there are different methods to clean renewable power wash Tulsa, we use that. That is recommended by shingle manufacturers in the country, so we want to make sure that anything that we’re doing to the roof does not void any type of shingle warranty or manufacturer’s warranty on those roofs. So renewable power wash your Tulsa Roof Cleaning.

I think that is absolutely something that we pride ourselves in and making sure that the job is done properly, safely. So we are fully insured. Once again, you can give us a call and Redo a power wash, your roof cleaning gift tossup, and we’d be more than happy to come and take a look at your project. Tulsa Roof Cleaning We do offer free onsite estimates and we’d be more than happy to walk you through the process and kind of explain to you what’s going to be going on and about how long it’s going to take and what kind of results and stuff that usually you should be able to expect after we leave your property. So we do a power wash, the roof cleaning with Tulsa, even reach us on the web and Tulsa power. You’ve got palm or you can reach us at nine. One, eight, eight, zero, nine two, five, eight, one, and we’d be more than happy to walk you through the process. Thank you very much.