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Hello, this is episode 70, check that episode 71. Renewable power wash clothes are here today to talk about roughly and the importance of getting your roof properly maintained and keeping it clean. We just left an estimate just a few minutes ago actually for a on a customer that wanted some work done on the exterior of the home and um, she asked me what those black streaks were on her roof, so I had the pleasure of explaining to her what was going on with that and she’s going to go ahead and have us get that taken care of for her. Tulsa Roof Cleaning, renewable power wash roof, cleaning a tulsa. So, uh, we, we have any exterior surface that will meet your reach or need a new fence stating a fence, cleaning of deck staining a deck cleaning any of your exterior surfaces. We, uh, absolutely you take care of that.

Um, so renewable power wash real quick, you know, Tulsa definitely has a service to meet your needs. We are fully insured. We do free onsite estimates. So we choose to use the soft wash system, the process without getting our roofs clean. Um, there are some companies out there that are choosing to use high pressure to get those, those surfaces and that it’s not necessarily the best way to go about it for one, when you’re using a high pressure on your Tulsa Roof Cleaning, the asphalt shingles have deteriorated fairly quickly. The asphalt is made up on your shingles. Will a lot of people come off, there’s no need to use a high pressure to get those, to get that roof surface clean. So we used to use a soft Washington system. One of the other benefits to using a software system is rather than just cleaning the streets off of the roof, we actually will kill the algae that is growing on your roof, which helps prevent it from growing back and you get a lot longer time period out of, out of that, staying around that clean. So I’m just cleaning with regular water and removes it visually, but it does nothing to killed the growth that is growing on the, uh, on the shields. So do a power Washer, Tulsa.

We pride ourselves in a high quality and high standard of work. Tulsa Roof Cleaning, so we will definitely be professional and help you through anything on your business. The other thing to take a look at, you know, when you’re on the ropes, keeping those clean is the, uh, the heat that is trapped in your attic or a void between the roof, the surface of the living space, if you’re not getting, getting that removed and cleaned off is definitely a good thing when it comes to the cooling of your home in the summertime. If it takes off more heat from the sun and it traps it traps that, that, uh, that he in your attic not allowing it to breathe as properly as it should. So getting, getting that surface clean is a, it’s very important when it comes to any type of maintenance on your home. So you do a power washing, cleaning of Tulsa.

We absolutely have a, a system to get that taken care of. The other thing you want to consider when it comes to cleaning up your roof is whether somebody either has insurance or does not have insurance is properly trained. And the, uh, manufacturer standards for the shingles themselves, the manufacturer of the shingles have a standard in which they say is the best way to clean the roof surface. And that, that is the process that we, we choose to follow it. It does not void the warranty of the shingles and it keeps a picture good standing and it also keeps the roof. It’s best shape as possible, which allows you to get the longer, the longest life out of your roof as possible. We all know, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, getting your roof replaced is extremely expensive. So we want to make sure that we’re helping the homeowner in maintaining that, maintaining that service and, uh, keeping, keeping that them in good standing. So there has been some talk about insurance companies denying claims when it comes to growth, just based on the algae being on the road, they look at it as the roof has not been properly taken care of. And any time an insurance company can get out of paying the claim or if it’s, um, if it’s a risky thing to go ahead and ensure that they’re definitely going to look at, look at that in their favor.

So, um, our, our system will definitely get that removed to the insurance companies. Will, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, be satisfied and consider your roof well maintained. So I’ll renew a power washing the roof cleaning of Tulsa. Uh, we, we are fully insured. We offer a free onsite estimate and if you weren’t happy to talk with you about any of the exterior surface that you need and walk you through the process and we will definitely work within your schedule to make this as easy and as painless as possible when it comes to getting those surfaces or surfaces. Clean renewable power, Washington roof, cleaning, compulsive. Like I said, we are fully insured. We do offer a 100 percent money back guarantee. So we want to make sure our customers are happy with the service that we’re providing. For any reason we cannot correct the issue that you are having or you’re just not satisfied with our service. We will definitely leave refund your money back at 100 percent, so we do a power wash and also we pride ourselves in doing great work and being a leader in the industry. Renewable power, Washington roof cleaning if Tulsa. Thank you.