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Hello, this is renewable power, your roof cleaning of Tulsa podcast, 52 podcasts, 53, episode 53, 52. Anyway, we’re here to talk to you about roof cleaning and the importance of keeping your roof clean. Renewable power washing, roof cleaning or Tulsa has the proper method to getting your roof cleaned without causing any further damage. Um, unlike some of the, uh, systems and stuff that I’ve seen out there that are promoting, um, high pressure surface cleaners and stuff like that up on your roof, which to me is ridiculous. Tulsa Roof Cleaning, not only are you having a high pressure put down on your roof, but you’re having to carry a pretty large, uh, equipment, surface cleaners and stuff on top of your roof, which, uh, is one unsafe and two, does irreversible damage to your roof. So renewable power wash your roof, cleaning with Tulsa, uses the soft washing, a method to get your roof cleaned.

Um, that is the only method that we use on a roof. Surfaces and a vinyl, siding and stucco. Uh, any type of surface like that, we, uh, we will go to a soft Washington method. Um, it’s, it’s the safest on the, uh, on the surface that we’re cleaning and it does not cause any further damage, especially on brick and stuff like that where there might be holes in the motor for breathing and stuff like that, or just a motor missing and stuff on brick. Tulsa Roof Cleaning, the soft, the soft washing allows us to clean that surface without putting any material or water behind your buying 100 brick and causing any further damage as far as mold or any kind of growth factor, having water back there would cause. So renewable power, Washington roof, cleaning up Tulsa, we, we definitely have method to a clean your exterior surfaces the best way possible and we’d be more than happy to come out there and take a look and give you an estimate and kind of walk with you and talk with you through the process of what it would take to get that surface clean.

Um, we, we do offer a free driveway surface claim with any of our surfaces services, a renewed power wash and roof cleaning of Tulsa. So back to the importance of keeping your roof cleaned. The algae and Lichens and a mold that can grow on your roof is extremely damaging to the material that the shingles are made of. Um, it can take many of life off of your roof, left untreated. It will continue to cause further damage over and over and over again a year in and year out, a renewal power, Washington roof cleaning Tulsa not only removes that from the surface, but we also, we kill it from its growth. Um, so the mold, if there’s any, a boulder algae lichen that is growing on the roof, um, our system actually will penetrate the, uh, the bone and the algae and liking that is on the roof and it will kill it. Tulsa Roof Cleaning then once it, once it kills it, the root system that it is developed on your roof, we’ll come, we’ll slowly start to lift and then the rain water will wash it away. So it’s a little bit of a process, but it does, it does kill the mold and the algae, uh, from, from further growth and it, it rinses off once it releases. And let’s go from its roots. That is, it is a building up on your roof. So renewable power wash your roof, cleaning of Tulsa. We have the method

that will definitely get your roof cleaned and Tulsa Roof Cleaning, we’d be more than happy to come out there and take a look at that and get that removed for you.

it is something that you really want to address a could get that, get that off your surfing, off the surface of your roof. There are some cases in the country that the insurance companies are actually denying a homeowner’s insurance coverage due to, uh, the, uh, black streaks or the algae that’s growing on your roof. And, uh, in some cases that are also denying claims, uh, if you were to have a claim on your roof and they were to find out that the roof was not properly maintained and properly taken care of. They will, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, in some cases, not all cases, but in some cases will actually deny the, a cup that deny the coverage, leaving you stuck with the whatever damage that you might have. Um, they are, they are becoming more aware of this problem, especially in the high humid areas with high heat.

The algae needs, needs water, it needs heat and it needs a surface to a feed off of the surface that is feeding off of is your, is your roof if the limestone that is in the shingles that are made up, um, with the, the humidity, he gets plenty of water from the humidity, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, around our area. And then uh, uh, plenty of heat from the sun is a, is a bad combination for, for the growth of the algae and stuff like that. So, um, we just want to let everybody know that the, the importance of getting that cleaned off of your roof, it’s not only aesthetically a hard on the eyes, but it is, it is definitely dangerous to the roof, to the, to the fibers that make up the roof. Renewable power wash and roof cleaning of Tulsa. We have the proper service and proper equipment to get that clean and, uh, take, take care of the customer that the best that we possibly can.

Like I said before, we have no problem coming out and taking a look at it. I’m walking around with you answering any of the questions and stuff that you might have. And if we do run across a situation where we don’t have an answer, we will, uh, we will be more than happy to find that answer for you and get back with you on that. We run across stuff every once in awhile that pops up that, you know, you never run across before. And sometimes that is the case or something very specific to a customer. Tulsa Roof Cleaning, and, uh, we will, we have no problem getting back with you and giving you the proper answers that you require, a informing the customer or something that we pride ourselves in and we have no problem taking that extra step and spending a little bit extra time with our

customers to make sure that they are taken care of and getting the service that they need. Um, and that’s kind of one of the things that is important to us is building those relationships with our customers, educating our customers the best that we possibly can. And, uh, that way everybody is informed and on the same page and we can get that taken care of for you for sure. So renewable power washing in roof, cleaning of salsa. We had this solution to fit your need and we could definitely take care of that for you and we’d be more than happy to talk it over with you and uh, yeah, that’s pretty much it. So renewal Tulsa Roof Cleaning roof cleaning the Tulsa. We appreciate everybody listening. We appreciate our customers and uh, we look forward to uh, help helping the education process and uh, helping everybody in the process of learning how to keep their, their property clean and well maintained. A renewable power, Washington roof cleaning and Tulsa. Thank you very much for listening and we’ll talk to you guys later.

Those power washers are running almost all day long. If we can, if we can cut some of that down without having to run an engine for hours and hours and hours on end, that’s definitely something that we’re looking at doing a. So there’s always, Tulsa Roof Cleaning there’s always something going on out there. And like I said, we renew a power wash, roof cleaning and tosses, always looking to educate ourselves and to be the best to offer the best service that we possibly can to our customers. So we, we appreciate everybody’s help. We appreciate all of our customers. A renewable power washing the roof. Cleaning of Tulsa will talk to you guys a little later. Thank you.