Tulsa Roof Cleaning | Feeding Off Your Roof

Hello, this is renewable power wash with roof cleaning of Tulsa, episode 67, podcasting. We’re here once again talking to you about the importance of keeping your asphalt shingle roof. Plane lawyer would read for that matter. There’s a lot of roofs right now that are showing pretty big signs of needing to be cleaned. The black streaks and algae that is typically on the north side of your home is something that definitely needs to be cleaned off and taken care of. One thing that people don’t realize that that is, that is algae that is actually growing on your roof and it is the algae is actually feeding off of the material that your roof is made of. Tulsa Roof Cleaning, the other, the other downfall to having that on your, on your growth is the wind that we get around here in Oklahoma could definitely kick those, bolt those scores up and moved them to different places on your roof, on the south side of your roof, Jew over your neighbor’s house to where you have a large area possibly, you know, streets or neighborhoods that have this black algae all over.

So every once in a while you’ll see one house kind of in a neighborhood, if it does allow us to continue to go on that, it will spread from roof to roof. And then you’ll have a lot of people with the black streaks and the algae on the roof. So renewable, a power wash, your roof cleaning of Tulsa. We definitely have the, uh, system to safely remove that off the surface of your roof. Uh, we use a software system which is low pressure and it allows us to clean the roof from the ground. Sometimes we have to get onto a ladder. Rarely, Tulsa Roof Cleaning rarely do we have to get onto your physical growth itself and do any type of cleaning up there. Every once in a while if the roof is heavy and heavily to breed with leaves or sticks up against the iuds or up against siding or something like that on top of the house, you know, sometimes we will have to get up there with a blower and blow that stuff off.

Just so you know, we make sure that we’re getting. I’m giving the customer everything that they’ve actually paid for. Considering we just go up there and clean from the ground, don’t move any of the debris. We’re technically not all of the prompts, so to tell us if we definitely have service to meet your needs and we’d be more than happy to come out there and take a look at that. We do offer free onsite estimates and we do offer a 100 percent money back guarantee satisfaction guaranteed. So if we, Tulsa Roof Cleaning if we leave your property and you are not happy with the services, we will refund your money 100 percent, no questions asked. That’s just something that we, uh, that we want to do to gain the trust and the respect from our customers so we can build a lifelong relationship with our customers. So we do a power wash and printing of Tulsa.

We’d be more than happy to come out to your home or to your business. Take a look at your project, see what you got going on, and me kind of walking through the, the process and answering any questions or anything that you have. We just want to make sure that we’re a good fit for you. And we’re offering the service and meeting the expectations that you have. So we like to communicate with our customers just to make sure that we are taking care of the expectations that you have for us. We do a power wash stuff. Like I said, Tulsa Roof Cleaning it definitely pride ourselves in doing good work, being on time and like I said, we just want to make sure that we are offering the best service that we possibly can to our customers. We do use a software system on our risks, so we are.

We are very pleased with the results that we get from using that system. Our customers have been extremely happy with the results, so that is something that we will continue to use our system, our methods processes, the shingle manufacturer’s standards to not voided the warranty and actually the shingle manufacturers require Tulsa Roof Cleaning You are the homeowner to clean and maintain it properly in order to keep the warranty in good standards of the insurance companies are kind of getting on board with the roof’s not being properly. In some cases, they are denying claims. Once you’ve made a claim to have looked at or repaired or replaced and they are also in some cases denying coverage for homeowners that go and buy a home and they have an algae on the roof and then all of a sudden they’re having a hard time getting insurance, homeowner’s insurance on that property or their rates are going to be really expensive. So that’s, that’s one thing that we want to make sure that everybody is aware of that for a very cheap price, come in there and have that stuff play at the insurance companies will have any idea that, that was even an issue and you wouldn’t run into those problems. So, you know, do you have any questions as far as the black streaks on the roof and what kind of, what that means, um, you know, feel free to give us a call. We’d be more than happy to come out and take a look.

Explained to you kind of what’s going on, what’s going to take to get that stuff removed and then see if that’s something that your customer wants to pay for and have have taken care of. So do a power Washer, Tulsa, like I said, we are fully insured, we do free onsite estimates and we do have a 100 percent money back guarantee on all of our work. So if for some reason you are not satisfied with the work that has been completed, we did not meet your expectations, we will refund the money 100 percent, no questions asked. Sometimes we would like to know how we can approve, improve our service for something that we’re lacking in something that you weren’t happy with. Tulsa Roof Cleaning, you know, we would definitely like the opportunity to make that right and get that taken care of for you. But if we can’t call it will definitely be more than happy to refund your money. So just Redo a power washing Brooklyn. He Goes Tulsa, we appreciate it buddy listening. Visit our website and Tulsa power watching.com. Once again, this is renewal power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa. Thank you very much for listening.