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Hello, this is renewable power, Washington griff cleaning the Costa podcast 70 episode 70. We’re just here to talk to you some more about the supports keeping your wrist clean. So Power Tulsa prides itself in being one of the leaders in the industry here in Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Uh, we will definitely be fair and we feel that our prices are extremely competitive. We might not be the lowest. We’re definitely not the most expensive, but we feel that the balance for the customer is, is spot on. So like I said, you pay a little bit more maybe than you would for somebody else, but we, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, we definitely take the pride. We didn’t do the job correctly the first time without causing any unnecessary damage to, to your home. So redo a power wash, the roof cleaning of Tulsa. We definitely offered a service that meets your needs. We are willing to work around the customer’s scheduled to work that in, but their timeline, they have any other exterior projects going on that we need to work around for the timing of completion. We are fully capable of doing that as well. We do work with landscape companies and some other companies around construction companies, so we’re. We’re definitely used to being able to fit our service into the timeline that the customer is looking for.

Oddly enough, we are starting to book for March already, so that is very, very positive thing for us. I’m very good when it comes to the next year, the longevity of our business. A power wash, the roof cleaning of Tulsa. So getting your roof plane is very important. So I know it’s something that people don’t think about a lot. Something that probably gets overlooked quite a bit. It’s your rough. A lot of people don’t even know that that’s even a possibility of getting that complaint or taken care of. So that is definitely a service that we offer and can offer a safe service, a thorough service, and make sure that that is taken care of properly and meets the standards of not only our customers but the roof, the sheep of manufacturing in America. So we just want to make sure that you’re offering the best service that we possibly can.

So through a lot of research we have developed our, our system, we have built all of our own application systems so we, we feel that we can provide the best to our customers as possible. So if you’re doing power wash cleaning but Tulsa, feel free to give us a call at Tulsa power Washington and we’d be more than happy to give you a free estimate and we also offer a 100 percent money back guarantee to all of our customers and just as a precautionary measure to make sure that the customer is and feels comfortable with, with us working on their own and to let them know that, uh, you know, we stand behind our work. Like I said, we are fully insured for the customer’s protection as well as our protection. Tulsa Roof Cleaning so when it comes time for us to come and do a service, you can rest assured that renewed power washing will absolutely give the best service that they possibly can and meet, meet your specific needs, whatever those might be.

Um, like I said, we work within your schedule a renew, a power washing roof, cleaning of Tulsa. So, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, give us a call and we’ll be happy to come out and talk to you about any project that you may have, a, so the black streaks on your roof or actually algae growing on your roof and that is actually eating the material that the shingles are made out of and deteriorating in reducing the length that that roof is a good for. Roofs are very expensive, so if you can maintain those every couple of years and keep those in good standing, it will add years of life, uh, to the, to the roof itself and keep you from having to replace it so often. So, renewable power wash and roof cleaning of Tulsa. Uh, we definitely have a service to keep to keep your exterior of your home and your business or your commercial property claim.

And we definitely pride ourselves and taking care of that for you. So, renewable power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa, give us a call. We’ll come out and give you a free onsite quote, no charge to the customer. And, uh, we’ll go ahead and get you scheduled and get that taken care of for you. So Renewal, power washing, roof cleaning with Tulsa, Tulsa Roof Cleaning we’d be more than happy to come out there and take a look at your project and get that taken care of. Um, so some of the power washing companies out there that are getting into the roof cleaning are a surprisingly enough, using high pressure to get those roasts, um, the material that your shingles are made out of will actually, if you look at your downspouts or in your gutters, if you go to clean those gutters out and you look at the little granules or asphalt that is there at your downspouts, that is actually material that is on your roof.

And when you apply a high pressure to that surface, um, you’re just reducing the material down that the, uh, that the roof is made out of. So we do not use high pressure when it comes to cleaning, cleaning the roof service. We use a software system that we have built to get that taken care of because not only does it remove the black streets, but it also kills the algae that is growing on your roof. So renewable power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa, we’d be more than happy to take care of any of your services for you and, uh, get that taken care of and make sure that you are happy with the service that we’re providing and uh, look to be building longterm, longterm customers, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, that, that that’s our goal is to make sure our customers are taken care of and that they, they keep coming back happy and we can help them take care of any of their cleaning needs. So, renewal, power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa. Thank you very much for listening. This is renewal power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa. Give us a call today. Thank you.