Tulsa Roof Cleaning | A Time Consuming Process

Just redo a power washing cleaning of Tulsa, episode 64. We are here to talk about the roof cleaning, the uh, the do’s and don’ts as far as some of the manufacturers are out there doing a with her. So I’ve been doing a lot of research because I’m always always looking into things and watch things and seeing how other people are doing things and making sure that, you know, our company is staying on top of what’s going on as far as procedures and how things are done and this type of stuff. So when I ran across two companies that are selling what they call roof cleaning systems, I guess. So, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, from what pictures and everything looked like, I thought I pretty much knew what they were if they were selling, but I decided to go ahead and give a call to talk to somebody over there just to kind of see exactly what was going on, what their systems cost this time was done.

So after talking to one of them in particular, I found out that they are selling a roof cleaning package. Essentially that is a surface cleaner, which is what we use typically on concrete surfaces. He wouldn’t give me any specifications as far as, you know, a nozzle size or exactly what kind of PSI or anything is put now, so I would hope that know nozzles are a little bit more open to where it’s less pressure on the roof, but it was a surface cleaner, basically no handle that you dangle from the eve of the house down towards the gutter in a straight line and then you pull it back up to yourself, you move it over and you brought it down again. So that would be extremely time consuming to do, not only time consuming, but very unsafe considering you have to be up on the roof to actually use this. Use this mechanism. Uh, number two, Tulsa Roof Cleaning, surface cleaners typically used on concrete surfaces are, are pretty, pretty high pressure, very high volume water. I’m using that on an asphalt surface. I can only imagine the damage that somebody didn’t exactly know what they’re doing or using the right power washer or something like that could do to somebody’s roof.

You can put a surface cleaner on a wood deck and you would immediately ruined that will attack way too much power, so much pressure, and it would just feather. That would pretty much just ruined the deck. The only way you can get that back is if the, if the lines that were put in it too deep sand out, you might be able to stand out and recover. But usually that using that tool on a roof, I can only imagine what kind of day, which, that you’re opening up yourself for a potential. So renewable power washing and cleaning the policy. We do not use anything like that on our roughs. Tulsa Roof Cleaning, like I said, not only is it not safe, it’s very inefficient if the company is charging by the hour or even try to hit a target price by the hour, the time that it would take to clean your roof 20 inches or 21 inches at a time, back and forth, back and forth.

If you’re paying by the hour, you are going to be paid two or three times what it would cost to have that roof actually properly done. So I can’t believe they’re actually out there selling that stuff. Maybe their targets are homeowners. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on with that, you know, I don’t. As far as the cleaning solution, I don’t know what they’re running through those things, but know it’s going to be a high dilution rate because of all the high volume of water coming out of there and I’m, all you’re doing is removing the algae and stuff from the surface. You’re not killing anything. So the stores are still there and they will grow back with uh, the time is right and the weather’s right. Power wash the roof, cleaning the Tulsa. So I just wanted to let everybody know out there that Tulsa Roof Cleaning, there are definitely people I’m doing business I should say again, the incorrect way.

Not that they’re doing it on purpose, maybe they just don’t know. Maybe they’ve been told by a friend or something like that. But that is not what you want to be going on in your room. I can only imagine what kind of damage that would cause. Pause to renewable power, wash your roof, cleaning of Tulsa. We, we absolutely have the proper way to clean those. Like I said, we’ve done a lot of research talking to roofing manufacturers. We found a standards for cleaning all of the surfaces and that’s, that’s, that’s what we follow those rules and stuff. Tulsa Roof Cleaning. Our idea is to help serve the roof warranty, stay in tact, to knock those. Caused the homeowner for headache in the long run. Power Russia roof cleaning of Tulsa. We’d be more than to come by and give you a free onsite estimated anytime. Visit our website Tulsapowerwashing.com and give us a call at nine.

One Eight, eight, zero nine two, five, eight. One more than happy to come out there and walk through the process. And um, yeah, that’s pretty much, that’s pretty much it. So I just want everyone to be aware of companies, not only carwash companies but any companies that you have coming into your home doing any work. I just urge everybody to do their research. Usually referrals, friends is always really good thing. Tulsa Roof Cleaning, just make sure that you’re bringing into your home or work on anything on or in your home nature and kind of vetted, if you will, just to make sure that they are going to be performing a job that you’re paying for. They’re not causing any headaches for the homeowner damaged in the process. So take a look at it and think you’ve got to speak with you about. I think it’s realistic.