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Hello everybody, this is renewable power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa episode 45 podcasts 45. So I know we’ve been talking quite a bit lately about the roof cleaning, um, but we, we just want to make sure that everybody is informed. So I’m the same process with the roof plane that we’ve been describing as far as the low pressure. Easy on the surface is the same process that we use to clean exterior surfaces like stucco or anything like that. So we want to make sure that Roof Cleaning Tulsa

we’re definitely taking care of our customers and uh, keeping them informed the best way that we possibly can. Uh, sometimes that means even if you know, we, we don’t get the job, but we helped inform somebody then, uh, you know, we’re at the end of the day, we’re doing our jobs. So, um, renew it power Washington roof cleaning of Tulsa definitely prides itself in its customer service all the way from, from the time that we present an estimate, a till the time we scheduled the job, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, actually complete the job and through the billing process we try to make it as seamless. And as easy for the customer as possible,

especially from the billing side, um, you know, we, we just want to make sure that the customer has the options that they need or that they want when it comes to that type of stuff. Um, so we, we try to make it as seamless and easy as possible for the customer. So a renewal, power washing, roof, cleaning of Tulsa, we just, you know, in any, any feedback from our customers is, is absolutely always welcomed. Um, ultimately you guys are the ones that are paying our bills and you guys are the ones that have to be. Roof Cleaning Tulsa I’m happy with the service. So there’s any improvements that can be made from the business standpoint. Uh, the, the customer is absolutely the one that would be giving out the best information possible. So renewable power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa. We, we just want to make sure that our customers understand that we know that we do listen and that we are, um, wanting any of the feedback from them that we possibly can get. So, um,

that’s just, that’s just kinda the way we kind of modeled our business. We want to make sure that the customer is taken care of, getting all their questions answered, I’m getting their solution a solved their problem solved with the proper solution to the problem. So, um, you know, we have many different opportunities to help the customer. Um, you know, we offer a lot of different options when it comes to the services that we offer. A roof cleaning is absolutely one of the services that we can help help you with all the way from a roof cleaning, um, exterior cleaning of the house, whether it is siding, Stucco, brick, um, any of those types of surfaces even would even painted wood services. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, you know, there’s, there’s process that we could use to take care of that as well. Um, we’ve noticed a lot lately of the eaves and underneath overhanging with spiders and spiderwebs. We’ve been doing quite a bit of spider spider web removal during the fall. So, um, that’s just something that, uh, you know, we, um,

we take care of a lot of different things for the customer. Um, you wouldn’t think that a power washing company would really be into cleaning spiders, spider webs, but you know, it is on the exterior of your home. It’s a visible nuisance. It’s a, you’re breeding spiders on the exterior of your home. So if we can help reduce that and get that taken care of, uh, you know, that is absolutely something that we will take care of for you. The next step after that would probably be contacting a, a, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, a exterminating company. I’m doing a perimeter, a treatment just to make sure that those spiders and stuff like that can’t make it to your surface. You have your home and sit there and build their nests and their webs and stuff like that. So renewable power washing a roof, cleaning of Tulsa. We have many different solutions to take for the customer so that we can take care of for you. Um, you know, we can do any of your flat surfaces, a pool decks, a wood decks, a concrete decks, brick, rock, any of that type of stuff that’s around the exterior of your home. Um, you know, brick, um, fences, a wood fence is any of that type of stuff, um, you know, we can definitely get cleaned for you. A renewable power washing roof, cleaning of Tulsa. So

I might have told everybody that we actually, uh, just bid a pretty large job consisting of a spiders spider webs a removal off of a, a commercial building, a multiple commercial buildings actually here in Tulsa. I’m, so I just got off the phone with the, uh, with my customer and they liked the bid. They liked what they saw from our company and they went ahead and submitted that bid to their corporate structure to see if they can get that approved. Um, so, um, that’s, that’s very good news for us. So a renewable power washing roof, cleaning of Tulsa Roof Cleaning Tulsa.