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Hello, this is episode 32 podcasts 32 with the renewable power washing.

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roof cleaning of Tulsa a, uh, pretty early in the morning and uh, getting our day started. So I figured I’d do a couple of podcasts this morning. A floor we kind of get going here. I’m fencing. That’s pretty good activity. Um, over the last couple of days I’m going to get a hold of a construction company today to a go bid. A job for some more red iron. It’s very interesting that the kind of got this second kid on a, putting some red on it for a construction company. Roof Cleaning Tulsa I guess the name is kind of floating around there. And the construction world, which is not a bad thing, a pretty decent people to work for a seem to pay on time and everything. So a renewable power washing

roof, cleaning of Tulsa. So I’m going to go to a sand springs today and a bid, a red iron job. I don’t really know much about it right now, uh, wasn’t much information. So when we get there this afternoon, we’ll take a look at it. It’s a competitive bid, so they’re going to get bids from other, other companies as well. So we’re going to give it a whirl and see what happens. So yeah, it’s very good. The thing that they’re calling for. Sure. So, um, the other thing, uh, we had a, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, a request for a quote on our website yesterday evening. Um, so we’re going to give them a call back and see if there’s anything that we can do for them. It’s a brick building in downtown Tulsa, so I’m to Greenwood Chamber of Commerce, which is pretty cool. So we’re going to go check it out and see if we can help them out as well.

A renewable power washing, a roof cleaning of Tulsa. So we ran around this weekend and try to drum up some business for a cleaning roughs. Uh, we’ve had a lot of rain here over the last couple of days and uh, the humidity’s up pretty high so that stuff is really a, when that sun comes out and everything and stuff really started to grow. So, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, let’s see if we can’t help out some people in that area. Um, you know, when you’re looking for a company to a clean your roof, it was a few things that you’d be a good idea to check on. One of the things is the insurance for sure, make sure that the company that you’re hiring a has the proper insurances in place to protect themselves and the customer from any potential damage or injuries or anything that might happen while you’re on their property. So, um, the next thing is to find out what their cleaning process is for the roof.

A renewable power washing, a roof cleaning of Tulsa. There’s a lot of companies out there that are using high pressure to clean these roofs. And uh, in the long run that, that really deteriorates the longevity of the roof. Most of these asphalt shingles are made of a small little bits of uh, asphalt. And when you put high pressure on that asphalt, it, uh, it really take hurts. It, it takes a, the asphalt away, puts it down in the gutter, you run it down the gutter and is no longer on the roofing material, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, protecting and doing its job. So, um, finding, finding a company that does not use a high pressure is definitely the way to go. So renewable power washing a roof, cleaning of Tulsa. So, um, and besides when, when you have to use a high pressure, you physically have to get on the roof to get that roof clean and that’s just opening up for over a more damage to the roof and it’s opening up for potential injuries as far as a slip slipping or anything like that and falling off the roof.

So we use, we use a system that allows us to, uh, you know, not get on the roof. Uh, there are a couple of cases where we, we would have to get on there, but that is, that is very small, very small case there. Um, we try to do everything from the ground. I’m pretty much the worst thing that we would have to do is get on a, on a, a, a frame type ladder that is very sturdy and uh, get it clean that way. So, uh, those are some of the things that, you know, I would look for in a contracting company to take care of my roof. It’s definitely wouldn’t let you know as the customer what kind of process the company is actually using. We use a soft washing to where there’s a minimal pressure kind of letting the cleaning agent and the detergents and the solutions and stuff do that, do the trick rather than using a high pressure, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, relying on high pressure to get that claim. So a power washing, a roof, cleaning of Tulsa. So, um, you know, by using the software process, you’re not, you’re not removing material from the shingles, you’re not getting on the roof and a further damaging it or opening yourself up for a, you know, potential injuries while you’re on the roof. Uh, so those are some of the things that as a, as a consumer, as a customer, that I would definitely be checking on a.

So hopefully we’ll get some, a good business from that as well. Um, it seems like everything’s going pretty well. Renewable power washing a roof, cleaning of Tulsa. So you guys just have to stay, I have to stay diligent and have to keep pushing forward. Um, it’s pretty taxing, uh, mentally and uh, but you know, you gotta keep pushing forward and see if we would build something, build something sustainable here. So renew a power washing a roof cleaning of Tulsa. So Roof Cleaning Tulsa, it’ll be really exciting to go down and talk to the talk to the folks down there at the, uh, in downtown Tulsa, see if we can drum up some of that business. Um, there’s a, there’s a lot, a lot of opportunity down there cleaning some and helping restore some of those old historic buildings and if we can be, if we can be a part of that, that would be really, really, really awesome for our company.

So we’re going to give that a whirl and see if we can see if we can help make a difference down there. So Renewal, power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa. So that’s Kinda what we’re up to today. I’ll keep everybody posted for sure. Uh, as, as this develops with this construction company and see if we can get this. The Greenwood, a chamber of commerce down there in the historic area downtown and see if we can see if we can drum up some business down there. That’d be really, really cool and kind of see where this, where this takes us. So anyway, that’s kind of what, that’s kind of what I’ve got today. Like I said, I’m going to be kind of a busy day getting up super early start here today. I’m still working a full time job as well. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, and that’s, that’s taking a lot of mental and a mental time, mental, uh, effort and definitely taking a lot of time a way right now I’m covering for my boss.

Well she is out of town so is going to be a pretty, pretty rough week, but we’re going to keep pushing forward and see where this brings us. So Roof Cleaning Tulsa, renew a power washing a roof cleaning of Tulsa. So I appreciate everybody listening and hanging out and hopefully this will add to the website and keep moving us on up that chain or we can keep sustaining this and see if we can build the little bit more, a little bit more customer relationship and a little bit more businesses as things moved forward. So keep those things in mind when you’re looking for a good company to work for, you know, ask the right questions, especially when it comes to the roof cleaning. Um, that’s something that you definitely want to make sure that the company is a insured and definitely qualified to take care of that for you.

There are some methods that you want to use and there’s some, some methods that you definitely want to stay away from. So I’m just keep that in mind as we’re, as you’re looking for companies and you know, if you have any questions or anything like that, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, concerns about something that’s being done or a bid that’s been given out to, you know, give us a call, leave us a message if we, if we don’t answer nine, one, eight, eight, zero, nine, two, five, eight, one or visit our website and click on there and get a quote, uh, fill out the information and we’ll get back to you and we’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions and stuff for you. That website is www dot tulsa, power, Tulsa pressure So just get on there and check it out and feel free to give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help you with anything that you might need. So, um, that’s about all we’ve got today. So we will talk to you a little bit later. Uh, renew a power washing roof, cleaning the Tulsa. Thank you.