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Hello everybody, this is episode 36, a podcast 36 with renewed power washing a roof cleaning Tulsa. So we’re on our way home right now. So tomorrow we’ve got a uh, a job lined up and we’re going to do tomorrow evening and uh, just got word back talking to you guys about that red iron project. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we just got word back from them that uh, there was a bid that came in and tricky dollars below our bid, uh, and it’s a construction project, so they were looking for the lowest bid in this project because it was something that was not planned for and their budget apparently. So, um, we offer a 10 percent, I’m basically that will beat any competitor’s price by 10 percent. So I went ahead and shot that over to them and we’re going to go ahead and re estimate that one at a 10 percent reduction of the lowest bid that they got and see if we can’t lock this one down and go ahead and get it.

So that’s a, that’s a really positive thing for us right now. Any business is going to be a good business for us as long as we’re not doing it at a, uh, at a loss a, so we’ll still be making a decent profit on this one. And I’m uh, make everybody happy. So it’s good work for us. Build a good relationship for a renewable power washing and um, so we might be able to build a relationship here and uh, move forward in the future with these guys. So renew renewed power washing a roof, cleaning of Tulsa. So it’s possible that we’ll get a couple of jobs. We’ve got another job that we’re willing to bid a siding, siding, job cleaning, some vinyl siding and uh, they’ve got a deck, a covered deck that they want to, a stripped down, a sanded and refinished. So we’re going to be quoting that one here soon and getting that to the customer and it looks like a, that’s pretty much a sure, Roof Cleaning Tulsa a sure thing right there.

So I’m going to put some prices together and see if we can land that one. So things are, you know, it’s amazing what, eight, 10, 12 hours. We’ll do a, you know, just this morning wondering, you know, kind of how we’re going to pull all this off and no, here we go. Eight hours later you’ve got multiple bids, you’ve got a couple of jobs coming down the pike and things seem to work themselves out so it just keep on pushing forward a renewable power washing a roof, cleaning of Tulsa. So, uh, anyway, that’s kind of what we got going on. So Roof Cleaning Tulsa we’re gonna get home and repair this estimate and uh, go ahead and get that sent off to those guys and hopefully with that reduction of cost, uh, hopefully we’ll land that job. So working out some of the logistics with the foreman might be a little bit challenging, but hopefully, um, hopefully we can work it out to where everybody satisfied and everybody’s happy.

So I think we’ll, I think we’ll be alright not taking care of that. So a very good opportunity for us. I’m still kinda curious on who referred us to these guys. There is somebody there in the, uh, in the parent company that’s contracting all these guys out to do this work. There’s somebody there that has got our name and our number and is referring us out. So I’d really like to know who that is, just out of curiosity. So one first thing, you know, we can get a hold of them and see if we can build a relationship with them further on down the road and I’d like to thank them for referring us out and kind of find out where, you know, how they got Roof Cleaning Tulsa of us and that type of stuff. So a renewable power wash and the roof cleaning of Tulsa.

So yeah, that’s Kinda what we got going on. So pretty positive last couple hours as some of this stuff is developed. So, you know, just got to keep on, keep on pushing forward. We’ll go ahead and get them. Sent our proof of insurance and get them sent our w nine for tax purposes. And uh, I think we’ll be in good shape. So be interesting to know if the other companies that they had even quote a even have insurance, but you know, we’ll never, we’ll never know that for sure. But uh, regardless. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we do carry insurance and there’s a very good reason that we do a, obviously it’s a selling point, but that’s kind of besides the, besides the point we, uh, uh, we cover it because as we carry it because it’s the right thing to do, uh, our customers need that protection, especially when you’re on a commercial site, you need that type of protection from any type of damages or anything like that that might happen.

So I’m just a big risk going into some of these situations without having insurance. So, uh, anyway, we, we will not find ourselves in that position. We will definitely continue to carry our insurance. It’s a cheap price to pay for the protection that it gives you a down the road. So, um, anyway, yeah, pretty exciting. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, this is, this construction company is out of Wichita, Wichita, Kansas, I believe. Uh, so it’s, it’s good thing to have a strong website up and running. A lot of these companies are from out of town. They don’t know anybody, they don’t have any relationships with anybody. So the first thing they’re going to do is get on, get on the Internet, type in power washing or pressure washing the Tulsa power washing of Tulsa and uh, see what pops up and I read some reviews and uh, that’s how this company found us.

So without having that website up and running to the way it is, we would probably be losing out on a well majority of the business that we’ve received so far for sure. Especially with the construction companies. That’s where all these companies have have received our information is definitely through our website. So having that thing up and running isn’t, has been an awesome thing. So, um, yeah, like I said, we’re going to keep pushing here and see what happens, see what the future brings and a pretty cool. So we’re gonna go out here and uh, hopefully get the chance to knock this thing out for them and uh, build, build a relationship. So working on getting some more google reviews and getting reviews and everything going. So that’s just something that we constantly have to do, constantly have to ask for from our customers. And, uh, you know, try not to leave that out on the table, see if we can get those, uh, let’s even get those reviews stuff coming in, uh, strengthened up this website a little bit strict, strengthen up our, our, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, our ability to reach out to customers.

Uh, it builds a little bit of a peace of mind with the customers when you can prove that you’ve done work before in many different areas and, uh, that way they can rest assured a little bit that you’re not a fly by night, that you’re actually doing legitimate job and, uh, go ahead and give you a call for the job. So, hats off to a thrive time. They’ve been absolutely essential part of our growing our business, uh, without, without their help. I can’t tell you how, how hard this probably would be. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we’d be spending a significant amount of money and not going anywhere. Some of the research that I’ve done on getting website and getting some of this stuff knocked out that I needed knocked out was outrageous. Uh, so really when you compare what I’ve got a well we’ve received from thrive time in comparison to what it would’ve cost us to do a on our own and manage on her own and uh, go out and start sourcing some of that stuff out that we needed sourced out, um, would have been astronomical and comparison.

So Clay Clark and a Victoria, they’re over at thrive time. I can’t tell you, tell them how much I appreciate their help and getting this thing moving forward, keeping me on track, keeping me lined out and uh, keeping this thing pushing. Uh, it’s been greatly appreciated. So anybody looking for some help? Renew it. Power washing, roof cleaning, Tulsa, renewable power, washing roof, cleaning, Tulsa. Anybody out there looking for some help to get their business up and running and get their business moving. Roof Cleaning Tulsa I can’t say enough for the folks over there at thrive time. They’d been awesome. So a it power washing roof, cleaning up Tulsa. We will talk to you guys a little later and I’ll keep you updated on some of these projects that we’ve got bid out and let you know what we’ve been able to land and get accomplished. So a renewable power washing, roof cleaning and the Tulsa. Thank you.