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Well, this is mark with episode 26 with a renewed pressure washing, Roof Cleaning Tulsa pressure washing Tulsa. We’re going to talk a little bit today about why I started this business. So one of the main reasons I started those businesses just for time and financial freedom. So the work that it takes to get a business up and running is a, is a lot. The commitment level is pretty high. The ups and downs that comes along with running a business and starting a business is a very, very difficult to deal with. So some of the challenges and stuff that I have, I have found myself in is a really just managing time. It’s very, uh, I have found it very difficult to manage the time that it takes to get all this up and running. So working with the coaches and working with the people around me, it has made it a lot easier to handle this and to deal with it. Um, you know, working a full time job and trying to get the business up and running at the same time has been a very challenging.

But we’re making progress slowly but surely day by day, and that’s all you really can do is keep pushing forward. You just can’t give up. So some days you’re going to have really good days, some days you’re going to be a little bit more difficult than others. Uh, you’re going to have difficult weeks, sometimes, possibly even difficult months. And you know, keeping yourself in the right mindset to keep moving forward is a, is very important. So, um, we have done everything that we can to try to keep this thing moving forward. Um, the phones are starting to ring. We’ve got some pretty good things in place to keep this moving forward. So, um, I think we’re in a pretty good, pretty good spot overall. I’m trying not to take on too much. Life can really a throw you a lot of things and some of that stuff is out of control, but some of that stuff is definitely within our control and the stuff that is within your control, you need to make sure that, uh, you know, your focuses are in the right place.

Roof Cleaning Tulsa washing pressure, Washington, Tulsa. So we started this business, uh, primarily, uh, so I have the ability to take care of my family financially, um, and work myself out of, you know, your traditional workforce and traditional type jobs. Um, you know, you reach a certain point in your professional career where you kind of Plateau and uh, with uh, with owning a business and small business, you can control that plateau a little bit more so you can, you can take on more business, you can grow your business or you can just leave the business in a spot where you’re, where you’re happy with it and it’s easy to manage and it’s making the money and that you needed to make. So surrounding yourself with really good people is his primary and very important. Um, both of my kids, I’ve got one, one, my daughter is a homeschooled, so my wife stayed at home and then uh, my son is in a private school where we believe that he’s getting the best education possible.

So the stresses of keeping all of this up and running has is quite a bit. So we, we just try to keep pushing forward and making sure that we’re making the best decisions possible for our family and the best decisions we can to keep this business up and running. Roof Cleaning Tulsa washing pressure, Washington, Tulsa. So, um, you know, one of the other reasons that I started this business is to be able to help people. I have found that educating people around a power washing is a, is very interesting. A lot of times people ask, well, what do you do? And you explained to them that you have the power washing company. They said, well, what do you power wash? So that tells me right there that a lot of people are just unaware of the abilities that have a good power washing company, have to offer them the services and stuff that they might not even know are even out there or even exist.

So I spend a lot of time talking to people and explaining to people, um, kind of what’s going on with that and you know, what that entails. And I’m just trying to keep the goals of why we started this business in the forefront and trying not to get distracted too much by the other stuff that’s going around us. Um, you know, my wife, um, is, is pretty allergic to the mold and the algae. So that is something that we have always had to keep away from our environment, especially on the outside of the house or the mold and everything grows on the siding and stuff like that. So, you know, every couple of years I have found myself, you know, power washing, pressure washing the house, renewed power washing pressure, Washington, Tulsa. And so I just decided one day that I could probably help other people that are in similar situations, um, with taking care of that, for, for everyone also. So I’d like to, uh, see if I can offer some assistance and helping people to take care of stuff on the outside of their homes, especially on the roofs and stuff like that where the algae and bacteria grows new power washer and pressure wash from Tulsa. So educating people I have found is, uh, can be quite challenging, especially when they have no idea that you know, your services can even, you know, offer them any type of assistance. So that’s just one thing that is constant and something you just have to keep working on.

The other thing is, is having a company that is morally sound and is offering an honest service to people. There’s a lot of companies out there, not just in the power washing industry but just a lot of companies in general that are not offering a very honest and very reliable services. So we, we want to definitely be one of those companies that is a reliable and honest and is working for our customers and helping them the best that we can. So surrounding yourself with good people is absolutely very, very important. Uh, when it comes to that and making sure people around you have the same type of goals and a are helping you to facilitate, Roof Cleaning Tulsa you know, moving forward with the company. So renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa. We’re on our way out right now to bid a couple jobs and we’ll see how those go.

A couple of people have found themselves into a situation, a construction company, I guess it’s found themselves in a situation where a homeowners association and the, uh, in the neighborhood is a, is complaining about some dirt and mess that they have left in stock in front of a house that they’re doing some construction on an established neighborhood. So this is an opportunity for us to go and offer them some help in getting that cleaned up. So that’s, that’s the kind of stuff that, you know, we really, we really like to do and we kind of pride ourselves on is helping those people in situations that, uh, we’ll get them out of a pinch and, you know, it helps us also as building a reputation with other, with other companies that might be able to use us in the future to do jobs and a stuff for them also. So I’ll just recap a little bit the importance of surrounding yourself with, with good likeminded people that have your best interests at hand and you know, will help you stay focused and committed to keeping your business up and running and keeping it moving forward in the direction that you would like it to go. So, um, renewable power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa.

We’re always looking for new work and more work and more opportunities to help grow our business and there’s anything that we can do to help anybody out there that would be awesome and we would be more than happy to do that. Roof Cleaning Tulsa pressure, washing Tulsa. The opportunities where the power washing company are pretty much endless. There’s, there’s a lot of options and a lot of things that you can do to keep the power washing business running. Um, I have, I have found, you know, there’s been quite a few people that have called and on stuff that wouldn’t be to come and bid them that I didn’t even think of being an option when it came to having a power washing business. So you know, just got to keep an open mind and like I said, keep keep people around you that are going to help facilitate the growth and the direction that you want to go, Roof Cleaning Tulsa not only in your business but in your personal life. And I think you’ll be in pretty good shape. So thanks for listening today as Roof Cleaning Tulsa renewable power washing. Talk to you later.