Roof Cleaning Tulsa | Making The Appointment

Hello, this is episode 30, podcast number 30 with renewable power washing pressure washing Tulsa. Want to talk a little bit today about the experience that we had yesterday. Yesterday evening we a had a, had a job for another construction company here in Tulsa and I’m just kinda goes to show you the highs and the lows a kind of go through when you’re running a business. I’m kind of on the low over the last few days and I’m lady, give us a call and I’ve been kind of talking back and forth with her, um, over the last couple of days. And, uh, honestly I was kind of in the frame of mind that I really didn’t want to do in any business. I just kind of got a feeling from her. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, so I went ahead and made the appointment and went out there and took care of it and it was a very, very often experience.

Um, she has been using a, uh, another power washing company here in Tulsa for a little while and has been unhappy with them with their services that they provide a. So she gave us a call and um, she was extremely pleased with the work and the quality of work that we were giving her a renewable power washing pressure, washing Tulsa. So it was, uh, it was a construction project. They were building a new house in a, a, a, a pretty expensive neighborhood here in Tulsa. And Roof Cleaning Tulsa, so we got started and uh, as we were working through the job, um, I had a couple neighbors stopped and talked to me about the services and stuff that we offer and um, tons of business cards and some flyers and we’re very interested in our services. Uh, so that’s, that’s a huge, huge positive. Um, the, the owner of the house that was being built was actually there, um, and he, he came out to talk to us a little bit and uh, he, he got some business cards and flyers and was extremely happy with the work that we did for them there.

So it looks like as this construction project moves forward, they’re almost done. And then the next step is to lay the sod and everything in the, uh, in the yard. And when we do, when they do that, after a little while, um, he’s going to have us come out and a power, wash the house and get some of the dirt off the side of the House that he has with rain and everything splashed up on, around the exterior of the house. So that’s a huge, huge positive for us. You’ve got to give out some business cards and try to build some more relationships. A construction company said that they were going to exclusively start using our company for any work that they run across here and the future. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, so renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa. So we had a pretty good, pretty good day yesterday.

The job was a not super labor intensive, which was extremely nice for me. A lot of the jobs that we’ve had lately have been a very labor involved. This one was a little bit more laid back, uh, didn’t quite make the money on it that we would on some of the other jobs, but it was really nice to have multiple satisfied people, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, when it comes to, uh, the work that we provide. So renew it, power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa. So another good positive finally heard some feedback from the construction company in Oklahoma City that we did the uh, writer Wash Bay for.

Didn’t hear anything from them for a little while, so I was getting kind of nervous that they were maybe unhappy with the service that we provided them a, I heard back from them yesterday and they, they were extremely happy with the service that we’ve provided them. So just to recap a little bit what we did over there. It was a, uh, it was a semi truck wash bay. It was extremely greasy and it was very dirty. It hadn’t been washed in quite a long time. And uh, a company in Oklahoma City was uh, getting it ready to rebuild the wash bay. They took everything out and left it just bare walls and my job was to go in there and clean the walls and prep the walls good enough that the, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, the painting company could go in there and uh, and recoat all of the interior surfaces.

So that’s something that we have never done before as far as the getting anything ready for paint prep. So I heard back from the company yesterday, uh, and they were extremely happy. That paint company was very happy with the work that was performed, so they’re going to be able to offer a really good a product as well, uh, being that they followed us in, in the process of renewable power, washing, pressure washing Tulsa. So we have some really, really good feedback yesterday, a very positive feedback. So, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, that’s very good for our company to build, build that type of reputation. We’re definitely heading in the right direction and a continuing to grow. So we’re really excited to see how this plays itself out over the next few months to the next years as we get this thing a really up and running. So

very good news. We were very happy to hear it and I’m,

we look forward to building more of those relationships and having more of those, uh, satisfied customers that rider Wash Bay was extremely labor intensive. It was a very, very difficult to get it clean, uh, especially cleaned enough for any kind of a paint or epoxy to adhere to the surface so they were happy and they’re going to be an offer, a good service also. So we’re, we’re very happy that we’re able to take care of that for them. So know it’s just the little things the. Because the owner of the construction company lady came out and she actually made the comment that you don’t need to get it that clean. And Roof Cleaning Tulsa, I told her, I said, well, I said I can’t help it, you know, it’s very important to over deliver and do the best job that you possibly can, so you can build that type of rapport with your, with your customers and they know that you’re going above and beyond what their expectations are.

They will absolutely give you a call over and over again to, to have you come out and do work for them. So I’m just one of those things, you know, we take a lot of pride in what we do. And uh, that’s just the way it is. Uh, we can’t, we’re going to do the best job that we possibly can. We’re going to use the best products that we possibly can use the best processes and methods as we possibly can and we’re going to, that’s just what we’re going to do. A renewal power washing, pressure, washing, Tossa, you know, I mean, we could get in there and get out of there and just kind of brush over it and half acid, but that’s just not, that’s just not the company that we’re trying to build. So it’s really good. It’s really good to have people acknowledge that and see that. Um, and we’re, we’re extremely excited to, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, to get this thing moving forward. So a renewable power washing pressure, washing Tulsa, so we’re gonna, we’re gonna continue to keep pushing and uh, get this thing, get this thing going. So

I appreciate everybody, we appreciate our customers

and Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we just look forward to providing a service that meets everybody’s needs. So it was kind of funny, I guess an old neighbor that I grew up with, uh, contacted me a couple of weeks ago about a resurfacing some decks on his lake house and I knew to not even really waste my time with this, but I went ahead and sent him an estimate. I checked with them to make sure that he received the estimate and everything and he said he did and my prices were extremely high, so, you know, it’s just one of those deals. So there’s gonna be some people that want to want the job done correctly and then there’s going to be some of those people that don’t even care if the job is done correctly. Uh, their expectations were pretty low and they don’t even, most of the time don’t even know what a good job looks like.

So it’s just one of those deals, you know, don’t sacrifice your, um, your pride and your expectations and your quality of work because somebody else, I want you to come in there and do it for a lower price, which means that you have to cut corners and possibly do the job, not to your standards. It’s not, Roof Cleaning Tulsa it’s not worth the money to us to go in there and cut those corners. We want, we want to do the best job that we possibly can and we want to offer the best service that we possibly can. So we, we are not going to get into all of that. Thank you for listening.