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Oh, this is renewable power washing roof, cleaning of Tulsa episode 48, podcast 48. So this morning we’re heading to work and then after that we’ve got a job out in sand springs that we’re going to go ahead and finish for crossland construction. So we’re pretty excited to a pair it up with them, the needs that they have moving forward. So we’re pretty excited about that. Renewal power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa. Um, so we’ve had a pretty decent last few days. Uh, Friday was pretty big. We went out and bid a few jobs, a pool deck, a rear patio, and um, we went over and talked to, uh, one of the managers or Krispy Kreme about taking care of his fleet was delivery vans. So, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we’re going to start working with them to take care of their delivery vans. So we’re pretty excited about that. So everything comes in waves.

We seem to be consistently picking up business, which is good for us and that’s of what we’re after. So renewable power washing the roof, cleaning of Tulsa. Um, you know, we’ve talked quite a bit about the importance of getting your roof cleaned. Um, we’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks is the weather kind of starting to change that it’s really, Roof Cleaning Tulsa it’s really bringing those roofs, the black streaks out on those roofs. So we want to, we want to let everybody know that we do take care of that and um, we’d be more than happy to take care of that for you. Uh, we’ve done quite a bit of a spider and a spider web removal off of houses lately, the because it’s just the time of the season towards the end of the summer and uh, the spiders are laying their eggs and trying to find a place up in the eaves of people’s houses behind downspouts and stuff like that.

So, um, you know, that’s something that we can definitely take care of as well. Um, renewable power and griff cleaning of Tulsa. So we just want, we just want to make sure everybody understands that, uh, you know, we can offer a wide variety of services. We are the number one, a power washing company in the Tulsa area. Roof Cleaning Tulsa we’d be more than happy to come and give you an estimate and walk me through the process of kind of what it entails, um, depending upon the specific job that you are requesting for us to do, how we’re more than happy to answer any questions that you might have, a walking through the process and kind of describe to you and to you what, uh, what kind of services that we have and how we go about each specific service. And uh, just to Kinda try to educate the customer as best as possible. A renewable power wash and roof cleaning of Tulsa. I’m, it’s time before fall. A comms those, the algae and the black streaks on your roof or go to continue to get worse. It’s probably a really good idea to go ahead and get that taken care of. Get that stuff removed off your roof for it continues to grow and manifest and get worse.

Those black streaks are algae that is actually a living or feeding off of the shingles on your roof. They are actually eating some of the material that is used in the manufacturing process of those shingles. Renewable power washing, a roof cleaning of Tulsa uses a soft wash method to get that clean is what that means is it’s the less, the less evasive of the two processes that are being used out there in the industry. Uh, we are using a very low pressure to clean that surface, which allows us to, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, well frankly allows us to get it clean better and it allows us to not walk on your roof and causing any further damage to your shingles and it, it’s a safer method for our employees. Safer method for the homeowner. You don’t have anybody up there welcome to the roof, potentially put themselves into a position of possibly falling off or tripping and hurting themselves or knocking a ladder or something into a window or damaging or siting with a, with a ladder up against the side of the house.

So, um, you know, 95 percent of the time we would never need to get on the roof. There are a couple situations where we found that we do kind of need to get up on the roof a little bit just to get a high, a high area like a gable or something like that. Um, so, but majority of the time I’d say probably nine, nine homes out of 10, uh, we do not find ourselves having to get up on, get up on the roof. So that is absolutely something that we can, uh, take care of for you in a safe, effective manner. And, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, get that taken care of.

Renewable power washing and cleaning of Tulsa. So we just want to let everybody know that getting your roof clean, it was extremely important. The manufacturer of the shingles actually has a, uh, a process set forth in their warranty and the warranty of the shingles that if a majority of people are not taking care of the shingles according to the manufacturer’s specifications. So you know, you might find yourself down the road in a situation where you might have a claim denied or you might have some faulty shingles. Roof Cleaning Tulsa if the shingle manufacturer, you know, obviously knows that shingles will not be taken care of, then they’re not going to pay out or do anything to help you out. Same thing with the insurance companies, insurance companies. Uh, I’ve read a few articles lately that insurance companies are actually denying a homeowner’s coverage due to the care or lack thereof of the roof.

And one of the things that they’re looking out after is the algae or the black streaks that are on the roof, they are actually denying coverage. And sometimes some cases they’re actually canceling your homeowner’s coverage due to that. Um, you know, insurance companies are in the game of making money. We think that they’re in the game of taking care of us, but that’s not necessarily the case every single time. If there’s a claim that needs to be paid out, roofs are extremely expensive. Roof Cleaning Tulsa if an insurance company can find anything on there that would help them denied the claim, chances are very good that they might go ahead and do that. So, uh, I noticed, uh, in the, in the articles that I’ve been reading that some insurance companies are choosing to, uh, deny roof claims because when they go over there and do their, do their claim and take a look at things, they’re finding that the algae is on the roof and that tells them that the homeowner is not taking care of that roof and they’re going ahead and deny the claim.

And then the homeowners left to fight with the insurance company to try to get that claim paid. Roof Cleaning Tulsa Or worst case scenario, they’re, they’re out thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in order to get that roof fixed or replaced. So renewable power washing a roof, cleaning of Tulsa, we want, we want everybody to know that we do have the method to get that roof cleaned, to help you circumvent any issues that you might have a later on down the road and getting that black algae off the roof will reduce the, if it’s really, really bad on your roof, removing that will actually reduce the temperature in your, um, in your attic and reduce the temperature

that the, uh, um,

the shingles are absorbing. So there’s, there’s a lot of reasons in order to get that, get that taken care of. Um, so renewal, power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa can actually can, can take care of that for you. And we’d be more than happy to come over there and write you a quote. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, it’s not, it’s not nearly as expensive as a lot of people think it is. Um, I know there’s a lot of companies out there that are really gouging people. And then there was a lot of companies out there that are doing it for a, just kind of fly by night. It’s very cheap running these very cheap specials. And um, well me personally, I’d be very leery of those types of, those types of companies. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, they, they probably aren’t carrying insurance, they’re probably not using the proper methods and they’re probably not using the proper equipment and because all that stuff is fairly expensive to do it right.

And there’s just no way that if anybody’s doing it, you know, uh, for those low prices that they’re actually being profitable and I’m doing it correctly. So we would just, you know, buyer beware, do your research, you know, like I said, we’d be more than happy to walk you through the process and explain to you what the proper way is and um, you know, whether you choose us or to someone else. Um, we, we, uh, don’t have a problem coming in, you know, helping you through the education process and Roof Cleaning Tulsa, gaining a little knowledge as far as what it entails or what is, what is involved. So a renewal power washing roof, cleaning of Tulsa. Thank you very much.