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Was renewed power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa. We’re here to talk to you today a little bit about roof cleaning and the importance of keeping your a roof clean. Uh, the manufacturers have a riff, the shingle manufacturers that make a, the shingles for the roofs recommend that you clean your roof a and t and maintain your roof periodically in order to keep none of the roof shingles in good condition. Also to keep the warranty of the shingles in good standing. The other, one of the other things to keep in mind when you see the black streaks and the algae on your roof is that, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, that is trapping heat in your attic and there’s absorbing more of the sunlight and heat and not allowing the proper ventilation through your attic. So your attic is in turn getting hotter. Uh, obviously during the summertime, our air conditioners work overtime to keep our homes cool during the summer.

And any, any help, keeping that process easier on your ac unit is definitely a good thing for us. Um, you probably won’t know, just super noticeable difference. But, um, it definitely is trapping heat inside your inside your attic. So, um, the other thing about keeping your roof cleaned is the insurance companies, um, it has lately, uh, in certain parts of the country, I don’t know about Oklahoma for sure, but a certain part of the country, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, insurance companies were actually denying a homeowner’s insurance, uh, for the, uh, black streaks on your roof and in some cases are actually denying claims that a homeowner might a claim on their insurance to get the roof repaired or replaced. Um, so for a few hundred dollars to keep that roof cleaned, uh, would make sense to go ahead and keep that maintained at least every couple of years. Um, it was very difficult in our climate to prevent that from happening long term.

It’s something that we just have to deal with. It’s kind of a, like the spiders and stuff that we’ve dealt with a lot towards the end of the summer and into the, uh, what will be coming into the early fall. It’s just something that we have to deal with. Some areas are more prone to it than others. Um, but for some reason our climate, well it’s the humidity and the heat is why climate is so conducive and this year we’ve had a lot of moisture, a towards the end of the year or towards the end of the summer that we don’t normally have. So Roof Cleaning Tulsa we’re seeing a lot of roofs that are a pretty infested with algae and what appears to be black streaks on your, on your roof, a renew, a power wash and roof cleaning of Tulsa. We use, we use a system that is noninvasive to your roof.

It removes, not only does it remove all the algae, but it actually kills a, all the algae and the growth that is happening on your roof. Some companies, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, might claim that they get rid of it. Just because you can’t see it and it looks clean, doesn’t mean that the pores and the algae is a, has been properly disposed of or killed. You want to make sure that, that algae is no longer able to grow and manifest. And, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, at least that way it buys it, buys enough time in order to keep your roof clean for an extended period of time versus just spraying it off or getting it, getting it clean to the appearance. And then a couple of weeks later or a month later, you start seeing those black streaks again growing on your roof, a renewal power washing, roof, cleaning of Tulsa. We can, we can get that taken care of.

Like I said, our system is, is a noninvasive to the existing shingles. It uses a very low pressure, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, to clean, to clean the shingles. We start from the, uh, eve and work our way down, allowing the, uh, allowing the cleaner to roll down the roof just like it would if it was raining. That way we’re getting a proper coverage and making sure all of that is, uh, is being killed and being removed. A renewable power washing roof, cleaning of Tulsa. Give us a call and we’d be more than happy to come out and take a look and write you an estimate. It used to be before the industry got super saturated. It used to be extremely expensive to have to have your roof clean, could be upwards of thousand or $2,000. I’m, like I said, the industry is pretty saturated right now, so it has been good for the customer.

It has dropped the drop the price significantly of getting a riff cleaned. The other downfall to that is there’s a lot of companies out there that have gotten into the roof cleaning business and not necessarily having to research or having the expertise behind them to do so. So we want to make sure that all of our customers are aware that Redo a power washing roof, cleaning of Tulsa. We are insured for your protection and ours and we are members of the power washers of North America Association. So we, uh, we have ongoing training and keep ourselves up to date as far as, uh, as far as it’s concerned with getting, um, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, the proper methods and


that way we can stay up to date and offer our customers the best possible solution for their money. So renew it. Power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa. We definitely have the, uh, the cleaning method that is suitable and that is recommended by the shingle manufacturers. So please give us a call at nine one eight, eight, zero, nine two, five, eight, one. We’d be more than happy to stop by and talk with you and, uh, uh, right. You send you an estimate and get that taken care of for you. If you’re on our, you can go to our quote section of our website, fill out the, a two or three line information there that’ll send that to us and we will get back with you, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, extremely quickly and get that taken care of for you. So if you want to go that route, feel free to get on our website and take a look. A renewable power wash in roof cleaning of Tulsa.

We’d be, we’d be more than happy to take a look at that for you. So yesterday, um, yesterday evening we finished up our, uh, our phase two, I guess, of our, uh, a job with crossland construction. So we got that. We got all that red iron and stuff cleaned up for them. Uh, so we’ll turn, we’ll turn to the estimate over to them today and, uh, get that taken care of. Uh, we’re still, we’re still working on the back and forth of getting the contract for a shadow mountain institute, a cleaning their, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, their facility, their buildings there on location. And uh, we, uh, tomorrow we will be meeting with the, uh, maintenance, uh, supervisor for

why Mca there in bixby and, uh, going over there and taking a look at that and giving them a quote in order to get that taken care of. So we’re pretty excited about the, uh, the growth that we’ve experienced over the last few days, a week or so. Uh, it’s continuing to pick up and we’re, we’re extremely excited about that. No power washing, cleaning of Tulsa. We have many, many solutions to, uh, your cleaning needs, whether it’s a concrete surface, a brick surface, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, anything, anything in between, uh, your roof. You’re citing your house a driveway or anything like that, all the way to your commercial, your commercial buildings, the buildings themselves, the walkways, entrances, drive throughs, anything like that. Renewable power wash and roof cleaning of Tulsa has a solution that will definitely take care of you. Uh, this afternoon we will be going over to a Krispy Kreme. We’ve been asked to take care of their fleet vehicles.

So we’re going to start that. We’re going to start that project today and that’s going to be a really good one for us. It gives us some good exposure and um, gets as a constant, a constant money coming in. So that is, Roof Cleaning Tulsa that is a very good thing for us. We’re excited to pair up with them over there and hopefully in the long run maybe we can, uh, help them take care of their building and their facility, their drive throughs and walkways and stuff like that. So we’re super excited about pairing up with them and helping them take care of their cleaning needs. This renewable power washing roof, cleaning of Tulsa. Thank you.