Roof Cleaning Tulsa | completing our first job

There’s renewable power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa. Hey, we’re here talking to you guys a little bit today about some planning, some other services that we offer. Um, yesterday we had the, uh, pleasure of completing our first job with a krispy Kreme donuts here in Tulsa. So, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we are now going to be taking care of their fleet of delivery vehicles. It went pretty well. Um, I’ve got a little bit more research and stuff to do. I’m spending a little bit too much time on the actual Washington itself to be profitable, so I’m going to do a little bit more research to find out a better way, a more economical way, and a quicker way to get these vehicles cleaned so we can still going to remain to be profitable. I’m typically on jobs. We don’t come close to losing any money. We didn’t really lose any money on this job last night, but in the, in the scheme of things, um, we could have been significantly more profitable.

Uh, when it comes to the time that it took us to get these vehicles clean. Now, I mean, we have to keep in mind that these vehicles were a, they probably hadn’t been washed in months or they were extremely dirty, so, um, anyway, uh, they’re clean and hopefully staying on a routine schedule of every other week. We’ll continue to keep these vehicles clean to the point where, you know, we don’t have to work as hard and take as long for the amount of money that we’re charging the customer a, there’s Roof Cleaning Tulsa, there’s a balance there. Uh, doing vehicle wash, you can’t charge their super high amount, so you have to learn how to be profitable within that, within those constraints. And uh, we, we believe that we have the chemicals to do it properly. We’re going to do a little bit more research on dilution rates and stuff like that for our power washer so we can, so we can remain to be profitable when going out and doing these jobs.

So, uh, the first, the first round went pretty well. I haven’t heard any feedback from the customer yet. The vehicles are out driving currently, so I’m sure later on down the road we’ll definitely hear some feedback. I would imagine sometimes no news is good news, so renewed power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa. So Roof Cleaning Tulsa we talked to Richard over at the, a shadow mountain institute. Um, I guess our, our bid that we put in is getting closer and closer to the top of the stack and she’d be approved here probably within a week or two. So we’re super excited about getting that a little later this afternoon around 4:00, 4:15. We’re going to go take a look at the, uh, ymcas and bixby and see if we can put in a competitive estimate to get that taken care of. So things are definitely, definitely moving up. And, uh, our world here.

Renewed power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa. Um, so that’s very, very good news. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we would just like to let everybody know that one of the services that we do offer is a roof cleaning. Uh, one of the reasons that I’m kind of passionate about the roof cleaning is a, not only the aesthetic, the appearance that the black streaks and the algae leave on the roofs, but it is a for a homeowner to be able to get more years of life out of that roof and for a fairly, for a relatively inexpensive cost in the big scheme of things we just want, we want to make sure that, uh, we’re getting that word out there and letting everybody know that that’s a service that we offer. So renew a power rushing roof, cleaning of Tulsa.

We have, we have the ability to safely clean your roof and a kill the algae and the mold or the black streaks that are appearing on your roof right now seems to be a really, really good time that all that algae is growing. So, uh, towards the end of the season coming into the fall and then into the winter, this is probably a really good time to go ahead and get that taken care of. That way through the wintertime you don’t have an issue. And then coming back into the spring and the summer should be eliminated. I’m still at that point. So it power Washington roof, cleaning of Tulsa. We use, we use a very safe cleaning method to get that roof cleaned. And uh, it’s not invasive to the shingles, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, doesn’t, doesn’t cause any further damage. Uh, so if you were out walking around on the roof or having someone clean the roof of walking around on it using using a super high pressure, I mean even a thousand or 1500 psi would be considered a pretty high pressure considering, uh, the shingles are made up of little pieces of asphalt better adhere to the, uh, to make the Shingo I’m in a high pressure is going to absent, absolutely reduce the amount of surface that shingles have.

So we use a soft washing method that, uh, that does not further deteriorate those shingles and get some cleaning. And according to the shingle manufacturer’s specifications, no. One of the things that cleaning the roof does is it allows the, uh, the warranty to be in good standing for the shingle manufacturer’s insurance companies are in some parts of the country, a denying people’s coverage due to the black streaks on the roof. And also denying claims if that, if, if they see that, Roof Cleaning Tulsa that algae is all the roof. So renewable power, Russia, griff cleaning the Tulsa has the method to get that stuff cleaned and would be more than happy to come and talk to you kind of about the process and about what we do.


so you can please feel free to give us a call at nine. One Eight, eight, zero nine two, five, eight one or visit our website at Tulsa, power, a renewable power washing roof, cleaning up Tulsa. We’re very excited to, uh, to pair up with our new, our new customers as well as our existing customers. So we want, Roof Cleaning Tulsa we want to offer as many services as we possibly can without diluting our ability to be a on top of our game. Um, some companies offer so many services that they just kind of do everything okay and not anything really, really good. So we want to make sure that the services that we do offer are the best we can possibly do for our customers. So, um, and the roof cleaning is absolutely one of those services that we have dialed in on and, um, can offer an extremely professional experience for our customers.

So renew a carwash and roof cleaning of Tulsa. If there’s anything out there for your extra year cleaning needs, please give us a call and we’d be more than happy to walk you through the process and kind of talk to you a little bit about what’s going on with that. Like I said, we’re pretty excited about our new, our new partnership with Krispy Kreme donuts and taking care of their fleet of vehicles of here soon. It is a possibility that we might be able to take care of, uh, the windstream, a fleet of vehicles and Roof Cleaning Tulsa, so we’re kind of on the background and kind of working on that to see if we can get that thing to come forward. And that would be really good for our business as well as windstream and Krispy Kreme. These are pretty well known brands around our area, so to be able to do business for them. And uh, it is very good. It’s very good for us. So renew a power wash your roof cleaning of Tulsa. That’s about all we have for today. I will let everybody know how our bid process goes with a shadow mountain in our bid process. Goes with the ymcas there in bixby and we’ll kind of keep everybody informed and let everybody know how that, how that thing is going. So hope everyone has a great day. This is renewable power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa will talk to you guys later. Thank you very much.