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Hello, this is renewable power washing, pressure washing Washington, Tulsa roof, cleaning of Tulsa. So we’re here talking to you a little bit today about the kind of the, what we’ve had gone on over the last few days. Um, renewable power washing, roof, cleaning of Tulsa. So, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, last week we had a pretty busy week. We did some, we did some pretty good bids and uh, uh, had quite a few jobs last week. So things are, things are seeming like they’re going pretty well. Um, so a renewable power washing roof, cleaning of Tulsa. So we’ve noticed a lot of the reason we’re, we are running these podcasts on the roofs lately is we’re seeing a lot of the, uh, the algae on the roofs of the black streaks on the roofs. So, um, we just kind of want to get the message out there that uh, uh, what that stuff is and how to safely remove it and a renewal, power washing and roof cleaning of Tulsa can absolutely remove that, those black streaks safely and without a any damage to your roof.

So, um, we follow the same, um, a process that the, uh, the shingle manufacturers require to keep the, a warranty and stuff up on the roofs and, you know, that’s, that’s one thing that people, I guess don’t think about too much, especially if you’ve had a new roof put on, you definitely know how expensive those ribs can be. They can be very expensive to have put on. So we offer a service and our rif cleaning that allows those rules to be cleaned and to hold onto the manufacturer’s warranty, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, for if anything might happen to that roof from a manufacturer’s defect or anything like that. So, um, and also, um, we’ve heard that insurance companies are either denying some insurance companies, not all insurance companies, and I’m not exactly sure which ones are following this policy that some of the, uh, insurance companies throughout the country are actually denying people coverage.

A homeowners coverage based on the black streaks on the roof. And also in some cases they’re actually canceling some people’s policies. You know, when they come out for an annual reinspection or something like that and see those black streaks on the roof, they’re actually going and canceling people’s policies because the insurance companies know that, uh, those black streaks are more than just an eyesore. They’re actually deteriorating a machine was that around the house and the longer the that stuff is left on there, Roof Cleaning Tulsa the more damage that it is doing goes to that surface. So they know that here in a few years without that being addressed over time, you’re taking years and years and years of life off of the roof and they don’t want to find themselves into a position that they’re going to have to buy a new roof because the consumer was not able to take care of that roof.

So a, renew it power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa, we will absolutely get that clean so you can avoid any issues as far as the insurance companies go or just any, um, any cuts and longevity of your roof. So we wanted to make sure that everybody is aware that that is actually causing damage to your roof. We use a soft washing process, um, I would say probably 95, 96 percent of the time. We don’t even have to get on the roof. We can do it all from the ground or from a, Roof Cleaning Tulsa frame ladder. Um, so that is allowing us to, uh, well allowing us to do it from the ground keeps anymore additional wear and tear off of your roof from somebody having to climb up there and walk around. I’m also, from a safety standpoint, it keeps employees off the roof, uh, for potential injuries or falling or anything like that. So we want to try to do as much of that from the ground as we possibly can. And a renewed power wash your roof cleaning. We absolutely have a process that will allow us to do that from the ground and to not cause any issues. So keep that in mind.

So we got some really positive feedback from a unique metals. They’re in Pittsburgh, Kansas. We did that job over at sand springs, that red iron job. Um, and they came back extremely pleased that we were able to get all that clean for them. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we had a really good job on house, I’m actually removing a spider webs and some of the execs at the spiders leave behind when the eaves and the nooks and crannies and behind some of the downspouts. So we were able to get all that stuff removed and the customer was extremely happy and pleased. Uh, we actually had a, another job come of that from that customer. Others selling a house. So we went over and did a, uh, a gutter job, a roof cleaning of Tulsa, better cleaning of Tulsa. So we went ahead and got those gutters and stuff cleaned and it was quite a job.

There was trees, little trees growing out of the gutters, but we were able to, uh, get all those gutters completely cleaned out, got all the downspouts and stuff cleaned out to where they’re draining properly. So we were able to get all that stuff cleaned for the customer. We are going to go back to that customer’s house. They live on a golf course, so they have protective, I don’t know what, like shields, I guess over the rear window of the windows on the back. So they, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, the customer is wanting us to take those shields off, clean the windows and clean those covers really well and put it all back together. So we’re going to go ahead and do that this week. I’m go ahead and get that customer taken care of a roof cleaning of Tulsa, Redo a power washer, better cleaning of Tulsa. So we’re going to go ahead and get that taken care of for them and see, see what this week brings.

We’ve got our meeting today with thrive time after work, so we’re looking forward to that. We’re kind of working on some stuff to start catching some numbers and doing some, having some stuff that we can analyze in order to see where we need to be in order to take this thing on fulltime. So, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we really appreciate all the help that we’re getting from, uh, from thrive time. So we knew a power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa. It’s extremely important to get your roofs cleaned up and make sure that that is a not causing any further damage. As far as the roof is concerned, it’s very important to make sure that we get that taken care of and uh, help our customers kind of learn what that is and what’s going on and how to remove it, renew a power washer and roof cleaning of Tulsa can absolutely help get that removed and get that taken care of.

So we’re excited to try to help help people when it comes to that type of stuff. So anyway, that’s kind of what we know. I’m kind of on the safety, on the safety standpoint. We went ahead and installed a brake controller in the truck to help control the brakes on the trailer here recently. Roof Cleaning Tulsa I’ve just ordered a, an exhaust system for the truck is what that’s gonna allow us to do is get rid of some of the hot egr gases and Turbo Turbo exhaust that is coming off the truck, especially when pulling a trailer. So I’m just going to help the longevity of the turbo and help the longevity of the motor getting some of that heat released.

Not built up there behind the Cadillac converter. So I know it’s kind of funny, but you know, that exhaust system will allow us to help add a little bit of longevity to our vehicle and uh, so we’re kind of excited about getting that installed and it’s getting ready to be, it’s coming up on fall time and winter time. So we’re gonna start running through some of our checklists on how to properly get everything prepared for the winter time, get our trailer prepared and make sure that the winter, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, is not going to cause any damage or anything to our pumps are our equipment. So that’s something that we’re going to be talking about here the next, next few weeks is getting everything winterized and get everything taken care of. We got to find somewhere to store the trailer this winter. Unfortunately it is too long to be stored in my garage, so we’re going to have to branch out and find somewhere to put that thing.

Um, so anyway, that’s kind of some of the challenges that we have facing us here in the next few weeks, but we’ll get it, we’ll get it figured out and uh, uh, keep moving forward. We’d really like to put ourselves into a shop. We’re just not quite there to where we’re making enough money to cover the expense of that right now, but we are, uh, we’re definitely working in that, heading in that direction, so we knew it. Power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa. We, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we really appreciate everybody listening and we will talk to you guys later. Thank you.