Roof Cleaning Tulsa | Cleaning It Up

Hello, this is renewable power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa. We’re here to talk to you today about keeping your roof cleaned as well as all of your exterior surfaces around your home or business renewal, power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa. Um, we, we have the system in place that, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, is the, is the best method so far in cleaning your roof and removing the black streaks and algae from the surface of your asphalt shingles. The process we use is extremely safe on your, on your surface. It does not require any high pressure or anything like that. Um, it is, we use less than a 100, 100 psi of pressure to administer the cleaning agents to your roof surface. The reason that it’s even as high as 100 PSI is just simply for the, uh, allowing us to get the solution, the distance that we need in order to reach the peaks and a of the roof.

We’re able to clean that roof surface from the ground depending on how far up the eaves are. Sometimes it does require a ladder a but just simply for the distance needed to get the cleaning agent to the area that we’re trying to reach. So, um, most of the time we can use, we can clean that surface from the ground and it requires, Roof Cleaning Tulsa it does not require us to get up on, on the roof itself. We do not use any high pressure power washer to clean that surface. And the reason that we do not use a pressure washer is because that will further deteriorate your roof and that’s kind of defeating the purpose of getting the roof cleaned. Um, you know, just a few tips that, uh, that algae is black streaks and that algae that you’re seeing on your roof is actually using the material from the shingles to live off of.

And so it is, it is deteriorating that surface and eating that surface away and there’s something that needs to be addressed and get that, get that off there and get that cleaned up around in our climate. Unfortunately, it’s something that we have to deal with A. I know I’ve been reading a lot of articles, especially south and south and east, especially around any, uh, ocean or anything like that. I know Florida has a pretty bad problem with it just because of the, uh, the humidity that they experience on a regular basis. So, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, you know, in our humidity here in Oklahoma is typically pretty high. Um, so renew a power wash and roof cleaning of Tulsa APP actually has a system that will remove and kill that algae that is on your roof. Um, we don’t just use a water. We actually used a cleaning agent that uh, that kills the growth of the algae and kills the algae itself.

So you get a long, a longer term a cleaning solution out of that rather than just cleaning it visually to the eye. And then the pores are there to continue to grow. Basically as soon as you leave they can start growing back causing more issues. So Renewal, power wash and roof cleaning of Tulsa, we definitely have a system that will safely and effectively remove that algae from your roof. And, you know, there’s a lot of education that goes into, um, you know, the power washing industry. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, there’s, there’s a lot of, a lot of guys that will go to your local hardware store during the summer and spring by a power Washer, come to your house, hook up to your water and start using high pressure on, uh, on surfaces that you shouldn’t be using any higher pressure on. Uh, we’ve, we’ve heard about it quite a bit.

A specialty on vinyl siding. We’ve seen homeowners, um, attempt to clean the siding with a, with a power washer. And the problem, the biggest problem with that is, is the water actually using that high pressure on those surfaces, especially on vinyl siding, that water will actually get behind the vinyl siding and it will actually create a significantly more problems than just having bold analogy and dirt on the exterior surface once that water gets behind that, uh, that citing a lot of times there is a, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, insulation behind that siding and um, that will retain water behind it. And it will create a situation that’s very conducive for mold growth and stuff like that. So we want to make sure that the education gets out there on that and we’re not a helping to create a situation that was worse than you had before. So same process we use on the roofs is the same process that we use, cleaning, stucco and vinyl siding. It is a soft washing process. It’s a very safe and reduces the amount of the opportunity for damage a big time.

We have not, we have not seen any damage caused by our soft washing system. Like I said, it’s very invasive and it does not. It does not harm the surface by any way. Um, by adding a super high pressure to low pressure and allows the cleaning agents to do the work and does not, does not harm the surface or put water behind things that the water that you do not want the water getting behind. So Renewal, power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa. We definitely have a system to get your roof cleaned and we would be more than happy to, uh, give you an estimate and come out and talk to you about, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, the system that we use and give you a, give you as much information about what is going on as possible. That way the customer is informed and they can make the best decision that they possibly can for their money.

Like I said, there’s a lot of companies out there that are not using the proper systems, a southern, these, some of these soft washing systems are, are fairly expensive and most people aren’t going to go out and buy that type of system if they’re just looking to make some extra cash on the side here and there or are taken or are taking their job seriously. So, you know, we want to make sure that we spread that word and inform the customer whether they use us or not. To use the proper. Use a company that has the proper systems in place. Um, renewable power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa, we are fully insured. That’s another thing that a lot of these companies, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, don’t, don’t do because they think it’s too expensive. And then in hindsight, being what it is, uh, it’s really not, it’s really not as expensive as people think, especially for the protection that you’re offering the customer and the protection that you’re giving your business.

Uh, I was talking to a, a lawn, a lawn guy, uh, that is starting up and has his own business and he ran into a situation where he, he a commercial account and the, uh, he was asking me about all the stuff that they were requiring, like a w nine, a proof of insurance and stuff like that. And, uh, he said, well, they haven’t, no, they haven’t denied him the work yet due to him not having the proper, the proper paperwork. And, you know, I just explained to him, you know, the importance of getting insurance and the importance of, uh, you know, filing the, filing the proper paperwork with the state to get your llc, if that’s the route that you choose to go and getting your tax id number. Roof Cleaning Tulsa that way you can legitimately have a w nine for the other companies to bill against and a claim.

So, um, that’s just one of those things that there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of companies out there that think they’re doing the right thing and they just skate by and skate by and uh, it really puts, it, really puts the customer and it puts the business in a very difficult situation. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, if there was anything that ever happened because I’ll tell you, if something happened on somebody’s property and you don’t have insurance, you’re under, you’re gonna be, you’re gonna be in big trouble. So, uh, it’s a pretty cheap price to pay, but you know, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of companies out there that are better skating by and uh, that’s something that renewable power wash your roof cleaning of Tulsa absolutely will not take that risk. So we are fully insured and we have everything in place, um, to do the job properly and to protect the customer as well as protect our business. This is renewable power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa. Thank you very much.