Roof Cleaning Tulsa | Taking Care Of Erosion

Hello, this is episode 46, podcasts 46 with renewable power washing pressure washing Tulsa, wanting to talk to everyone a little bit more about our ability to get your roof cleaned, especially with all this rain and stuff we’ve got coming in. And then the heat on top of it is just conducive for the black streaks on your roof to continue to manifest and continue to grow. We just want to make sure that everybody knew that. Obviously renew it. Power washing, pressure washing Tulsa can get your, Roof Cleaning Tulsa get your roof back to a clean as possible. Renewable power washing, real roof, cleaning of Tulsa. We have the tools and the expertise and the process required to get that roof completely clean and back to a normal. So we just want to let everybody know, uh, first of all, those black streaks are a actually algae that is a growing on your roof.

And the, uh, algae is actually feeding off of some of the material that the shingles are made from a. So Roof Cleaning Tulsa. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of articles, a problem not only in our area, but a lot of other areas in the country and I’ve been reading a lot of stuff lately about the damage that this stuff is causing all the way to the point where some of your insurance companies are, are no longer writing policies for homeowner insurance that have this stuff on their roof and in some cases are actually canceling the policy. So we just wanted to make sure that everybody understood and uh, we just want to, we just want to try to educate all of our customers the best that we can when it comes to the process and it comes to the damage that these roofs are having made to them by some of these, uh, outside elements.

We definitely have the ability to get that stuff cleaned through a process called soft washing. It does not harm the roof is actually the same process that is recommended by the manufacturer of the shingles themselves. So it meets all of their guidelines and it meets all of the, uh, the warranty specifications as far as the manufacturers of the shingles. A give a give a certain amount of warranty with the purchase of those shingles, so I’m keeping that roof clean and in good shape allows that warranty to be in good standing with the roof being covered in algae. It’s very difficult obviously for the insurance companies and the manufacturers to actually do anything about that. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, you know, when you, when it comes up to a time where you have to write a claim or file a claim with your insurance company and they can come out and tell that your, your roof has not been properly maintained.

A very possible that they won’t cover any of the damage that you’re, you’re a plumbing. So I know it’s an odd thing. It’s something that we don’t really think about because it’s on, it’s on the top of our house, but the roof is the only thing of protecting our home from any damage or water or any elements, stuff we’re getting in to your house. So it is absolutely something that needs to be taken care of. Roof Cleaning Tulsa a renewable power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa can absolutely take care of that for you. Like I said, we use a process called soft washing and it allows us to clean the roof from the ground.

We do not have to get on the roof and in a walk around further deteriorating the shingles, so, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we can get everything cleaned from the ground, which is the safest for our employees and it’s the safest for the customer itself. So we just want to make sure everyone knew that there was an option out there to go ahead and get that roof clean back to back to new. So a lot, a lot of roofs and stuff that have trees and things around them. So it is one of those deals that there are certain certain elements and certain environments that are more conducive than others. One of the odd things about that algae is the spores of that algae. They actually can travel with the air with the wind. So forget, get a good wind and stuff coming up. Those spores can actually travel. And wherever they land they start their growing process.

So when you see a neighborhood or a few houses that have this algae, a lot of times it has spread a back and forth between the multiple houses in the area. So it’s definitely something that’s worth getting taken care of. And um, making sure that you eliminate it, not only cleaned it off but you actually kill the algae and our, our process does both and not only cleans it off the roof, but it also will kill any of the algae that is living on the roof permanently. Now, that’s not to say that, you know, two years from now or something like that, you know, one of the neighbors hasn’t cleaned nerves and, you know, continue to grow on top of yours, Roof Cleaning Tulsa but at least it doesn’t continue to manifest and it gets, it gets it killed, it gets cleaned off. Um, our, our climate around here is extremely conducive to having these types of issues.

So we just want to, uh, we just want to put it out there that we have the ability to get all that stuff clean and we can get you taken care of. So one thing you should always check on when you’re hiring a power washing company, really any company for that matter is, you know, what kind of insurance do they carry? Is it enough insurance to protect the homeowner from, you know, any potential damage is enough to cover the business for many potential damage. So, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, you know, the insurance is absolutely something that is extremely important to, uh, to have and we, uh, will absolutely a proof that we have insurance if that is necessary. We do carry, we do carry the insurance required, actually we carry quite a bit more, uh, insurance that is required. So we are making sure that we are protected and the homeowner or the customer is protected as well.

It’s just not a, it’s not something that should be risked. And I know there’s a lot of companies out there that are not wanting to spend the money on the insurance and uh, that could end up being a very costly mistake when it comes to doing business. So, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we absolutely want to make sure that, you know, we are out there doing that and let the customer know that they have protection when they call and power washing a roof, cleaning of Tulsa to do their job. Renewable power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa is your number one stop for a getting your roof clean.

Says number one, roof cleaning specialists. So a renewable power washing roof, cleaning of Tulsa can absolutely come and take care of anything that you need on the exterior of your house. So, you know, we, we’ve done quite a few jobs out there with quite a broad range of um, of uh, jobs taken care of at people’s homes as well as businesses. So we, we definitely have the expertise and the knowledge to safely and a fully clean any surface they’re at your house. And you know, if we run into a situation that we’re not 100 percent sure of, we will absolutely communicate that and uh, work with the homeowner, it’s uh, it’s not worth it to us to get, to get ourselves into a situation that is over our head or anything like that. Or, you know, some situations, uh, the customers are wanting something that is either not safe or it’s just not something that can be properly done. So we just wanted to make sure that we’re getting that out there, uh, to the customer and keep the communication lines open as best as we possibly can. That way there’s no surprises. And, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we can, we can get the job done and the customer can be satisfied. So we really appreciate everybody listening today and, um,

renew it. Power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa.