Roof Cleaning Tulsa | Seeing How It Goes

Hello, this is a renewal power washing roof cleaning. Go to Tulsa. Hey, we’re on our way right now to work. Um, but we are definitely working on a plan to kind of start easing out of that a little bit. Um, Victoria over their drive time is helping us work on a plan to start capturing data in order to help us get out of our full time job. So we’re super excited about that. Taking this thing on full time and we’ll just have to see how that goes. Renew a power loss and griff cleaning of Tulsa. Hey, Roof Cleaning Tulsa we wouldn’t let everybody know that. Renew a power wash, the roof cleaning policies, the best roof cleaning solution and Tulsa for you. We want to, we want to make sure that everybody knows that we are, we follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines, our process as far as getting that stuff clean is the most least the least invasive and the safest for the customer as well as the safest for the employee doing the work.

We are fully insured for your protection and for our protection, so we want to just let everybody know that that’s the case. And also, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, you know, we offer a free driveway cleaning with any roof cleaning service, so get your, get your rug cleaned and we can go ahead and knock out your driveway while we’re there for at no charge. That’s just kind of something that we do for our customers. So a renewable power washing roof, cleaning of Tulsa. If you’re looking to have your roof cleaned, please give us a call at nine, one eight, eight, zero nine two, five, eight one or visit us on our Check us out there at the website. Take a look at our, our, uh, our pictures that we have. They’re posted on our maps section of Google and, uh, we can absolutely take care of any job that you have or that you need done.

So we do roof cleaning up Tulsa. We’re excited to be out there, the community and helping our customers and we look forward to helping as many people as we possibly can. Uh, educate them on what they’ve got going on and definitely getting their jobs taking care of. So renew a power washer grip thing and Tulsa, talk a little bit before about the winter and the fall time coming up, which is a, which can be a challenge for a power washing company considering everything they deal with is water and everybody goes in the wintertime. Water freezes. We’ve got pumps, we got the coils and stuff on our heating units that hold water and this is, is absolutely something that has to be taken care of or will end up causing a lot of damage, very expensive damage to our equipment. So Roof Cleaning Tulsa we do have some challenges as far as figuring out what we’re going to be able to do that this winter, but we will keep everybody posted on kind of what we’re doing and what we’re doing to keep all that stuff under control.

We do a power washing, cleaning. It’s very important to go ahead and take and give us a call so we can go ahead and take care of that. Those black streaks on the roof, if it’s gone long enough. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, there are probably more than streaks, they’re probably more like patches. I’m running down the roof or black algae and that’s something that we really need to get taken care of to take care of that roof and to keep the longevity that roof in tip top shape a power washer, roof cleaning and Tulsa that is something that we can absolutely take care of for you and we’d be happy to do so.

Some of the benefits of getting your roof clean or a reduced, reduced a heat in your attic, allowing the, allowing that to breathe, I’m getting rid of that. Algae will, will help prevent that algae from spreading to other neighbors, uh, during the wind or anything like that. It will pick up those scores and moved them to other surfaces. And the growing process continues from roof to roof. You’ll notice that you start paying attention, especially to the north, the north side of the roofs on houses. If you see one, Roof Cleaning Tulsa more than likely a lot of the neighbors and stuff have been affected as well. It’s not necessarily because it’s spreading from roof to roof, but that area right there, it’s very conducive to having that be a problem. So we want to make sure that we get that taken care of and if in certain situations, if there’s quite a few roofs in one area that needed to be done, you know, that’s something that we can absolutely take care of.

The customer wanted to have a conversation with their neighbor saying, hey, we’re coming out, uh, you know, we can, we can kind of do a package deal and kind of try to save each one of the customers a little bit of money, which is very good for the customer obviously. Roof Cleaning Tulsa it helps us because we don’t have, we don’t have any drive time, everything’s right there. We’ll go ahead and knock out multiple jobs in one in one area. Uh, that’s, that’s definitely cost cost effective for us, so we can go ahead and pass that Passover, that savings onto our customers as well. So that’s absolutely something that we would definitely consider.

So we’re heading, we’re heading to work. Like I said, we’re working on a plan to gather some data in order to start working ourselves out of work, uh, per se so we can start spending a little bit more time on the business and, uh, get that thing moving forward. We’ve got a little bit of money in the bank, but we just don’t quite have enough to ride out the entire winter. I’m just in case, you know, we were facing with having zero work throughout the winter. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we just don’t quite have enough money to ride this thing out. So, uh, we’re going to make sure that I’m,


that we keep the, keep the money right in the bank account and uh, when we get to a certain point and have enough business coming in that we can absolutely get that taken care of. So we’re looking forward. We’re looking forward to that. So renewable power washing, roof cleaning of Tulsa, we can take care of any of your roof cleaning needs, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, as long as getting your gutters and stuff taken care of at the same time. If that is an issue, um, it’s something that we would definitely like to do as far as getting the gutters cleaned out because, uh, as, as we cleaned the roof, you know, Roof Cleaning Tulsa all the water that’s coming off the roof really needs to go somewhere. So, uh, you know, if, if the gutters are a problem while we’re there doing the roofs, you know, we can absolutely take care of that for you as well. So please keep us in mind a renewable power washing roof, cleaning of Tulsa. Thank you.