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Hello, this is renewable power washing the power washing Tulsa for episode 29 of our podcast. Today we’re going to talk about the roof cleaning and the importance of keeping your roof clean. Roof cleaning of Tulsa. Um, it is very important to keep your room clean. I know it’s something that a lot of people don’t think about. Might not even notice the black streaks and stuff that are on your roof, but a renewal power washing, uh, has, has the ability to get your roof cleaned. Tulsa roof cleaning Tulsa. So those black streaks are actually a bacteria or algae that are eating your, uh, the surfaces of your roof, the materials that the shingles and stuff. So we, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, we have a process that cleans that, that needs the, a shingle manufacturers a planing standards and uh, we can definitely get that taken care of for you.

So as we’re driving down the road today, uh, just thought it would be important to pass that along. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, roof cleaning Tulsa is a very important to keep your roof clean. It will add years of life to your roof. And, uh, we can definitely take care of that for you. So as we’re driving down the road, we’ve got some reaction to that. Go look at a couple of roofs today, uh, some customers that have a asphalt shingles and we’re going to go and give them an estimate on getting those surfaces are cleaned up for them. We also work with realtors in town to help them get the, uh, exterior surfaces cleaned on the house so they can sell the house quicker and possibly get more money for that house. So roof cleaning, Tulsa, we are the number one, a power washing company in Tulsa. We pride ourselves in being the best product. Watching company pressure washing company in Tulsa, roof, cleaning of Tulsa, broken arrow roof, cleaning of outside of the areas around Tulsa. So we definitely can get that taken care of for you. We do not, we do not get on the roof. We have the insurances and stuff that we need to, uh, keep. Keep the customer protected, keep, keep us protected in the same process. So feel free to give us a call. Roof cleaning, Tulsa power, Washington, Tulsa, renewable power washing, ruth cleaving the broken arrow roof cleaning of Tulsa.

We’re going to be sending out a, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, some mailers to realtors here soon to a help kick off our campaign to see if we can build some relationships here in our local area, roof cleaning of salsa, to uh, see if we can, uh, like I said, build some relationships and build some longterm partnerships with some of these other companies that are doing business in our area. We started this business to make sure that we can offer something, offer a service that can help take care of customers. We’ve partnered up with a few construction companies here locally,

so hopefully we can build some of those relationships. So kind of off subject. But my, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, my son has started as the struggling over the last few months whether he’s going to play football for his school or not. And uh, so some of the conversations that we’ve been having with him lately around that kind of almost directly relate with life and with, uh, with business. So He’s been kind of hesitant on wanting. He wants to do it, but he doesn’t want to do it. So we told them yesterday that if he, if he wants to go ahead and play the football, that uh, yesterday was his first official football practice then that if he decides to go that he is going to play the entire season. So he was kind of wishy washy about it and we, I had the conversation with him about his mindset that if this is something that he wants to do, that he has to put his mind to it and not use all those excuses that keep popping up.

Well, it’s too hot or, well, I’m sore or I just don’t want to go where I want to play with my friends. So I’ve been trying to tell him that you’re going to have to get all of that out of your head in order to be successful and to keep pushing on. And it’s Kinda the same thing with business. There’s so many distractions and so many ways that you can keep yourself from doing something that you should be doing. Um, some people call it procrastination or whatever it may be, but Roof Cleaning Tulsa, so we had a conversation with him just about his mindset and ironically enough, the coach saw it yesterday on his face and he had the same conversation with them about his mindset. So we’re not going to let him quit. He’s going to keep going. Whether he likes it or not, he made the decision to commit.

So that’s the, that’s the decision that he made and he is going to stick with it. So we’re going to work with him on a, using this as a lesson, roof cleanings, Tulsa, to show him that you put your mind to it. You change your mindset, you get rid of all the excuses. You get rid of all of that I don’t want to use or I can’t or anything like that. And you push forward and with, with everything that you have and told them, there’s going to be good days, there’s going to be bad days. Roof Cleaning Tulsa on the good days you celebrate those good days for a short amount of time. You keep moving forward on the bad days. You keep pushing through those bad days and uh, you do not let you do not let that deter you from your end. Your end goals.

He’s gonna have a lot of rough times going to be sore. It’s gonna be hot and tired and um, that’s just not, that’s just not an excuse to quit. So we’re gonna work with them this season on working on that mindset roof, cleaning of Tulsa roof, cleaning of broken arrow roof, cleaning up a Waf, so roof cleaning, Glenpool roof cleaning, SAPULPA. So that is something that we’re going to kind of drill into his head as the season continues and see if we can work on that mindset and try to teach him that if you want to be successful, Roof Cleaning Tulsa whether it’s playing football or whether it’s, you know, having a business or anything else in life, you have to detour yourself and keep yourself away from all those excuses and all the naysayers and the people, the people in things that are distracting you from your end result.

Um, you know, he’s gonna be 12 years old, so he likes his video games and Youtube and all that type of stuff and his little tv shows and things that he watches and uh, he’s going to have to understand that some of that in moderation is okay, but if any of it is getting in the way of his end result in his goals, that is something that he’s going to definitely have to cut out of his daily routine roof cleaning of Tulsa. So we’re on our way to work today, kind of traveling down the highway. I just wanted to kind of share that with you because as I was telling him about it, it was, we just kept making me think about, you know, Roof Cleaning Tulsa some of the struggles and some of the ups and downs of starting starting a business. So it’s really, it’s really no different, different topic, but really the same situation.

I mean, what he’s going through is a almost identical to some of the stuff that I experienced owning a business. So, uh, it’s going to work with him and kind of teach him. Luckily I’m learning some of those skills as well and as I learned, I will pass it along to him and see if we can help him to develop you know that that mindset and that attitude in an early age, Roof Cleaning Tulsa that way, you know when he’s out on his own, he’s already dealt with all this and he’s got the tools that he needs to be successful and to keep pushing forward in whatever he decides that he wants to do with his life. So Renewal, power washing, pressure washing, Tulsa roof, cleaning of Tulsa. We can take care of all your power washing needs. So please give us a call or visit our website at www dot tulsa, pressure, Tulsa, power washing, renew it, power washing. So feel free to give us a call and we can take care of anything for you. Roof cleaning of Tulsa. Thank you.