Roof Cleaning Tulsa | House Cleaning Project

Hello, this is episode 33 podcast 33 with renewed power washing a roof cleaning of Tulsa. I’m today we’re heading. We’ve got a little activity over the weekend, uh, through our website. So we’ve got a bid today for a house cleaning project. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, I guess the lady is trying to sell her house and is wanting us to come in there and clean things up a little bit so they can get it ready to sell. So we’re going to go take a look at that and we are also still in limbo on the red iron project over in sand springs. So hopefully we’ll hear something about that this week and be able to move on that renewal power washing your roof, cleaning of Tulsa. So that’s kind of what we’re up to today. See if we can go help a few people out along the way, see if we can put some money in the bank.

It’s been a very interesting week. I’m like everybody knows I’m still working a full time job. So um, last week kind of suffered a little bit in terms of getting business stuff taken care of. I was covering for my boss that was out of town and it required a significant amount of time away from the business. So, um, this is just something that we’re constantly struggling with trying to balance the business with a still making enough money at the job to pay all the bills so it’s just kind of where we’re at and we’ll keep pushing forward a renewable power washing pressure, Washington, Tulsa roof cleaning of Tulsa. So we are just going to keep pushing through, thinking about launching a, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, a little bit of a rough cleaning campaign before a fall time, hits wintertime hits. And uh, we’ll just see if we can drum up a little bit of last push business for a August, September and October. See if we can build up some business, enough money to cover the expenses through the wintertime. That’s going to be the challenge this year. Was trying to make sure that we have enough money to pay all of our bills through the winter time. So, um, that’s kinda where we’re at. We knew the power washing roof, cleaning of Tulsa.

So this afternoon after work we’ll go and bid this house cleaning job and see if we can get that taken care of. It’s a fairly small house, a 900 1100 square feet or so. But I think we’ll, I think we’ll be able to get her taken care of pretty quickly and move on from there, see what happens. So anyway, what we’ve got going on, there’s been a lot of distractions lately that I’ve let myself kind of fall into Roof Cleaning Tulsa we’re going to have to kind of refocus a little bit and focus in on the business and not let some of these personal distractions get in the way of getting this thing built up. I’m just one of those deals. We’re going to have to prioritize our time a little bit better and a cut out some of the stuff that is taking time and money away from our ability to get this business up and running.

Something that I guess I struggled with a little bit about. We’re going to have to, uh, have to hone in on it and get this, get this going. It’s going to be pretty stressful through the wintertime. I’m trying to keep this all up and running with very little business coming in. So that is something that we’re going to have to take a look at. So anyway, that’s just kinda where we’re at. And renewable power washing, cleaning the roof, cleaning of Tulsa. Feel free to give us a call at nine. One Eight, eight, zero, nine two, five, eight, one. Visit our website. Click on there to get a quote will be more than happy to come and take a look at it for you. And uh, I’ve noticed there’s a lot of roughs around Tulsa that broken Arrow area that need their roofs cleaned. So I’m going to hit a few neighborhoods that we know is in dire need of that service and see if we can’t, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, put a little bit of money in the bank.

Try to build up this, uh, our accounts to build up, sustain us through the winter time. That’s going to be your, a big goal. Trying to get that under control. So a power washing, a roof, cleaning of Tulsa, renewable power, washing, power, washing of Tulsa. So like I said, we’ll go give her a bid today and hopefully hopefully get that job when it said it’s not going to be a very large paying job, but right now any money coming in is going to be a significant health. So, um, that’s what, that’s what we’re going to go ahead and do and hopefully, you know, kind of build enough. We’ve built enough routes, a little bit that maybe some possible, a little bit of repeat business, maybe a little bit of a build up, some, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, some customer base and maybe we can get through it like that. Help us get through the winter time. So it’ll be very interesting seeing how all this plays out. So we knew a power washing roof cleaning of Tulsa, have to make sure that we get plenty of podcasts, get the back end to this website and everything solid as a rock and uh, get this thing moving forward.

So we can talk a little bit about the, uh, roof cleaning. We use a process called soft washing. A soft washing is the least invasive way and the most effective way to get the roof cleaned. That keeps us from having to get on the roofs most of the time. And it also keeps us from having to use any high pressure on the roof itself. There’s a lot of companies that use a high pressure to clean these risks and it is absolutely not the, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, the way to go about it using high pressure on the wrist and cause a lot of damage, a lifting of the shingles water, getting up underneath the shingles. And once that, once that seal, no, that tar seal is broken, broken on those shingles, especially as the winters get cooler, um, it’s going to be very difficult to get those shingles to stay back down in any kind of high winds or anything like that.

So we’ve got winter time coming up and that’s just going to be something that, uh, we do not want to put on the customer or put on our business as far as having any of that type of stuff happening to their shingles. So we stay away from high pressure when it comes to cleaning the roofs. Roof Cleaning Tulsa, like I said, we use a software process where we from the ground, uh, administer the cleaning agents and let the cleaning agents do the work and then we rinse them off. We use less than 100 psi was just, you know, not much more than your garden hose puts out and the only reason we use that much psi. So we have the, the uh, strength of the water, the Bush of the water to get it high up on the roof as we need to get. So if we could use a lower pressure, we absolutely would, but with a lower pressure from the ground up, you would not be able to reach the areas of the roof that we are trying to reach.

So the shingles aren’t experiencing really any pressure at all other than maybe like a, a pretty heavy rain. So, um, and our, our cleaning method is approved by the roofing manufacturers for the planning process. And, uh, you know, the roofing manufacturers actually have in their policies that you should clean the roof every so often to keep your warranty of your roof up. And if you do not do that, then you void, you potentially void the warranty of your roof. So, Roof Cleaning Tulsa, and if you use the cleaning method that’s not approved, you absolutely can damage or hurt the, uh, the ability to have a, you’re a warranties and stuff adhere to. So we want to make sure that we’re following the guidelines that they have laid out in order to clean the roof. So that’s, that’s Kinda how all that came about. So, um, renew it power Washington roof, cleaning of Tulsa, renewable power washing roof cleaning was Halsa. We appreciate everybody listening to episode 33. Once again, this renewable power washing a roof cleaning of Tulsa. And we’ll talk to you guys later.