Pressure Washing Tulsa | The Same Direction

Hello, this is renewable power washing pressure washing Tulsa with episode 24. We’re going to talk to you guys a little bit today about surrounding yourself with people that are likeminded and people that kind of want to go the same direction that you are or are already in that, in that area where you’d like to be. Especially from a business owner’s standpoint. There are a lot of people that are very successful in owning businesses and there’s a lot of people that are not very successful at building businesses. So, um, you know, from a, from a friendship level, from a personal level, Pressure Washing Tulsa surrounding yourself with people that are likeminded, that you can bounce ideas and stuff off of is much better than surrounding yourself with a bunch of naysayers and people that don’t really think that you’re going to succeed or just don’t understand the type of person that would go out on a limb and open up their own business.

I mean, this country is made up of small business owners. That’s what keeps this country up and running. People don’t realize that if there wasn’t business owners and people to employ other people, it’d be very difficult for a country or for any type of society or civil society to succeed or to be prosperous with. There aren’t people that are going out on the limb to open up businesses and that can be any business for any, for anything, a manufacturing business or anything like that. ECOMMERCE business. All of those businesses require employees and good people to keep that up and running. So, you know, we, we are striving to surround ourself with the type of people and the type of mindset that is going to facilitate our growth and to help our growth, whether that be people to bounce ideas off of or just to be encouraging.

There’s a lot of ups and downs when it comes to owning a small business, a lot of emotions and stuff tied to it. And uh, it’s really good to have people in your corner that can help you sort problems out and sort things out as they come along. Pressure Washing Tulsa So you’re not kind of going down this path by yourself. Um, you know, believe it or not starting a starting a small business, you’re not the first person that’s ever started a small business. There’s a lot of people out there that have been down that road and have learned tricks to the trade and learn the hard way if you will, and those people can be very, very beneficial in helping you, helping your growth and helping your sustainability. Um, we, we definitely surround ourselves with those types of people and uh, that really helps us to a kind of state level stay grounded and help and helps us move forward with ideas.

And anytime we, anytime we get into a situation where we might not know something, it really helps a buildings building a business. I’m renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa specializes in power washing a exterior surfaces of buildings, commercial buildings, residential buildings, a manufacturing type buildings. Uh, we quoted the job not too long ago. That was a cleaning, some red iron steel for a company that was building a 200 foot by 200 foot a building. And the red iron had laid out on the ground for so long that it had, had built up a dirt and everything on it and the customer wanted that dirt and everything cleaned off because it was going to be exposed when they actually built the building and they didn’t want all that up there. So there’s a lot of avenues that, you know, renew it power washing, pressure washing Tulsa can help you with.

I’m from exterior surfaces, sidewalks, Patios, a drive throughs, a drive throughs on banks. I’m filling stations at the pumps there at the filling stations, you know, the sidewalks and filling stations where people pour out their drinks and empty out their cigarette buck, ash trays and all that type of stuff. You know, renewable power washing can definitely get all that stuff removed from the surface, a gun removal, graffiti removal, any of that type of stuff we can definitely get rid of. So if you’re going to do some painting on the exterior of your house and you would like it really cleaned up and you know, prep for painting, you know, we can take care of that for you. Um, any of your brick or a stone type surfaces and you know, we can get that taken care of for you, Pressure Washing Tulsa Stucco, uh, any of that, any of that type of stuff that we can get, we can get all that taken care of for you.

Renew it, power washing, pressure washing, Tulsa, specializing in exterior power, washing from the concrete, brick, stucco, any of that type of stuff on your surfaces, you know, lot of times customers will call us and siding and everything cleaned, so that is definitely something that we can get a safely taken care of. Um, you know, right now roofs are, are really big deal with the APP, with the algae and the mold and the bacteria that are growing on them. That is absolutely something that we can get taken care of for you. Uh, if you have a fleet of vehicles and uh, keeping your vehicles and stuff clean is extremely important to you. Then we can take set up a, uh, a monthly, a weekly, a biweekly, um, you know, quarterly, however, the however you’d like to go about it. Pressure Washing Tulsa Yeah, we can definitely set that up and get all that stuff cleaned up for you. A semi trucks, trailers, a fuel fueling trailers type of a, uh, like a milk type hauling trailer or anything like that. Aluminum, shiny aluminum, limited wheels on trailers and tractors. We can get all that stuff taken care of for you to.

So renewable power washing, pressure washing tops to pretty much has a solution to meet any of your needs. And uh, you know, if it’s something that, you know, we’re not, that we’ve never really done before or something like that or a situation that we’ve never been in, you know, we will be completely honest with the customer and let, you know, you know, were, were, were, were, were standing at and uh, you know, we will, we will rely on other people that have been in the industry and tried to research and get the best answer that we possibly can. And if it’s something that we’re not comfortable doing, we’re not going to do it just to make a dollar. We want the customer to be happy, even if that means that we help direct the customer. And a different avenue. Pressure Washing Tulsa I had a customer not too long ago that wanted, that had some mold and stuff on the brick and was talking about maybe wanting to have the brick sealed.

And so we were completely honest with them and said, you know, that’s not, that’s not something that we really know too much about, but let me check around, let me ask some questions and get some information for you. And then so we relate, relayed that information to him and kind of directed to him in a way that he could start finding out some information for himself. So I ultimately, he ended up not having the brick sealed. That’s the direction that he chose to go based on some of the information that we gave him and some of the information that he found on his own. So, you know, we’re really here to help the customer, help the customer with solutions, asking questions or answering questions or just trying to help direct them into an area that, you know, Pressure Washing Tulsa that might help them with their longterm goals of whatever project that they’ve got working on. So we’re not just a pressure washing company, but we really, we really want to help the customer in what, in any aspect that they have. So we really appreciate everyone’s support. Tulsa power washing, renew it, power washing, Tulsa, pressure washing. We really appreciate everyone’s support. And uh, we’ll talk to you guys a little later. Thank you very much.