Pressure Washing Tulsa | Stripping The Driveway

Hello everybody, this is episode 16, podcast number 16 with a renewed power washing pressure washing Tulsa. Hey, today we’re going to talk a little bit about, uh, uh, cleaning and staining wood decks were, uh, on our way out to, uh, finish up a job and we’ve been working on for a little while, um, consists of two, a fairly large decks that we have a cleaned and stripped and a prepared them for staying replaced. Uh, uh, all the rotten wood, all the rotten boards on the deck. And um, today we’re going to go out and, uh, finish up the staining on one of them. So a lot of, you know, there’s a lot of misconception on the cleaning these decks. I know it seems like a lot of power. Washington companies are, uh, just closed them down with water using high pressure to strip them back, Pressure Washing Tulsa which in the long run can damage the wood pretty bad.

So we’re going to talk about the proper steps of a cleaning up a deck and preparing it for stain. So step number one is to, uh, because what we do is we wet wet the deck down completely and then, um, once the, the wood has completely taken on the water, then we use a cleaning agent. The reason that we pre wet the wood is because we are trying to clean the surface of the wood. We’re not, we’re not necessarily trying to clean down inside the wood. So, um, a lot of companies will just put on a bleach or some kind of bleach, a solution onto the deck. And the problem with that is, is that bleach will soak into the wood and it will over time deteriorate the wood and it’s very difficult to neutralize that bleach and get that bleach out of that would, uh, Pressure Washing Tulsa wanted it soaked that far into it.

So we pre-wet the deck and then once the, once the wood is completely wet and saturated and taken on the water, we will then put a cleaning solution on top of that while the deck is wet. And like I said, the reason for that is to allow our cleaning solution to clean the surface of the wood. And to not penetrate down into the wood. So once we put our cleaning solution on there and we take a, a, a deck brush, a bristle brush, and we scrub, we hand scrub the deck, make sure that solution and removing any mold or dirt or contaminants or anything like that that is on that deck. So, um, once we, once we have done that and the deck is clean, then we will use a, a, a, a power washer to remove all the dirt and the mold and the bleach that has been left behind. So, um, renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa. We, uh, once that Dec has been been completely cleaned up. Like I said, we’ll go ahead and remove all the contaminants, Pressure Washing Tulsa a dirt, mold, anything like that that might have been on that a deck.

And then after that we, we will strip

the, uh, we will strip any stain or anything that is left on that deck. Um, that process can take quite a while. Um, we make sure that we do just do it in sections and that’s um, put on the stripper, let it sit. You know, you want to go ahead and test an area, make sure that you know you’re not going to cause any damage and see about how long the stripper is going to take to, um, to actually start dissolving the staying. Um, so we’ll test a little area, kind of find out what we’re working with, um, and then once we kind of know the time and what’s going on with that, we will go ahead and proceed on doing sections of the, uh, the whole deck. So I’m. And once, once that is done, we will, um, we will go ahead and a power wash, the stripper and everything off and make sure that all the stain is going to be been completely removed. If for some reason some of it was left behind, once we get done getting it all off, we will go back and treat those individual areas to make sure that that is removed as well. Sometimes it requires a, depending upon,

depending upon the level that the customer wants, the deck refinished, um, we would also throw in an extra step in there and sand, sand the deck back smooth prior to stripping or prior to staining it, renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa. So once that is the stripper has been set on there and cleaned and removed, then we will hit it with a, we will apply a deck brightener or a neutralizer, uh, to neutralize the stripper that was on there. That way when we go to, uh, apply the stain, we don’t have any type of reaction with the stain. The stain can go ahead and soak in and get it and adhere really well to the deck. So if the customer wants it, sand it or anything like that back smooth, we will go and screw, screw down all the nail holes, all the screws or anything like that or the nails that if they use nails to make sure that they’re below the surface, we will replace any of the wood that needs to be replaced on the deck.

And then once all that is done, then we will come back with a, with a Pressure Washing Tulsa sander floor standard type deal and go ahead and sand that deck back smooth and we’ll use a hand sander to get close to posts and that type of stuff, uh, handrails or anything like that that needs to be sanded down and smooth it back out. And so once, once all of that process is done, then the deck, the deck is ready to, uh, be stained. So depending upon what kind of state in the customer wants to use, we allow them to pick whatever color of semi transparent, whether they want a solid stain or anything like that. Then we’ll go ahead and apply the stain. And once the, once the stain is applied, then the, uh, the job is pretty much completed. So, um, that’s kind of the steps that we follow to do the deck.

You want to make sure that, uh, you know, any, any vegetation plants or anything like that. And that is around that deck that they’re covered to where they don’t get any of the stripper or a cleaning supplies or anything like that. On them that would act, that would cause damage or ruined the plants. You want to make sure everything is covered. If the deck renewable power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa, if the deck is above ground and there is a stuff underneath it. For instance, one house that we did had all the pool equipment underneath the deck, the pump, the, uh, the filters and all that type of stuff. Pressure Washing Tulsa You want to make sure that you get all of that covered really well. Uh, so you don’t get stained or any kind of cleaning supplies on the Hay, that equipment. Um, the other thing when you’re working up against the house, you want to make sure that everything against the house is taped off. Sometimes on the handrails. We will use an airless sprayer to, uh, apply the stain on the handrails just due to the efficiency and make sure you can get into all the nicks and crannies in the grooves and stuff. And it, it makes it really, really nice finished product.

So you want to make sure everything is covered. If you’re applying the stain by a roller or buy a brush, you want to make sure you start up against the structure, a house or anything like that and work your way out. Um, you do, do all the stuff close to the house by hand to prevent getting anything on, on the structure, on the house. Um, there’s, there’s quite a learning curve that we’ve found out in doing this, but if you follow the proper steps and you take your time and you keep the customer in mind as far as doing the quality job, renewable power, washing pressure, Washington, Tulsa, you will always end up with a really good final result. So take your time, don’t skip any of the steps. Do a, do everything that you’re supposed to do, a lot of research and a 90 percent of the time you will come out with a wonderful finished product.

So renewable power washing, pressure washing, Tulsa stands behind all their work. If for some reason the customer is not happy, then we will, um, we will make sure we take care of that. And sometimes that could even mean going back. And um, and having to Redo a job, uh, that’s just cost of doing business, so we want to make sure that we do everything proper the first time you knew a power washing pressure washing Tulsa, that way we don’t have to go back and, uh, ended up losing, losing valuable time and money on having to Redo these jobs or even worse, having to contract somebody else out to, uh, take care of that for us. So anyway, really appreciate you listening. Renew power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa. So like I said, this afternoon, we’re on our way to complete that job, so thank you very much for listening.