Pressure Washing Tulsa | Replenishing The Working Class

Hello everybody is renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa here to talk about the. I know we talked about it before, but we’re going to talk about the heat again. Uh, so I’ve learned doing some research and everything. I’ve learned a, a bit of stuff to help replenish not only the water that you’re drinking, but some of the assaults and the minerals that you lose all your out there sweating all day. Someone gave me a really good suggestion. I would kind of looked into it. A pickle juice. Yeah. Pickle juice, renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa. So the pickle juice has a lot of salts in it and minerals in it that help replenish the body fairly quick, especially when you, when you drink them. So that heat has been extremely bad, especially when you factor in the humidity lately. Um, I told you all before that I found myself into a position not too long ago.

That was a pretty dangerous. Got Way overheated. I’m probably drank too much water too fast. Pressure Washing Tulsa I’ve got myself sick. So, um, it was very important to make sure that you’re replenishing, um, everything that you’re losing through your sweat, uh, when you, when you, when you’re out there and that heat, uh, taking frequent breaks is a absolute must, a renewal power washing, pressure, washing Tulsa. I’m taking those breaks, trying to get out of that sun for a little while, letting the body cool down a little bit, uh, take in some water to replenish what you’ve lost. And, uh, every once while, you know, eating some salty chips or pickle juice, something like that to help replenish the body is very important to take care of yourself when you’re out there in that heat, primarily working with, uh, if you had somebody out there working with you, a very good idea so you guys can help each other and watching each other and make sure that, uh, you guys are in good shape, not getting too sick or too dehydrated. So renew it. Power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa, that he has been really, really, really bad this year. Uh, we’ve seen the heat index is 110. Uh, that humidity is what’s making it unbearable for the body and making a really rough on the system. So a drinking plenty of water, I’m listening to your body is very important. Uh, your gives you warning signs throughout the day, letting you know that you are getting yourself into a bad shape. There’s really not good to push it too far during this heat.

Your body has natural ability to cool itself and to take care of itself. But if we’re not feeding our body what it needs to help in that process, then you can find yourself a dehydrated and, uh, getting close to heat exhaustion. So I’m going to give the pickle juice a, a, a try and see how that works. Um, I know last time I got overheated, I grabbed a bat, have a bag of funyuns. Uh, that was one of the saltiest things that I can think of other than just some regular girl potato chips. And it was amazing how fast that actually started to replenish my body along with a drinking water. So we just wanted to make sure that everybody is working outside, is staying safe and keeping in mind that the heat is not something that you really want to push too far, especially if you’re outside for prolonged periods of time. Pressure Washing Tulsa I’m just really a good idea to take at least a 10, 15 minute break, you know, once an hour, uh, whether you feel that you needed or not just to kind of sit in the shade, let the body kind of naturally cool down and a drink some water and uh, taken, taken some minerals and salt that your body is being depleted. So the heat is, it can be very dangerous. So renewable power washing, pressure, washing Tulsa was make sure that, you know, everybody is staying hydrated.

We always carry know ample amount of ice water and stuff with us when we’re, when we’re out working, I’m, like I said, we’re going to go ahead and add the pickle juice to, uh, our daily routine and see if we can get that, uh, the salts and stuff replenished and moving forward because we’ve got to have, we’re going to have to learn how to take care of that a little bit better. I’m sure there’s all kinds of vitamins and supplements that we be taking as well. I will continue to do research on that and find out some of the, uh, some of the best ways to, to occur that from happening again, new power washing, Pressure Washing Tulsa talking about heat and heat stroke has been responding to quite a bit of heat related instances over the last couple of weeks. And, uh, so it’s just something that we need to make sure that we’re keeping an eye on and taken care of. I have tried taking like a old, a Shammy, a rag, a keeping it down in the ice water, and then every once in a while taking it out, wringing it out, dripping it over, you know, kind of drooping it over my neck and my head. And that has, that has seemed to really help out and keeping, keeping the body cool down. So, um,

you could really tell how much you sweat, you’re losing when you do something like that because the rag is fairly, it’s not dripping wet when you put it over your head and you know, an hour later you can ring that shammy out just off of the amount of sweat that, that Shami is absorbing off of your neck and off of your head. So when you see it like that, you can really see how much water you’re losing in the sweat. Pressure Washing Tulsa So that was kind of an eyeopener to me. So renew a power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa. We’re driving right now to a, uh, to go bid a job at grand lake. It’s a deck that the customer is wanting cleaned and sealed. So, uh, we’re going to try to go out there and meet with him to see exactly, uh, what, what he wants to do with this deck.

Uh, we remained, you know, I’m going to kind of let him know what the benefits of, you know, the typical, what people think of sealing a primary, like a Thompson’s water seal. Yeah. It’s going to give some protection and stuff to the deck, but over over a long, long period of time, it’s gonna. It’s gonna gray just like it would if it didn’t have anything on it. So, you know, there’s a lot of education and stuff involved with the customers to educate them on, you know, what they, what they think they want and uh, Kinda explained to them the process and explain to them what’s going on so, you know, not only I can understand what they want, but they can, they can get a better understanding of, you know, where their money is going and how their Pressure Washing Tulsa money is being spent. Uh, I sure would hate for someone to spend the money to have the deck cleaned and go through that whole process.

Spray on some Thompson water seal, which isn’t super cheap and uh, you know, six months later the, uh, the deck is his brain and they’re disappointed because they, uh, they spend all that money to get it cleaned and it looks like it did, you know, six months ago. So, um, there’s a lot of education and stuff involved when it comes to the customers. So we want, we just want to make sure that, uh, we let them know what their options are, uh, let them know what the cost differences of different options so they can make a better, a better decision for where their money’s being spent and also, you know, we can, we can make the customer as happy as possible. If you spent a few hundred dollars extra on the job, you might, you might be, you know, a thousand dollars more happy that you did that. So, um, and really to us, you know, it’s not that big of a difference.

Uh, depending on what they want done, if they, if they just want the deck seals, that’s something that we can definitely do. Like I said, we don’t, we don’t really recommend it just because in the long run that I don’t think they’re going to be happy with it. I probably have an expectation of where they’d like their deck to be in six months to a year from now or two or three years down the road. So, Pressure Washing Tulsa uh, you know, educating the customer is, uh, is one of the things that we have to do redo a power, Washington pressure washing and Tulsa, you know, um, so we’re going to head out here and take a look at it and see what the customer wants and kind of talk over some options and then ultimately it’s up to the customer where they want it to go. But it’s definitely up to us to make sure that they understand their options and uh, you know, kind of what they get with the different types of options.

So just one of those things, make sure everybody’s on the same page and keeping that communication line open. That way, you know, we don’t have an unhappy customer and the customer’s not disappointed and renewable Pressure Washing Tulsa power washing, pressure, washing, Tulsa, disappointed when they get, when they, when they see the final result, and especially with the deck, they’re not cheap to have redone a stained and cleaned and sanded down if that’s what the customer wants, the route that they want to go. So we just want to make sure that they are getting the most for their money as possible. And uh, just helping to keep everybody educated. This is our prime focus. We do a power washing pressure washing Tulsa. Thank you.