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Hello, this is episode 22 with renewable power washing pressure washing Tulsa. Today we’re not talking about the benefits and the do’s and don’ts when it comes to a washing or cleaning the siding on a home. So, um, first of all we can talk about what grows, um, exciting. Um, you know, obviously everybody has seen the mold, the algae, that type of stuff that grows on the siding. Siding tends to hold a lot of dirt from, uh, from the rain and just from the elements and stuff that are in the atmosphere, collecting on their spider webs, cobwebs, wasps’ nests, all that type of stuff, you know, is on the outside of our home and you know, who wants to go outside of the house and have to worry about wasps and all that type of stuff. So, you know, renewable power washing, you know, keep in mind, don’t, don’t only take care of, not only takes care of your, your siding and getting your siding clean Pressure Washing Tulsa, but you know, also helps in taking care of all the, uh, uh, blood dobber nests, wasps’ nests, any of that type of stuff that is collecting on the exterior home, whether it be your eaves or outside the doorway or something like that.

Um, you know, when we go and clean the exterior of a house and all that stuff gets removed along with it. Pressure Washing Tulsa So yes, you know, we have got a run in with a few wasps. I’d been stung probably 10, 12 times or so by loss and it is something that we have to deal with, but that the good thing is that you can renew a power washing, pressure washing Tulsa, deal with that type of stuff. So you won’t have to, uh, we just did a house here recently that, um, was probably had more mud wasp nests on it then I’ve ever seen on a house before. Um, I, I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many were actually on there. Uh, it was a lot. So, uh, there was a couple of decks involved in this. So underneath the decks were the loss and stuff up in the corners and up against the house.

Um, there was, there was a lot, there were so many that we thought we got rid of all of it and ran across and wasps’ nests that was very well hidden that we did not see and yes, it was not good. So renew power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa not only will get all your siding on your house and stuff clean, but get rid of all those mud jobbers and wasp cobwebs and, you know, just the stuff that the likes to collect on the siding, including the dirt and the mold and all that type of stuff. So, um, I know there’s a lot of people out there that are extremely allergic to wafs and stuff like that. So, you know, if, if that is something that is an issue for you, especially when it comes to your health, um, you know, we can definitely take care of that for you.

That is, that is not a problem. More than happy to do it. Renewable power, Washington Park, Washington, Tulsa. So yeah, people don’t think about that, but it’s something that we’ve run into almost every house that we go and clean up. There’s always one or two if not both those situations, uh, when it comes to the wasp and that led to average, especially if you have a rock house, we’ve noticed a really bad on rock houses with the mud diverse. Uh, there’s a lot of contours and there, you know, where the, where the mortar and stuff in between the rocks as low spot in there. Um, the mud daubers really liked to burl off in there and make their little hut right there in that. And I guess it’s a really good protection for them or something like that. But um, yeah, it’s definitely an issue and we can definitely get rid of, get rid of that for you.

So that is, Pressure Washing Tulsa that is not an issue. Um, so renewable power washing, pressure Washer, top Tulsa is kind of just talking about, uh, you know, what we run into, what customers and stuff are requesting that we get rid of a on the exterior of their homes and you know, a lot of people just think about dirt, mold, allergy in this type of stuff. But there’s a, there’s a lot of other things that come along with it. Uh, bugs. I’m like I said the WASPS, my daughter’s, uh, that type of stuff. And um, we can get rid of all that for you. Pressure Washing Tulsa So let’s talk a little bit about kind of the process. I’m good and bad processes that are used when cleaning a siding on houses. Um, you know, especially on vinyl siding, uh, we, we choose not to use any high pressure that vinyl siding is not, was never designed to withstand, you know, three or four or 5,000 psi of pressure being applied to that sighting.

Um, especially if it’s older, it’s been sitting in the sun a long time. It’s kind of brittle, is very susceptible to the damage of high pressure power washing, so we use a process that doesn’t use any, any much more pressure than your garden hose uses to get rid of all that stuff and we use a cleaning agents that are biodegradable and safe for the environment to remove those contaminants and stuff from the siding rather than relying on a high pressure to get rid of that type of stuff. So you know, if you’re out, if you’re out and looking for a, a pressure washing company or a power washing company, um, that’s definitely one question that you should ask. There’s multiple questions you should ask as, as a consumer to the company that’s doing work on your property, but one of them is definitely, you know, what type of process are they using on your house in order to get that siding and stuff clean? Pressure Washing Tulsa

Uh, if they, if they’re using high pressure, then that’s all they know how to use, then I would not, I would not trust them to be working on your siding. Water gets behind the siding. Uh, it can cause damage a weeks down the road that you don’t even know of, it sits back there and collects, and then over time it creates mold and creates an atmosphere that is unsafe for your family. It can actually seep into the walls and seep in behind the siding that is on the outside of the house, getting into the layers that are in between the siding on the exterior and the inside of the house. So just definitely keep in mind that that is not something that you want to, uh, have done to the outside of your house. So number one question I would ask is, you know, what type of process are you using?

If they’re using high pressure, I would definitely steer away from that. A number two, are they insured? That’s a very, very, very important question. Do they have the insurance that’s going to protect them and protect you from any mishaps or any damage that’s caused your house? Um, number three, ask for references, check on, read, read reviews, read, read, Google reviews, read what other people are saying. Um, you know, don’t just take the company’s word for it, uh, you know, check out their website if they don’t have a website or anything like that on a professional level, I would be very leery of using that type of company for anything rather than power washing or anything, just anything in general, you know, Google reviews and facebook reviews if, if that’s the route that they’re going, anything that you can read to collect data that gives you an idea of kind of what company you’re dealing with.

So the siding on your house, absolutely. Uh, do not let anybody put high pressure on your vinyl siding or wood siding, you know, we, we can clean painted wood siding, there’s a, there’s a way that you can clean it and make a significant improvement on how dirty that is. And once again, we do not use any high pressure on those, those applications either. Obviously it would strip the paint off of the side of your house and that is absolutely not. Okay. So, um, there are, there are a few instances on a, you know, your harder surfaces like brick retaining walls, uh, any, any type of stuff like that or a brick wall on your house that might be heavily contaminated with mold or something. Uh, there’s, there’s a few of those situations that, uh, you know, you could find yourself using some higher pressure. We use special nozzles in those situations to reduce the pressure coming out of our pressure Washer so we are not damaging any of the mortar or any of the brick or anything like that.

When you have a company come look at your, a rock or your brick, you know, make sure that they are walking around that property thoroughly and making sure that there are no voids in the brick. Making sure all the mortar is in good work is good standing, uh, that none of it is falling out or loose because if it is and you hit it with high pressure, all that water is going to go right in between your walls. So, uh, that’s another benefit from the soft washing if there happens to be a situation like that that might be overlooked or you can’t see a soft Washington drastically reduces the chances of having water put it back behind the brick. So those are just a few points that I would, I would kind of look at when hiring a company to do any work on the outside of my house and if you have any questions or need anything, call renewal, power washing, Tulsa, washing pressure washing at nine. One, eight, eight, zero, nine two, five, eight, one. Thank you very much for listening. Pressure Washing Tulsa