Pressure Washing Tulsa | Properly Restore

Today we’re going to talk about how to properly restore. There’s this big misconception with power washing companies getting into the industry of resurfacing or refinishing wood decks. A lot of pressure washer companies decide that you know they can go ahead and do the soft washing, which is usually a heavy concentration of bleach or something like that to go ahead and clean the wood. The problem with that is that when you take a dry wood surface and apply a heavy coat or a of a bleach on the surface, it would. It drives, it makes the would appear. That is it as if it was cleaned, but actually it was doing damage to that surface is doing damage to that surface because when that bleached soaks into the surface of that would, it is causing little hair fibers to come out. And it is actually. I’m taking years off of the life of that would by soaking deep into the wood causing it to crack and prematurely deteriorate over time. So a lot of companies think that they can go in there and just coat it with a heavy, heavy coat, a bleach, you know, rinse it off, everything was great, it looks good and they leave and that’s it. The problem with that is that is not the way that would she be being restored.

The first process and restoring the wood should be soaking the wood down with water, soaking the wood down with water allows the pores of the wood to absorb the water and only the water. This keeps bleach and other cleaners and stuff like that from soaking into the wood and causing further damage because you’re not trying. Everything that’s on the wood is on the surface, whether it’s dirt, mold, the gray look, anything like that is on the surface of the wood. So pressure, Washington, Tulsa. We would coat the wood with water first and allow that water to soak it in really, really well. Like I said, all you’re trying to do is clean the surface. Pressure Washing Tulsa So once the wood has absorbed all the, all the, uh, all the water that serves as a barrier for your cleaners to not so down into the wood causing further damage.

So once the wood is wet, we go ahead and apply a detergent. Usually some, sometimes it’s bleached, Pressure Washing Tulsa sometimes it’s another detergent, depending upon the application mixed with maybe some dawn dishwashing detergent, something like that to actually clean the. Would you apply that? You brush it on and you let that sit on there for a little while and then you rinse it off. So that way you’re only cleaning the surface so your detergents and stuff or not soaking down into the wood, causing further damage that will deteriorate the wood and cut the cut the life of the woodway down. So after, after you get the surface nice and clean, you rinse that off and then you can put on a, a, another cleaner that would be a, a, that would remove any of the wood. I’m rust from the nails or screws or anything like that.

So that would be the third step that you’d want to put on there. If you were stripping the surface, maybe if it was painted before or if it had a stain on it that was going bad at that time, you’d go ahead and do that process. Also, go ahead and strip it and everything like that, so once you’re a stripper or anything is applied to the surface, you would want to make sure that any of the cleaners or any of the surface stuff that you put on there is thoroughly rinsed off and not allowed to stay and penetrate into the woods and he further. You want to get that stuff off there as soon as possible. A lot of pressure washing companies are doing soft washing. The bad thing with the soft washing is is is making. It was putting a bad name on the industry so where people are like, oh well we’ll come and soft wash it and everything like that, which is, which is great, fine.

Whatever they want to do, but that’s not the proper way to do it. It allows them to make money. It allows them to do it a lot quicker, but Tulsa pressure washing will not do any type of woodwork in that way. There are proper ways to do it and tells the pressure, washing wants to do it the right way to keep up the positive image of the, uh, power washing industry and also to be good stewards to our customers to make sure that they’re actually getting what they’re paying for. So after you do your three steps, so you’ve, you’ve, you’ve soaked the would, you have used your cleaner, you have lives that clean that thoroughly. You have either applied to stripper, if that is necessarily or anything like that, and you have reversed that completely properly. Then at that point you want to let that would dry completely.

You want usually 48 hours, 72 hours, something like that without having any type of rain or any type of how you committed or anything. We usually be enough to have that would dry enough to go ahead and restate. We use a device that actually measures the moisture content in the wood to make sure that that is down to an a proper level to actually use the stain properly and for the state to actually do this job or the sealant or whatever you’re using. Pressure Washing Tulsa So once the wood is, once the wood is dry, you’ve tested it to make sure that everything is good to go. Then at that point you want to go ahead and start masking off all your surfaces masking off against the house, masking off underneath the deck. If it’s a two story deck so you don’t drip anything down on concrete or anything like that, you want to make sure that you protect all, all surfaces around there.

That will not be that you do not want the stain or anything like that. Pressure Washing Tulsa Getting on Tulsa pressure washing takes everything into consideration when it comes to a restraining order, taken care of your wood surfaces, you would not have to worry about anything. Um, as far as damage to other property or anything like that. We masked everything off. We, uh, we take care of the plants, anything like that or in the area. We make sure all that stuff is covered before we go ahead and move forward. Some decks require even after you get them all cleaned, some decks we might even require to be lightly sanded to a get down, some of the birds are, get down, anything like that. So that’s the other benefit of not using a high pressure power washer to actually do the cleaning because that can actually cause damage to the wood and a lot of companies don’t even know that they’re even causing damage. A lot of customers don’t even know that there’s damage, so we want to make sure that when we go and do this, that it is done properly and the customer will have a product that is good for many, many years to come.

So let’s recap the four steps of properly cleaning the deck. Pressure Washing Tulsa One wedding pre-wedding with water the would surface to not further any damage or allow any chemicals to penetrate further into that wall that would, that is necessary. Keep in mind we’re only trying to clean the surface. Everything that you see on there, mold, contaminants, dirt, or anything like that is going to be on the surface and that’s what we want to address. We do not want to go further into the wood and cause any more problems after you have pre wet the surface with water, you want to apply your cleaner. You can do this in many ways. You can do it with a pump sprayer. You can do it with the chemical sprayer. You can put it on with a brush and brush it on back and forth and working it in. There’s many different applications to applying the actual cleaner.

The third step would be is a wood brightener or it would restore or a stripper. So any, uh, would brightener is what that’s gonna do for you. It’s going to actually brightened up the woods. It’s going to bring the wood back to its original Patina when it was new. Um, it’s also going to remove any of the, um, the rust stains from nails or screws or anything like that. And a lot of times that is brushed on it kind of worked into the service and then rinsed extremely thoroughly to make sure that all that stuff is removed. Once that is all removed and the surface has been completely thoroughly washed, toss a pressure washing will then come back and make sure that the wood surface is free of any type of water, any type of humidity down to 12 percent. Pressure Washing Tulsa That’s about what the humidity that you’re wanting to find in there to make sure that the stain is perfect and right in the this, the surface is ready and prepped for applying the stain.

Like I said, there’s a lot of different methods to applying the stain. It kinda just depends on the, uh, the situation. Uh, but we would, we would make sure and assess the situation to make sure that the customer is getting exactly what they want, but also pressure washing prides itself and making sure that they do the job right. If there’s something that we run across that we’re not 100 percent sure, sure about, we will definitely do the research and definitely find the answer. Um, tell us pressure washing does not and will not just go out and do a job just to make money and being unethical. Uh, we pride ourselves in making sure that we take care of the customer along with taking care of our business. So thank you very much for listening and, uh, you all have a great day.