Pressure Washing Tulsa | Overcoming The Challenges

Hello everyone, this is podcast number 15. Thank you for listening. This is renewable power washing pressure washing Tulsa and today we’re going to talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people. So some of the things that I found starting this business, I’m from some people that you have never expected it, aren’t very positive, aren’t extremely negative, but when you branch out to start your own business, you really find, uh, the people that are supportive and then the people that are questioning everything you do and questioning whether you should even be doing it at all. Pressure Washing Tulsa A lot of times those people are the ones that keep more of their traditional type workforce. Go to work every day, collect a paycheck, collective 401k, make sure that they have, you know, solid insurance and that type of stuff. So branching out on your own to start a business.

I’m a lot of, a lot of times people don’t understand or don’t get it. So, um, some of the challenges I’ve faced are with people that are actually fairly close to me. And you have to, you have to start distancing yourself from those types of people, renew it, power washing, pressure washing Tulsa. So, um, it can be very difficult to do, especially if those people are extremely close to you, a wife, you know, a spouse, parents, siblings, grandparents, that type of stuff that are, you know, supposed to be supportive and really close to your circle. But a kind of pushed back along the way. So some of the things that I’ve done to start circumventing some of that is cutting back on talking about it. So when I have conversations with those people, whether it’s friends or family, those people that aren’t very supportive and just kind of want to be naysayers and of negative, I don’t even bring it up.

And a lot of times they don’t bring it up either. So, which is a good thing, Pressure Washing Tulsa I guess you expect certain people to be in your corner, but you find out when you branch out out of the norm, uh, you kind of start isolating yourself as somebody that is different than traditional society. Renewable power washing, pressure, washing Tulsa. So, um, this is one of those things that you have to deal with. My advice that I’ve gotten from people close to me, my coaches are that you start to surround yourself with like minded people, people that you can run ideas back and forth off of a that you could brainstorm with and have a likeminded conversations, whether it’s, uh, you know, offering a service or you might talk about, you know, if run into a difficult situation with a customer, uh, you know, some of these people that are the business world have been down this road before and they can help you and direct you to the proper, the proper places. So I have found it very important to start surrounding myself with positive likeminded people.

I started partnering up with other people in the power washing industry, roof cleaning, concrete cleaning, surface cleaning, commercial residential services, renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa. Some of those people that have already been in the industry and other parts of the country that we don’t have a direct direct competition with. Uh, I started kind of reaching out to some of those guys on what do you do when you run into this situation? What do you do when you run into that situation? What kind of products do you use? Uh, what have you found that works? What have you found that doesn’t work? Pressure Washing Tulsa And you know, the other thing that I’m learning a starting a business is to hone in on a couple of specific areas to not overwhelm yourself with expenses, trying to get into multiple different areas of business to where it’s going to bog you down and you’re learning curve is a, is quite a lot.

Um, you leave yourself vulnerable to building bad relationships with customers taking on too much over promising, under delivering. Um, it’s, it’s really difficult. So right now I’m still working full time job, working about 50 hours a week on top of working on my business in my business. So the difference between that is working in the business is the physical part of actually going out and doing the work that brings in the money. Uh, working on the business is all the time that I spent getting processes in place, taking care of the finances, of building those relationships, building a website, doing seo type work with my coach. Pressure Washing Tulsa I’m building call lists and script lists and to do lists and all that type of stuff so it can be quite an overwhelming task to take on. Um, I’ve learned over the last few months that there’s a lot of peaks and valleys, ups and downs, highs and lows, renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa. So we’ve learned that, uh, you have to take day by day. You keep diligent a stick to your, to do lists, make sure, make sure you check, you are actually doing the stuff that is on your, to do lists whether you want to or not.

It just takes time. So, and you don’t. If you have a family and stuff like that, you know, you don’t want that side of your life to suffer either. So one of the biggest things that I’ve been taught is the six f’s and it has really helped, uh, you know, scheduling time with family, a scheduling time with faith, finances. Um, I haven’t, haven’t quite got into the fitness side of the f’s yet, but, uh, definitely taken care of the other ones a fun and I’m getting all that stuff under control so it can be a lot of fun. It can be a pretty overwhelming. My biggest advice is just to make sure that you surround yourself with positive, likeminded people, Pressure Washing Tulsa people that are pulling for you in your corner, power washing, Tulsa, renewable power, washing, pressure washing and Tulsa. Make sure that those people are, you know, in your corner and pulling for you and you build a, a good, a good bond and a good circle of people that you can rely on and bounce ideas and stuff off of and brainstorm with a.

it’s always a learning experience, a learning curve. But right now everything seems to be going pretty good. Only we’re only a couple of few months into it. And, uh, we’ve made a lot of really, really good progress. At first it was really gung Ho and ready to go and Kinda kinda started falling off a little bit and uh, my coach has been there to encourage me, you know, keep me pushing forward and holding me accountable for, you know, what I’m doing and what I’m not doing. So I highly suggest getting a business coach, someone that you can trust and someone that’s gonna be there for you, someone that you can rely on and to kind of keep, Pressure Washing Tulsa keep the ship afloat, if you will. So, you know, it’s one of those deals, it’s very important to have people around you if you’re getting ready to start a business and you know, you have other people that are relying upon you, uh, other people that are in your family, a spouse, a wife, significant other, you know, it is very, very good to start having those conversations with those people to see, you know, where they stand.

Um, from what I’ve heard, there’s a lot of people that go out there and start a business and the spouse or the other person, the relationship is not on board and it’s kind of against it and I’ll tell you what, the amount of time that it takes to get a business started and moving forward, the amount of effort and money it takes to get that thing going. That can be a real, a real problem for a lot of significant others, spouses, wives, and that type of stuff. Pressure Washing Tulsa So those conversations are very, very important to have with those people. Um, you know, depends how bad you want the business. You know, there’s a lot of really, really tough decisions that go along with having a business. And uh, sometimes you have to be willing to make those tough decisions. You just have to weigh that stuff out as you go.

Renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa. So she’s one of those deals. Make sure you have people that are in your corner and that are positive and that are pulling for you. And uh, Ms Dot keep grinding at it and you should be in good shape. Be careful of what you spend, Pressure Washing Tulsa be careful of what niche you get into A. I mean, it’s very important to get that dream 100 list and get all that stuff moving forward so you have something constant to be moving on and constantly trying to drum up business. So anyway, that’s my spiel for today. Thank you for listening. Renewable power washing pressure washing Tulsa will talk to you later.