Pressure Washing Tulsa | Many Misconceptions

In today’s podcast, we’re going to talk about the misconceptions that come along with soft washing wood surfaces. Today we’re talking about specifically fences.

Soft Washington is known in the industry and is getting very, very popular in the power washing industry due to its, uh, its ability to do a very, very good job in most applications. But the one application that is being used incorrectly is when it comes to wood surfaces, especially fences, it’s a very easy process to go and spray a chemical on a fence, a rinse it off really well, and when it dries, it looks really, really good and it looks very clean. The problem with that is it is not naturally clean. A lot of companies, you’re using a high dilution of bleach and a soaking the, uh, fence down with bleach, letting it sit for five, 10 minutes and then rinsing it off. The problem with that is, is the wood is absorbing all of that bleach and it’s very, very difficult to get that bleach out of the woods and as that, as that bleached soaks into the wood, it causes damage to the wood that is irreversible.

Sometimes you will see a little hair like fibers and stuff, stick it up on the fence and that is actually the bleach causing damage to the wood itself, so the proper, the proper method to clean any type of wood surface IEA fence is to first pre-wet the fence. This is, this is the four step system that renewable power washing power washing Tulsa uses to clean the wood surfaces. It is very, very important to first pre wet the surface with water, allow that water to soak into the wood just like it was, if it would rain or anything like that or for sprinkler, where to get it wet or something like that. You want to make sure that that surface is soaked thoroughly with water. Wood is very porous and it will take on a lot of moisture, so when you pre wet the surface with water, you’re allowing that water to seep into the wood.

When we go to clean the wood surface, majority of what you see on the on the wood is on the surface of the wood. It is not actually in the wood, so we really want to make sure that we are not going any further past the surface. Then we need to get that surface cleaned, so pre-wedding the surface has allowed, allows the water to protect the wood and allows the cleaner to not penetrate further into the wood, the necessary and allows the cleaner to stay onto the surface. This allows the surface to be cleaned without without damaging the wood or reducing the life expectancy of the wood by many, many years, so once you’ve pre wet the surface and you’ve cleaned the surface with a detergent or whatever, cleaning, cleaning detergent or cleaner that you you’re using, you cleaned the surface and then once the surface is cleaned, you thoroughly rinse the surface to get rid of any of the cleaners, detergents, or anything, whatever.

Cleaning agents that are using Tulsa pressure, washing pressure, washing Tulsa uses that four step system to make sure that we can produce the best possible outcome for our customers. Pressure Washing Tulsa will also will on the third step, use a wood brightener or a stripper, if there is a paint or anything that needs to be removed off that surface before it is sustained. We like using a brightener on step three because it really brings the Patina, the natural Patina of the wood out, and it also reduces or completely eliminates any of the rust runs from nails or screws or anything like that. That might be in the wood, so that’s what the brightener the step three, the wood brightener is for and pressure washing Tulsa. We like to use the four step system. The fourth step of the four step system would be a stain or a sealant depending upon what the customer wants.

If they want just the natural wood, we can go ahead and seal it and it’ll. It’ll just stay natural looking or if they have a specific color, they can choose a specific color of stain and we can go ahead and stay in that surface. We want to make sure that in this industry that we are taking care of our customers, not only taking care of our customers, but taking care of the industry itself. There are a lot of people that are fly by night, companies that are making it very difficult for the professionals to convey to the customer that they are legitimate service. You’ll see spring and fall, you’ll see a lot of companies just pop up and then you never see him again. So be sure when choosing a company you asked the proper questions, what are your processes? What are your steps? How do you protect my house?

How do you protect my other property around as this, as this process is going on. Make sure that the company has insurance and can prove that they have insurance, not only for the protection of the company, but the protection of the homeowner. Damage to a house. Um, maybe a trip and fall a, maybe a child or a customer. Trips over a hose or trips over a bucket or something and hurts themselves. Make sure that the company has the insurance to protect the company and to protect the customer pressure washing Tulsa has the proper insurances in place to make sure that they are legitimate company and that they are providing the service to their customers that the customers expect. Make sure that they can follow and answer any question that you have and don’t hesitate to follow up with other companies to make sure that the information that you’re getting is accurate and it’s something that you want to have done to your home pressure washing Tulsa or it pressure washing Tulsa will be happy to walk you through any of these processes, any of these steps into thoroughly explained to you what is going on and how this, how this process works.

The soft washing is used in a lot of applications. It can be used as a pre, a presoak a, let’s say on a driveway or a sidewalk. You can presoak with chemical and then you can use your surface cleaners, um, with a moderate heat and some pretty decent pressure to go ahead and clean deeply into the poorest soft washing. I’m on driveways or concrete surfaces will not clean it. One hundred percent. You must use those, those two steps in conjunction with each other and use them properly. Soft washing also is a very good application for roofs. Um, lot of times you see black streaks on roofs that is actually a form of bacteria or an algae that is forming on that roof that is extremely contagious, if you will. The wind will pick up the spores of moving from roof to roof, spreading contamination throughout a whole neighborhood or throughout a whole apartment complex. So it is definitely something that you want to get addressed and get taken care of. And soft washing is a very good option for that. Um, there’s a lot of companies out there that are using high pressure and mixed with some cleaners and detergents to

renewable power washing or pow pressure washing of Tulsa. We make sure that we’re taking care of the customer to the finest of our abilities. We’re not going to use an application in a process just because it’s easier for us or it’s quicker for us or we’re going to make an easier turnaround on investment or any type of money. We’re gonna, make sure that we’re taking care of the customer first and foremost, regardless of anything else, if there’s anything that we don’t know or if we run across a situation that we’re not 100 percent sure of, we are more and more than happy to work with the customer to find the proper answers and, uh, to make sure that the customer’s taken care of pressure washing Tulsa prides itself on being insured to make sure that the customer is protected along with the business. So that’s kinda where. That’s kind of where we’re at today. So let’s go ahead and recap the four steps of proper would restoration on offense. Number one, pre wedding, the surface with water and allowing the water to penetrate the, the would not the cleaner. Step two, adding the cleaner detergent

and making sure the surface gets cleaned. Step three, thoroughly rinsing the system or the fence or the wood prior to putting on any type of wood brightener would brightener is the product that will reduce, if not remove the rust spots, so the rust stains from, um, from nails or screws, once that is done, thoroughly rinsed that also and let the, let the wood dry test the wood a couple of days later to make sure that the wood is dry enough to apply a sealer or a stain once the wood has tested within the right humidity and the right wetness or dryness, I should say, than it is time to stain. And the customer is more than happy to go through the list stain options that we have for cedars, for Pine, and we have the slaw the swaths for the customer to look at and a toss over what kind of colors they might want. And at that point then we will go ahead and come back and uh, and uh, restrain that, restating that fence. Give it some protection for many years. And, uh, keep that investment. I’m protected. Thank you very much for listening. This is renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa. Thank you.