Pressure Washing Tulsa | Maintaining Your Vehicle

Hello everybody, this is a episode 25 with renewable power, Washington fresher Washington, Tulsa. Today we’re going to talk about a little bit more about maintaining your vehicle and your equipment.

maintaining your vehicle and your equipment is, uh, is extremely vital. When you own a business, you rely on your equipment, you have to have your equipment working when you get onsite. And if anything would happened to your equipment, it would, it would absolutely be devastating to what you’re trying to get accomplished. So you know, you get really, really busy and if you have a piece of equipment, especially your primary equipment, Pressure Washing Tulsa go down, then there you are on the job and you’re unable to complete that job. So then you have to find alternatives fairly quickly in order to not fall too far behind and started backing up and having issues. So some of the simple things to do to maintain your equipment is changing your oils on a regular basis. Most manufacturers, pretty much all manufacturers have an interval of a break in period for new equipment that the oil needs to be changed fairly quickly after the first, so many hours of usage.

That is extremely important to go ahead and get that, get that one done. And then after that, manufacturers obviously specify, you know, how often that oil should be changed. So renew a power Washer, pressure Washer, Tulsa has brought up quite a bit of equipment that requires um, oil. So we have our pressure washer motor that drives our pump and the engine itself has to be, uh, the oil has to be changed on a regular basis along with the oil filter fuel filters that have to be changed to fuel filters, one diesel fuel filter and for the burner. And then I have one fuel filter for the engine for regular gasoline. Those have to be changed in a regular intervals. You also have the oil that is in and your, your pump, which is the pump that provides the pressure for the, for the power Washer, that has to be changed on regular intervals.

So that’s just, that’s just your main piece of equipment on the power washing side of things. Then you have, um, any other equipment that you might need a blower for a blowing off to breathe before you do power washing. My blower is a two stroke, so the oil and the gas is mixed together. A renew a power washer and pressure, Washington, Tulsa, so there’s no oil that needs to be changed in the blower, but um, there are still things, air filters that need to be cleaned and there’s still things that need to be maintained to keep that piece of equipment up and running properly. So the storage of your equipment is extremely important. Also if you’re storing your equipment outside, uh, the elements, the reign of the sun and stuff like that really take a toll on your equipment. So if you have to keep your equipment or anything outside, it’s very important, you know, make sure you try to keep your main equipment covered, uh, at least keep the rain and some of the direct sunlight off of that equipment.

Uh, that’s, that’s a pretty good idea. We knew it. Power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa. So for us, uh, all of our equipment is mounted on a trailer so that, that opens up a whole nother opportunity for maintenance. Uh, your trailer maintenance is extremely important. Um, our trailer has two axles and uh, each, each axle has two hubs, two wheels and those have to be, those have to be lubed. Ours has to be lubed every thousand miles. So you just had to figure out about, you know, uh, timing of how long, how many miles you’re putting on your equipment and then come up with a regular scheduled maintenance to perform on that equipment just to make sure everything is running properly and safely, especially when you’re pulling all that stuff down the highway. So, um, you know, then we have, then we have our main vehicle that, uh, that we use for a, pulling our trailer to doing all of our bidding.

We change the oil every 5,000 miles. That’s the manufacturer recommended interval. When we changed the oil, we make sure we change the oil filter and every 10,000 miles we changed the fuel filters, fuel filters on our vehicle. And we change those every 10,000 miles to make sure that we don’t have any contaminants or anything getting into our fuel system and causing us to have, have a breakdown or something like that, especially with those preventable type breakdowns. Pressure Washing Tulsa It’s very important to make sure that you are taking care of all of your equipment so that our trailer, we check the tire pressure on our trailer on regular intervals and we’d go ahead and top that off to the, uh, to the specifications on the tires to make sure that when we’re pulling a heavy load that the tires are capable of handling that without any issues. You definitely do not want to blow out or anything on the, uh, on the highway or on the road and spare tires, you know, a lot of times the spare tires get neglected because they’re not being used per se.

But we definitely made sure that our spare tire on our trailer is inflated to the proper. And the spare tire that we have a for our truck is in, played in properly that way. If we do happen to need one of those items, then we are prepared and those are, those are ready to go. So a renewable power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa. So we carry, we carry extra jacks and extra tools, uh, on our trailer and our truck for those instances. So if, uh, you know, if you find yourself on the highway or somewhere where you need to change a tire, change a flat tire that we have the tools and stuff with us that we can do that safely and as quickly as possible and get off the side of the highway and get back up and running. So renew a power Washer, pressure, Washington, Tulsa, so the maintenance of your equipment and your vehicle is extremely important.

Um, you know, it prevents having a premature breakdown or a having a failure of one of the components of your vehicle or your equipment. So we make sure that, uh, on a regular basis that we changed those oils and change those fluids and make sure that everything is, is up and running smoothly. Pressure Washing Tulsa Uh, every couple of years we’ll take the vehicle into the shop and have all the fluids changed. Your radiator fluid, your differentials are four wheel drive. We have all those fluids changed, have the chassis and everything. And just as a preventative maintenance me go ahead and change all that. The transmission fluid, uh, we have the pan pulled down, we change the filters, we changed the fluid that’s in the transmission and make sure that all that is up and running like it should and stays, stays up and running like it should.

We spend a lot of money on our equipment and it’s just something that you want to make sure that you’re taking care of your investment. You do not want anything going down, especially if you could have prevented it from, from having a failure going down. Pressure Washing Tulsa So we tried to do everything that we possibly can to make sure our equipment is taken care of, including our truck or trailer and all the equipment that we use to, uh, to do our power washing jobs. So, you know, and the other thing, I know it sounds funny, but you know, does your vehicle does your towing vehicle or the vehicle that you use leak oil? Uh, you know, it’s a lot of vehicles leave a little bit of oil, somebody, a lot of oil, you know, we want to make sure that our vehicle is not leaking oil Pressure Washing Tulsa because sometimes we try to not park in people’s driveways, but sometimes you’re left in a situation where Pressure Washing Tulsa he didn’t have much of a choice but to park in the driveway and you know, it’s not very professional when you leave and there’s a puddle of oil left on someone’s driveway from your vehicle.

So Pressure Washing Tulsa it’s just those little things that uh, you know, we pay attention to and try to stay on top of just to, you know, be able to provide the best service to our customers as we possibly can. Renew a power Washington crush Washington call. So today we’re talking about um, maintenance of your vehicle, maintenance of your equipment and your trailer if you pull one and all that type of stuff. So, you know, one thing that’s really neglected also on trailers that you see driving around all the time, his trailer lights, a lot of times you will get behind somebody that the trailer lights are not working at all, no brake lights, no turn signals and stuff like that. So, um, no power washing, pressure washing Tulsa every time we hook up to our trailer, we, uh, we do a light check, Pressure Washing Tulsa walk around the vehicle, make sure all the truck lights are working, make sure all the trailer lights are working. That way if we find ourself out to a situation, you know, especially at night that we have working lights all the way around our vehicle and our trailer, uh, you know, that’s just, we talked about safety a lot of times and that’s just something that we do a for a safety standpoint, uh, when we’re driving down the road. That kind of ties into kind of what we try to do on a daily basis for our customers. So renew a power washing pressure, washing tossa. Thank you very much.