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Hello everyone, this is episode 21 with renewable power washing pressure washing salsa. Today we’re going to talk to you guys about the importance of keeping your roof cleaned. So definitely, and the humidity that we have here in Oklahoma, we’re definitely starting to see a lot of the black streaks, if you will, on a lot of roughs, especially on the north side of the roof where a lot of this stuff seems to grow and thrive. So, uh, those black streets are actually algae bacteria that is growing on your roof. So there is a process that we use called soft washing to remove safely remove that from your roof. Renew power washing crusher, Washington, Tulsa, does not use high pressure like some of the companies out there do to remove that algae off of your roof. Um, you know, using a high pressure, a surface cleaner or a using high pressure from a, uh, from a wand.

There’s multiple things that, uh, that possibly can do it. It opens the customer up for damage to the roof, uh, allowing water to get underneath the shingles and a leak into the house. Um, there’s a, there’s a tar type sealant on each one of those shingles that as they get hot, that tar heats up and it kind of forms the glue that holds those shingles down. If you go up there with a bunch of high pressure than you are risking a lifting the shingles up and curling them on the end. So when a storm comes or high winds, high rains come, you know, that can easily be blown up underneath the shingles. So renewable power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa, we use a soft wash system which allows us to um, clean the majority of the roof from the ground. A very unlikely that we would have to get on the roof to reach any, uh, any, any area on that roof.

At best we would have to stand on a, uh, a fold out ladder and to get a little bit of extra height to get to a certain areas. But other than that, um, you know, we can do the majority of that cleaning from the ground, which for the customer saves damage to their roof by not having somebody walking around on the roof. And it also prevents the opportunity to, uh, have somebody possibly fall off the roof slip or something like that. So we use a soft washing system, radio power washing, pressure washing Tulsa that allows us to gently clean using detergents to clean that roof. So everything that we use is a recommended by the shingle manufacturer. So it does not void any warranty. And a lot of the shingle manufacturers actually have a cleaning process in their, in their warranty that you are supposed to clean that roof. So often to keep the warranty of those shingles in good standing.

I don’t really know anybody that actually adheres to those, to those processes. Um, it’s something that insurance companies should probably be more on board with because replacing a roof is extremely expensive. So, uh, rather than replacing the roof and uh, having to have those expenses, you know, we could get that roof cleaned and maintained to where that algae and stuff is not, is not living off of those shingles. Renewable power washing pressure washing Tulsa. Because that’s exactly what the algae is doing and the bacteria is doing it, is actually living off of the fibers that are in those shingles which is deteriorating and taking years off of the life of those shingles. So it is very important to maintain the cleanliness and the, uh, the environment on your roof. Risks are very expensive to replace and I mean, of course you’re going to have to replace them eventually, but you know, you can buy yourself a lot of time if you keep that roof clean and uh, uh, maintained properly and cleaning it is definitely one of the ways to maintain that rough, a renewal, power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa.

So like I said, cleaning that roof is, is very, is very important. Um, you know, we offer a, a roof cleaning for a fairly reasonable price that doesn’t really gouge the customer. And we also offer a free driveway cleanings with any surface. And the surface is definitely one of those services that that entails. So we offer a money back guarantee, a satisfaction guarantee. If any customer is unhappy, we will definitely take care of that and make it right with that customer. So there’s a, there’s no risk involved to the customer. We are fully insured, uh, for your safety and our safety as well. And you know, we’d just like to reiterate the importance of getting that, that roof cleaned.

There’s a lot of roofs, especially in this high, high humidity heat type environment that we live in that really, really could benefit from being cleaned. Once again, we use the soft washing process. That is a process that’s usually the low pressure. It’s done brown and we, we don’t spray the water in a manner that it goes up underneath the shingles. We spray the water on top of the shingles and let the water run down the shingles naturally so that, that allows the cleaner to dwell and take care of the problem without having to use a high pressure to get that claim. There’s, I’ve seen a lot of different methods and stuff out there. There’s even companies out there that sell kits or cell systems and training and uh, they specifically are selling a equipment and training that is using high pressure to clean these roofs.

And so your asphalt shingles are made up of, of, uh, bits and pieces of particle. And when you, when you walk on them or you hit them with high pressure, those fibers are actually coming off and going down to your gutter. If you see, if you notice in a high rain right there at your gutters, you’ll see some gravel type looking really fine gravel lugging stuff that is the fibers and the material from your shingles coming off. So you can imagine in a high rain that stuff coming off. Pressure Washing Tulsa So you could only imagine what you know, hitting that with a super high pressure concentrate of water would actually do those shingles. It will deteriorating very, very quickly. So, you know, we, we do not use any high pressure, uh, when cleaning the shingles on somebody’s house, which adds years of life to your shingles rather than taking years of life away from your shingles.

I mean, that kind of defeats the point when you’re, when you’re up there ruining the shingles at the same time, cleaning the shingles you’re trying to do to prevent the years and the damage to the shingles so it doesn’t really make any sense to get up there and cause more damage to the shingles. Pressure Washing Tulsa You’re kind of defeating the purpose. So trust renewal, power washing, pressure washing Tulsa for any of your, uh, home, exterior cleaning needs, any of your business commercial property needs. We have a process and a system that will definitely work for your application. And, uh, like I said, we, we always are looking for better ways to do things. We’re always educating ourselves and trying to be the best company for our customers that we could possibly be. So let’s just reiterate the importance of getting your roof cleaned. So choose a roof cleaning service from renewable power, washing pressure washing Tulsa and we will make sure that we get that roof back to back to new and not only get the, uh, uh, bacteria and stuff on your shingles.

But those black streaks are very unsightly and they just look bad. Pressure Washing Tulsa They look like your roof is in bad shape when that might not necessarily be the case, it might just need to be cleaned and we can come in there and clean it and get in and out of your hair just within a few hours. Uh, some of the jobs do require, uh, multiple treatments and, uh, you know, depending upon how long that the contaminants and stuff I’ve been on your roof and you know, that’s not a problem either, you know, we, we will stay there until the job is done and uh, we will definitely get it taken care of for you. So thank you for listening to renew it, power washing, pressure washing Tulsa and we really appreciate it and we’ll see you next time. Thank you very much.