Pressure Washing Tulsa | Getting Around the Windows

Hello, this is episode number 12 right now, renewable power washing pressure washing Tulsa is heading to bid a 23,000 square foot brick building one story. Uh, so some of the challenges with this job are going to consist of obviously the size, it’s probably going to take a day and a half, possibly two days to go ahead and complete it. We will be using the software and process on this to get the building nice and clean and to eliminate any possible damage you never really want to, not knowing the brick manufacturer and a consistency in how the brick was made. You want to be pretty careful when putting a high pressure to the brick, uh, especially in areas where the mortar and stuff might be a weak or broken out or anything. So using high pressure will definitely get water, in fact, behind, uh, Pressure Washing Tulsa in those areas where you do not want it.

So renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa will be using the [inaudible] method to go ahead and get that clean that we’ll go ahead and spray the cleaner on the brick. Um, test a couple of spots to check our dilution rates and uh, go from there. So what we’re looking for within five to seven minutes, you’re looking for the mold and the algae and the dirt to a break loose and kind of start cleaning itself off. Then you just rinse it with water. And so using a low, using a low pressure will keep a, a huge amount of water from soaking into the brick brick being very, very poorest. Um, it will absorb and take on a lot of water. So, um, we’ll be using the softbox process, new power washing, pressure washing Tulsa. It’s definitely something that you want to keep in mind during the wintertime. So brick will, Pressure Washing Tulsa um, take on a lot of water, especially using high pressure.

So in the winter time the biggest thing they have to be concerned with is getting that brick completely full of water. And then that night was say it, go ahead and freeze. And then when it freezes, that brick expands and then the face of that brick, over time we’ll start dealing off. It will actually start chunking off. So, and that’s just due to the expansion of the, uh, the water when it freezes. So summertime, don’t worry about that. So much drives pretty good for you. You have to worry about any of those types of issues, but that’s just a process that we follow just to make sure that, uh, you know, we’re minimizing the damage. You can also control your detergent, your cleaning products a lot easier, especially if there’s a, a area where there’s a lot of greenery, plants, shrubs, that type of stuff. Pressure Washing Tulsa It really helps you control any type of splash back that might get on any of those types of surfaces and a fear around windows or anything like that.

You don’t really want to use high pressure on the windows or around the windows, the caulking and the ceiling around those windows. You could damage that. So we’re going to go ahead and use the, uh, south Washington process, renewable power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa. We strive to do the best job that we possibly can with the customer in mind. Obviously we have to make money doing it, but you know, we really believe in educating the customer and making sure that we offer the best solution that fits their needs. So we will definitely be using that process, cleaning this brick exterior. Some of the challenges with this job are going to consist of just like I said, the size, there’s multiple offices in this one building, so uh, we’re gonna probably be doing this after hours just to cut down on the amount of commercial traffic that’ll be going inside of the building so we don’t have to, uh, um, you know, worry about working around customers or employees and stuff like that coming Pressure Washing Tulsa and out of the building.

So, you know, if we have to, we can do the backside and the uh, east and west side of the building during business hours, that’s pretty much out of traffic. But the front, the front of the building we will definitely be doing out outside of the business hours. So that’s just some flexibility that we would like to offer the customers. So. But like I said, renewable power washing, pressure, washing Tulsa will definitely be using that process, softball, she process to get that brick nice and clean in a safe manner. They had some trees and uh, um, around the building and they have decided to cut the trees down and I guess a behind the trees and whether it’s sap, whether it’s, you know, mold analogy, that type of stuff was growing in those environments. And the customer is definitely wanting to get that building, Pressure Washing Tulsa looking back to brand new as possible.

Uh, once they’ve cut those trees down, it’s really made a lot of that stuff visible. So, um, the gentleman that contacted me, he is the president of the association there and there’s, like I said, there’s multiple, so he’s going to head up this project, get multiple bids. And so renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa is going to throw in a bed that we feel is extremely competitive and we are also going to do a throw in the concrete cleaning, uh, their, their storefront, make sure their storefront is nice and clean. The sidewalks and entryways are nice and clean for their customers. And their employees, uh, that’s just something that we’re going to go ahead and throw in with the bed as a, a kind of a courtesy as a thank you to the customer. See if we can lock this bid down and move forward.

See if we can build a few relationships, renew it, power washing, pressure washing Tulsa really strives to build those types of relationships with his customers were not really mean. Of course we’re out to make money, but we’re not out to, you know, just get in there and get out of there. We’d like to really build longterm relationships with these customers. So, um, you know, it’s very important to us to go up a little bit above and beyond and see if we can have a relationship that, you know, we can do business with our customers over and over again, you know, from a, from here on out. So we really try to go the extra mile to ensure that the, we keep those relationships up. So we’re heading there right now to go ahead and get the bed. And then tonight when we get home, we’ll go ahead and prepare the estimate and get this thing sent off and hopefully we can go ahead and lock this thing down.

So I’m seeing a pretty high traffic area, so we’re going to. A customer allows us to. We’re going to go ahead and see if we can put a few yard signs out for some advertisement and uh, go from there. So I’m just going to reiterate the importance of knowing the surface that you’re cleaning a, there’s multiple different aspects to cleaning, multiple different types of services. There’s really not a one time, you know, way to clean everything. Uh, there are ways to clean different things, the same using the same process, but you know, you have to test areas, make sure that your deletion rates and everything are good and you’re safe to continue on before you put yourself into a position because of a bunch of damage. Somebody’s property and a lot of money. So renewable power washing, Pressure Washing Tulsa, uh, we are fully insured.

We have enough insurance to cover any mishap that might happen, uh, in our control or out of our control. We try to take as many precautions as we possibly can while we’re onsite, but everybody knows that sometimes things happen, sometimes things are out of our controls are, there was no oversight or just weren’t thinking, you know, about few possibilities that might happen. So we are fully insured and uh, we make sure we take care of our customers and take care of ourselves in the process. So insurance is extremely important when it comes to doing any job for our customers. In today’s world, we need to make sure that we are protecting ourselves and protecting our customers’ property. So we definitely pride ourselves in

carrying our insurance. A lot of these guys choose to not carry their insurance and that’s a risk Pressure Washing Tulsa willing to take good for them, but that’s just not a risk that we’re willing to take and not the image or the professionalism that Redo a power washing. The freshwater also wants to have. So we’re gonna to gonna, keep to it, pay the extra money to try to do the right thing, and we’re going to keep moving forward. Thank you very much and I will update you on how this went.