Pressure Washing Tulsa | Don’t Damage The Wood

Hello, this episode’s 17 with renewal power washing, pressure washing Tulsa. Today we’re going to be talking about the benefits of using a surface cleaner on all your concrete brick patio type surfaces versus using a high pressure. Want a seen a lot of videos on youtube showing and demonstrating the proper ways to clean a various surfaces. A lot of them are using a pressure washing and I’m one of the downfalls to that is the consistency of the way it cleans, Pressure Washing Tulsa so when you’re cleaning a dirty surface, a less use concrete for instance, and you’re using a pressure washing law and it’s almost impossible to control the height on a consistency that you’re off of the surface. And so the result of that is is what they called striping and it’s wearing area is really clean and then the the area next to it or something like that is not as clean, still cleaner than it was before.

And then so when you look at it, especially when it’s wet, you will see the striping effect and that is. That is usually what happens when you’re using a pressure washing. Want to clean those surfaces. Like I said, it’s you see a really dirty spots or you’re going to push it, you know, you’re going to get really, really close to it. Then around that area is really clean and then you back back off of it and then it was dirty and it doesn’t clean all the way. So we knew a power washing pressure, washing Tulsa on all concrete surfaces, driveways, Patios, walkways, pool decks, anything like that. Um, we definitely use a surface cleaner. Uh, we also use a surface cleaner to, uh, help, uh, in the stripping process of staying old stain and paint and stuff like that on a wood decks. So, uh, on a wood deck you have to be very careful because you will actually make what they call hair.

It’s like little little fibers and stuff popping up and it’s actually damaging the wood with the high pressure. So we use a surface cleaner at a low pressure, usually around thousand PSI. No, no more than, no more than about a thousand psi to clean those surfaces, just so we don’t damage the wood. So surface cleaners can be used for a lot of things. Um, I’ve even used a small handheld surface cleaner on a wood fences at a really low psi to a aid in the Pressure Washing Tulsa cleaning process. Now, like I said, it keeps it very good, consistent, clean all the way through the process and uh, you don’t have to worry about hurting the wood when you’re using a lower, a lower psi like that. So surface cleaners that come in many, many different sizes and shapes a somewhat oval, most of them around, uh, and if you have a reclaimed water reclaim system on your, on your rig, then you can also use a surface cleaner that has a water, reclaim a port on it.

And so if you’re cleaning something that you can’t have water running everywhere, you can actually use that surface cleaner and suck the water out of this out of the surface cleaner as you’re using it to cut down on a wastewater or dirty water going over stuff that you don’t want it to go over. It works really, really good on a, like a brick walls, retaining walls and stuff like that where you don’t want dirty water getting maybe onto a pool deck or onto another surface below as much so you can reduce the amount of cleanup, you can use, the, you can use. A lot of times you can use it indoors. Renewable power washing, the pressure, Pressure Washing Tulsa the Washington policy, renewable power washing, pressure, washing Tulsa. A lot of times you can use a surface cleaner that has reclaimed indoors like in an industrial environment because you’re actually sucking the water out and I’m not leaving the water all over the floor, so hades in the drawing process and uh, just makes it a lot easier for working on a projects and indoors, a really good for garages, especially on homes and stuff like that.

So who are, you don’t want water splashing all over sheet rock or you know, on interior surfaces and stuff that might be in somebodies personal garage. Yeah. Surface cleaner with reclaim on it is very good. It’s a very good option. So, um, we’re head out to a job right now. Uh, we won’t be using our surface cleaner, did they? Well, at least I’m not on this job, but uh, we’re going to be finishing up one today, so, uh, that’ll be really good to get that, get that taken care of. Pressure Washing Tulsa Hopefully we have another happy customer and a while we did use a surface cleaner on a lot of the pool deck, a driveway, a front and rear patios. We did use a little bit of our surface cleaner, uh, to do some cleaning on one of his decks that are really, really, really low psi, like 500 Psi.

The way we do that, we change the, uh, we’ve got pressure regulator and on top of that we can change the nozzles on the surface cleaner to reduce the amount of pressure that is coming out through the power washer. So there’s many ways you can help reduce the amount of pressure that is actually being applied to the surface. So different size nozzles on the, uh, rotating arm on your surface cleaner or a pressure regulator in line somewhere. Uh, we’ve got, we’ve got both a, I liked the press, regular it a little bit because it’s quicker, it’s easier, you don’t have quite the adjustments and stuff that you need, but if you’ve got the right, you’ve got the right nozzles, then you can get adjusted down pretty much to where you need to go. You might have changed out nozzle, get up a little bit higher psi, but, uh, you can get, you can get really close with that type of stuff.

So anyway, a surface cleaners are a very, very useful tool, uh, especially on a concrete and brick and patio surfaces were pressure washing wand, a well could do damage or just leave a very inconsistent clean. So on the surface cleaner, renewable power, Washington Brush Washer Tulsa is very important to have a good surface cleaner. Do Your, do your research to find out what really good ones are, uh, they’re going to cost you a little bit of money, but in the long run it’s going to be very worth it because you’re going to save it in time. And, uh, when you have a really good surface cleaner, uh, that you don’t have to go over the same area more than once to keep the striping and to get the level of the, the clean consistent that will save you money. Also just make sure you’re using a good, a good penetrant cleaner that’ll get down into the pores and a, a, a good, good pressure washer that could deliver a, a decent volume of water and a pretty decent, a PSI and a Pressure Washing Tulsa heated power Washer is a definitely, definitely a benefit.

So it, uh, when you add heat, especially to a decreasing and stuff like that and concrete, they heat, uh, it’s amazing what he will do. A heat is really, really, it’s really good. Also renewable power washing, pressure washing and he is really good also for the, uh, like a, a brick paver patio. Uh, we just quoted one that had a, kind of like a latex paint that uh, one of the previous owners had painted on there and the current owner did not want that on there anymore. So we went over there and took a look at it and pretty much determined that the best method to get that claim would have been just a, at a pretty good angle with a 120 130 degree heat with a decent pressure because you don’t want to damage the paver stones and you don’t want to discolor of in any way. And uh, they would have been a little bit of a tedious process, Pressure Washing Tulsa but it would have, it would have definitely taken care of it without a problem. So that’s kind of what we discussed with the customer and they seemed, they seemed like they thought that was pretty decent idea. So,


anyway, just talking about surface cleaners, renewable power, washing, pressure washing, Tulsa driveways, Patios, pool decks, surface cleaning, brick walls, retaining walls, fences, decks, retaining decks, walkways, Patios, commercial entrances, commercial buildings, drive throughs, drive through lanes, banks, gas stations, filling stations, renewable power, washing, pressure, washing, tosser. We’ve got pretty much a solution to take care of. Anything that you need, please feel free to give us a call anytime and we’d be more than happy to take care of that. Once again, surface cleaners are very good and economic way to go about doing business renewal power, Pressure Washing Tulsa Washington pressure, Washington, Tulsa. Thank you very much.