Pressure Washing Tulsa | Doing The Work Themselves

Hello, this is renewable power washing pressure washing Tulsa for episode 23. Thank you for joining us. We’re here to talk about just power Washington general today. So our last episode, we talked a lot about the, the exterior of the home and you know, there are many surfaces on the exterior of a home that uh, a good power washing company can take care of for you from the start with the front of your house. Pressure Washing Tulsa A lot of people spend a lot of time and a lot of money on, you know, landscape and having a companies and stuff come and mow their yard. They don’t have any companies in the yard. They’re doing the work themselves. And during the summertime it’s extremely hot and there’s a lot of people that are very prideful of the exterior of their home. And I think a lot of times even me as a homeowner failed to realize that we spend all this time on the landscaping.

But then the driveway and the walkways and stuff on your house take up 30 to 40 percent of the surface on your, on the front of your house. So it’s a very cost effective thing to have done. It’s not very expensive and it makes a huge difference, uh, on the, on the overall appearance of the outside of your home, so you call renewable power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa, and, uh, you know, we can definitely get that taken care of for you. A, a power wash and pressure wash from Tulsa offers a free driveway cleaning with any, with any exterior service. So, you know, that’s something that we can go ahead and throw in there just for doing business for you at your home. So we offer a money back guarantee, a customer satisfaction guarantee. And so, uh, you, we will make sure that you are, you are pleased and happy with the money that you spent getting the app outside of your home.

Take care of. So we talked about driveways and walkways as two surfaces on the exterior of your home. Then, you know, do you have a pool? A pool decks are another surface that people use a lot during the, uh, during the summertime. And uh, you know, springtime, summertime, fall, any of that time is a good time to get those surfaces and everything playing on your pool deck. I know a lot of leads and stuff. Pressure Washing Tulsa Collect and debris and stuff, collect underneath the, you know, the nooks and crannies and maybe underneath the furniture that you might have on the outside there on the patio or something like that. Um, you know, we, we will blow and get rid of all that stuff on the exterior before we start the power washing process. So any sticks, leaves, debris, anything like that, acorns or, or a cons or anything like that that might be falling out of the trees.

We use a blower to remove all that stuff prior to starting the power washing process. So we make sure that all that stuff is removed and uh, you’re, you know, you’re happy with the, uh, with the job. So renewable power washing, pressure washing Tulsa, it’s kind of talking about all the surfaces on the exterior of your home that we can get taken care of for you. So we talked about the driveways, walkways on the front entrance. Pressure Washing Tulsa Um, some people have front Patios, uh, off their front door or something like that or off to the side, a sitting area that they sit out there in the morning, maybe enjoy a cup of coffee or something like that. So we can definitely take care of those. Also, a lot of times patios will have some kind of retaining wall or some kind of wall that kind of separates that, that space from maybe from the front yard or from the driveway or something like that.

And uh, you know, we can definitely take care of that as well and get that space back up to snuff. So you don’t have to worry about any of the furniture or anything like that. Uh, we, we move all the furniture for you. Um, if it’s a, if it’s an area that we don’t have easy access to a, sometimes you might have a dac or something off of the, like a master bedroom or off of a bedroom on a two story that might not have an access to a, you know, down to the yard or something like that. Some stairs or something. And those situations we might ask the, uh, the customer to have that moved prior to us getting there just to prevent us from having to come inside the house and I’m moving that stuff around and being in your personal space, especially if it’s a master bedroom or something like that.

Um, you know, we, we definitely can do it, but we, uh, we would probably ask the customer if they wouldn’t mind removing that type of stuff before, uh, before we got there to do the job. So we try to make it as painless and easily as easy as possible on the customer. A lot of times we can get in there and get out of there maybe while the customer is at work and you don’t even, you come home to a clean house, you don’t even know we’ve been there other than seeing the, the cleanness when you, when you get back home. So, uh, you know, that’s not, that’s not a problem at all. So a lot, a lot of people have rear Patios, uh, whether it’s concrete or wood deck or something like that for a paver, paver, stone type situation. Uh, we can definitely get all that stuff taken care of and cleaned as well, like I said, any, any type of retaining walls or anything like that, um, we can definitely take care of all that for you safely and without damaging your property.

So, um, last episode we talked quite a bit about the siding of the house. That is definitely something that Redo a power washing pressure, washing Tulsa can get taken care of for you. We use a soft washing method that is the least invasive way to get the exterior clean. Uh, it causes it, you know, he gives us the opportunity to reduce the, the, uh, opportunity for damage, uh, which nobody wants to come home from damage and you know, if we’re fully insured. So if, if there was a things happen and uh, if there was some damage or something caused to the outside of the home, you know, we’re not gonna, we’re not gonna just leave that and hope you don’t see it. Um, we’re gonna take some pictures of it. We’re going to present that to you and then we are going to, uh, uh, with your help and your blessing, we are going to go ahead and get that taken care of for you.

You know, if you, if you know somebody that you trust to take care of that for you, that is perfectly fine with us. Uh, that’s something that you can absolutely do. And, uh, you know, we’ll, we’ll go ahead and pay will go ahead and pay for it. Whatever it takes to, uh, to make it right with the customer is exactly what we’re going to do. So rest assured, when you have renewed power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa, come to your house that, uh, we, we, we are covered on all aspects and we do stand behind our work. And the last, the last thing we want is a customer will be unhappy. I know if something were to happen, you know, that doesn’t make anybody happy, but I think a lot of times it’s the way you handle it. If something were to happen and uh, we, we will make sure that that is handled a, 100 percent without a, without the customer having to point it out to us or anything like that.

So you know, if we’re definitely, we’ll definitely take care of the customers with the best bootcamp. We offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee. Like I said, we offer a free driveway surface clean with a up to a standard to car driveway with any service, with any service on the exterior of your house. So if you have your roof cleaned, we will do your driveway for free. If you had the siding on your house clean, Pressure Washing Tulsa we will do your driveway free. And the other thing we can do for you on the exterior house is a, let’s say you have a pergola, you know, a nice area out there that is looking pretty worn and kind of gray and kind of old. Uh, you know, we can definitely get that cleaned up for you and get that restrained or resurfaced. However, you know, depending upon what level you want to take it, we can absolutely get that taken care of for you.

We can get it prepped for staining so the customer wants to stay in that themselves. That’s perfectly fine with us. We can go ahead and get that prepped and get the surface ready for a, uh, for a standing job if that’s, if that’s something that you want to do. We can also take care of the fences. Um, you know, if you have a wood fence, a lot of times they look gray and Warren, you know, maybe if you replace a few, a crooked or broken boards, get the rest of it cleaned. You know, your, your fence, you stare at it a lot in your backyard and when it’s cleaned, it just makes everything seem a lot nicer and a lot, lot more of an inviting environment to want to hang out at. So that is definitely something we can take care of. We can also stain your fence. Uh, we use, Pressure Washing Tulsa we use a stain that is made here in the United States and it is, it, it’s a longer lasting stain. It’s a, it’s a stain that can be applied in and the heat that we have here in the summers without affecting its ability to adhere or to do its job. So we’ve done a lot of research to find the proper kinds of stain that will be best on your decks and all your fences, so that is absolutely something that we can take care of for you without a problem.

So like I said, this is renewable power washing, Pressure Washing Tulsa, renewable power, washing, pressure, washing Tulsa. Give us a call at nine, one eight, eight, zero, nine two, five, eight, one or visit our website at www dot. Renew it. Power and we’d be more than happy to help you. Thank you very much.