Pressure Washing Tulsa | Cleaning The Roof

Hello, this is episode number 10, podcast number 10 with renewable power washing pressure washing the Tulsa. Today we’re going to be talking about roof cleaning. I’ve had a lot of questions lately in regarding roof cleaning. We’re starting to see a lot of the black streaks on the roofs and um, I don’t know if it’s worse this year than it has been in the past, but a lot of people are questioning, you know, what it is, first of all. And uh, you know, if we can, Pressure Washing Tulsa if we can clean it and take care of it. So is what it is, is it’s bacteria, it’s algae that is growing on the roof and it is actually living off of the material that is on the roof. So first of all, and yes we can, we can clean that off. Uh, we use a process called soft washing that is a noninvasive through the roof.

It doesn’t deteriorate any of the existing material from the roof. And it also is meets the manufacturer of the shingles specifications as far as how to clean it and how to maintain it. So we knew a pressure washing with Tulsa absolutely can take care of that for you. So Pressure Washing Tulsa what are some of the benefits of getting a roof clean? Well, first of all, getting that, getting those black streaks off that roof is absolutely important because that is actually deteriorating your roof and is taking time and a length of time off of that roof. So it’s extremely important to get that, to get that stuff off of there. Second of all, it the spores will move to your neighbor’s house is also. So you’ll see an area that might be worse than other areas. Well it’s because when the wind blows it is actually picking that stuff up and sending it to other areas. So other people’s roofs and stuff like that. So it’s very important to get that stuff taken care of. We kind of covered what the black streaks are on the roof and like I said, it is an algae and it’s something that uh, needs to, needs to definitely get removed from there because it’ll just continue to get worse and it will just continue to deteriorate your roof.

So why do we choose to use soft washing when it comes to cleaning risks? Well, the biggest, the biggest reason we use soft washing is, is, is very simple. I’m soft washing is the least invasive way to go about cleaning that. Like I said, it does not deteriorate the roof. It doesn’t, uh, it doesn’t go against the manufacturer’s specification for maintaining that roof. And a pressure washing on a roof can lead to many, many problems for the customer. I’m putting high pressure on the roof will, especially in an asphalt roof or something like that, it will actually the material that those shingles and stuff we’re made of once again, taking life away from your roof, which that is absolutely what we are not trying to do. The second of all is it gives you the opportunity to lift the shingles a damage the shingles, get water up underneath the shingles, which in the long run will create mold and algae. And once again, we’re trying to prevent that type of stuff from happening. Not, Pressure Washing Tulsa not create a situation where it makes it worse. So pressure. Washington, Tulsa uses a soft washing method, in most applications we do not have to get onto the roof. Once again, that keeps, keeps foot traffic off the roof. It keeps, it keeps a

damaged down off the roof. So I’m doing any of that stuff from the ground is absolutely the safest for the employees doing the job. It’s the safest for the customer as far as the risk is involved, uh, to the roof or anything like that. And while we’re talking about that pressure, Washington, Tulsa or renewed pressure washing is fully insured. So we have, we have the insurance to keep ourselves covered or any damage that might happen to the, uh, the roofs or anything like that. We are fully insured and you want to make sure that the cut, the company that is coming has proof of insurance. If they cannot prove that they have insurance, Pressure Washing Tulsa I would highly suggest that you be very aware and not do business with those people. It’s more just as much for your protection. The customer’s protection as it is for the company’s protection. So that is, that is a very important thing to look after when you’re looking for a company to do any work for you, whether it’s trimming trees or anything, uh, accidents can happen and the last thing that you want to do as a customer is be liable or potentially liable for anything that might happen. So just to just a side note, their insurance is very important and renew it. Pressure. Washington. Tulsa is fully insured for everybody’s protection

today. We will be doing a little bit of roof work. So, um, it’s mainly on the north side of the house. Pressure Washing Tulsa It’s not, it’s not horrible, but the customer has questioned it and since we’re already going to be out here doing some other stuff for this customer, we’re going to go ahead and take care of that also while we’re here. Uh, just a little patch, but they’re being proactive about it, which is a good thing. And getting that taken care of before it, uh, it gets worse and spreads to other structures on their or other neighbors and stuff around their house. So, um, we’re gonna go ahead and take care of that for them today using our soft washing method and, uh, they should be pretty pleased. Thank you for choosing renewed pressure, Washington. Tulsa. We will see you and talk to you on the next go round. Thank you.