Pressure Washing Tulsa | Cleaning The Driveway

Hello, this is episode 19 and we’re going to talk about kind of what I’m running into with educating the customer on the different services and stuff that we offer and what different levels, especially when it comes to a restating decks or cleaning decks, a little big misconception on the, uh, especially from the customer standpoint and also from the standpoint of other companies and stuff that are out there doing the work. So, um, you know, we’ve talked about it before. The process is that renewed power washing pressure, Washington Tulsa follows to properly clean strip and a prepared that for stain that could even mean a sanding, Pressure Washing Tulsa sanding the surface depending upon what level the customer wants to take it. So I’ve run into a situation, uh, where even when I thoroughly explained the process and I thought I understood what the customer wanted, renew a power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa.

We’ve still got off on a, uh, I guess confusion. So a renewal power washing pressure, Washington Tulsa offers a free surface clean of a standard two car, a driveway. So with any service purchased. So I had a customer asked me if I could substitute the driveway for a deck cleaning, so I explained to them that, you know, that would not be a problem, you go in there and just clean the deck and everything for them sending the quote and as we’re getting ready to schedule the time to come out and do it, the customer now says that, you know, he wants to put it off a couple of weeks in a couple of weeks. He’ll have time to, or he’ll have someone to help him stain the deck. Well, um, the process that we agreed upon, um, will not get that deck a prepped for staining.

It would just be washing the existing surfaces. So, you know, reiterating the importance of communicating to the customer and making sure the customer understands exactly what they’re getting and exactly what they’re not getting in a particular surface. Renewable power washing, pressure, washing your Tulsa. I, um, it’s very important. So I have found myself having to go back and talk to the customer and explain to them what we originally talked about was not preparing that deck for a stain. And of course, you know, when there’s a misconception like that, you know, the customer typically isn’t very happy, especially when that service that he’s gonna want is going to cost extra money. Um, so you know, the business owner, you have a reputation that you have to meet and um, you don’t really want to get yourself into a position where you just go clean that deck.

He goes and reads, stained it, the stain doesn’t take it, doesn’t adhere, Pressure Washing Tulsa it doesn’t look like he expected it to look. And then now you’re into a bigger problem possibly having to go back and strip it all at your costs and pay for the stain at your cost and restrain it to get it to the level that the customer wants it and the level that the business owner wants it. Because, like I said, we have a reputation and you want your work to kind of follow the reputation that you’re wanting to build. A lot of, a lot of businesses apparently, you know, really don’t care about their reputation. But if you’re going to have a long term sustainable business, uh, you know, your word of mouth and your reputation, your character means everything. Renew power washing pressure, Washington, Tulsa. So I’ll keep everybody informed as to how this situation kind of turns, turns out.

Um, and it, it just is what it is. So, uh, we’re gonna have to go back to the customer and explain to him that if he wants this deck to prep for staining is going to be a significant increase in cost. Uh, you have, uh, you have to equipment costs, you have a stripper and you have a brightener, you have cleaning supplies, cost, just cleaning the DEP with water. Uh, you know, it’s comparable to doing a driveway, a little bit more time consuming, but cost wise, comparable. It’s definitely worth doing, you know, to get the business and to make a customer happy. But when you run into a situation where it’s going to cost a couple hundred dollars in supplies and the overall job is a less than what it’s going to cost you to do it, then all of a sudden it’s definitely not worth, uh, Pressure Washing Tulsa worth doing it.

And you’ve got to weigh it out. Sometimes it might be worth it, it might be worth doing it. I had a customer here recently that I, uh, on underbid the job. It was really good customer. A customer is very happy, so, you know, it was a learning experience on my part and uh, it was definitely worth going ahead and just eat a little bit of the cost and stuff at and it cost me to do and we still, we still made a good margin on the job, but we just didn’t make as much as we could have had it been bid correctly. And the communication and stuff was a tip top and ride on. So, um, renewable power washing pressure, washing Tulsa today, talking to you about the importance of communication and making sure the communication is understood for both parties involved. Uh, you could talk all day long and until you really, until you know that the person you’re talking to or trying to communicate to fully understands what you’ve communicated, Pressure Washing Tulsa then obviously the communication is not complete until both parties are complete understanding of what was originally discussed.

So we’ll see how this one turns out, Redo a power washing pressure, washing Tulsa and uh, we’ll just go from there. Uh, their nose might end up losing the job, but you know, I’d rather be upfront and honest with the customer, even if it costs cost the business, losing the job is worth that to me personally, uh, than having a customer that’s unhappy and you know, a reputation that is in jeopardy. So sometimes you just have to weigh it all out. And like I said, for this one, it’s just not worth, it’s just not worth it to us to go ahead and try to make the customer happy as possible and eating all the costs. Rather get that communicated up front and make sure we all understand what’s going on. So the importance of communication can’t emphasize it enough. Renewable power. Awesome. Preston, Washington, Tulsa.

You know, we pride ourselves in communicating properly to our customers. Typically there’s not a problem and you know, sometimes you run across a situation where if someone’s trying to take advantage of you, so making sure that the estimate is thorough and solid, uh, the communication and writing is solid so you have something to fall back on if need be. You don’t want to get into the verbal, he said she said battle, uh, because 99 percent of the time the business is going to go ahead and eat that just to make the customer happy and to protect that reputation. So upfront communication is absolutely important. Renewable power, washing, pressure washing and Tulsa. We’re learning a lot today about communication specifically on decks and making sure the customer has all the communication and all the information that they need to make the proper decision and you know, it’s good for the business to have all the information so that they can make the proper decision and get out of the proper estimate and make sure that they’re capturing all the costs and the hourly cost that it takes to get that job complete. Pressure Washing Tulsa So it’s just one of those, one of those deals, no big deal. Let’s keep moving forward and see where it goes and we’ll try to make this customer happy and hopefully hopefully we can come to a resolution, a resolve and keep moving forward, which I think will be able to. I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

So anyway, that’s about all I have today. And you know, the importance of a cleaning a deck especially for restating is very important. There’s a process that you need to follow and if that process is not followed then you jeopardize having a job that is not of quality is subpar and that’s definitely not something that you want to have, especially when you have customers you do that one having upset customers or customers that are unsatisfied. And so we’re going to do everything we can on this one to make sure that that is not the case and we’ll move forward from there. Pressure Washing Tulsa So I appreciate everybody listening and like I said, this is Redo a power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa and we will talk to you guys on episode 20. Thank you very much.