Pressure Washing Tulsa | Avoiding Unsafe Equipment

Hello, this is mark with the episode number 10 with a renewal pressure washing pressure washing Tulsa. Today we’re going to talk about the importance of a trailer. We just purchased a new trailer due to our old trailer being way overloaded and uh, we had some issues with it and we had to go ahead and purchase a new trailer. So the thought process behind buying a new trailer was something we definitely needed a two axle trailer to carry the weight in the water that we were looking to carry. So originally we were looking at just a, a kind of a, like a car hauler type flat trailer. Pressure Washing Tulsa And the further I got into looking into it decided really quickly that that probably was not enough trailer weight wise for us. So we had some, we have some really good people help us with the decision making process and ended up going with a trailer that has a tandem axle. Both axles have electric brakes and each axle at 7,000 pounds a capable. And the, uh, the deck is 16 feet with a two foot a rear dove tail on the back, which is plenty enough to hold all of our equipment to a box, a pressure Washer, renew it, pressure washing, freshwater Tulsa, and it, uh,

holds everything that we need. We have a little area for all of our chemicals. We have to 35 gallon chemical tanks that we can run either a downstream or through our pump. We have a two, 150 foot hose reels for the pressure washer off the back and we also have a 100 foot hose for water to fill our tanks. So we decided to go with a wood deck just because the wood deck is a replaceable over time and you don’t have to worry about it, worry about drilling holes and stuff in it like you would with a metal deck. We were considered getting a metal deck trailer, but I just didn’t want to get a metal deck just because if you have to move any equipment or anything like that, then you’ve got exposed hose that can rust in your metal deck. So we went ahead and went with a wood deck, renewable power washing and pressure wash from Tulsa, Pressure Washing Tulsa found it very important to get a trailer that was well over what we needed it to be, especially for safety driving out on the roads.

A lot of people are driving out with a unsafe equipment without working lights on the trailer and it’s, it’s pretty dangerous to the people that are driving around and we wanted to make sure that we had a trailer big enough that we could secure everything on the trailer properly without having to worry about things flying off as we’re driving down the highway for our safety and for the safety of the vehicles and stuff driving on the road. Pressure Washing Tulsa It’s just not a good idea to have loose stuff on the trailer to where I can fly out, potentially damage somebody else’s car, hurt somebody else or cause a wreck, renew a pressure washing, power washing, pressure washing and Tulsa. Take safety very seriously when it comes to the jobs that we perform. And the um, the environment around us and people don’t think about it all the time. But one of the environments around us every day is driving up and down the roads and the highways and that’s just something that we weren’t going to compromise, so we went ahead and stepped up and bought a bigger trailer. That would well sacrifice for our application.

So what are the things in having a trailer, his trailer maintenance luck. This is. This is something that probably goes undone a lot. You have axles that need to be lubed every thousand miles to make sure that your bearings and everything and your trailer are in good working order. You would not want to have a situation where the bearing seized up or causing the issue. A worst case scenario, you lose a wheel, you lose a tire or something like that and carrying a heavy load. You do deaf, you definitely do not want to find yourself in that position. So we take trailer maintenance very serious. The other thing that you really need to be mindful of that a lot of people don’t really considered very much his trailer lighting. Do your trailer’s work? Do your trailer lights even work?

It’s very important at night when you were pulling a trailer around or even in the daytime that you have working lights. Uh, I’ve been behind many, many, many trailers that you can’t see the rear of the truck. So when the truck or when the trailer is coming to a stop, you don’t even know if the brakes are being applied, which causes a very dangerous situation. I’m driving around. If you can’t see the trailer lights, we check our trailer lights every time we hook up the to make sure that we have turn signals, brake lights, and a, all the lights that we need. Renewable power washing the pressure washer and Tulsa takes a safety and maintenance. Very important. Another thing that people don’t really, while we’re talking about maintenance of trailers and a maintenance on your vehicle, Pressure Washing Tulsa are you checking your pressure in your tires? That is very, very important when you’re pulling a heavy load, uh, checking the tire pressure on your trailer.

We check the tire pressure on a trailers once a week. If we see any fluctuation in air pressure on the tires, we immediately get that addressed because if you’re losing pressure on your tires, more likely there’s a. either you got a faulty tire, maybe a valve stem is bad. Maybe you’ve picked up a nail or a screw or something along the way that you’re slowly losing air out of. So we make sure that we check the pressure on our, on our trailer once a week just to make sure that everything is good. We’re safe and making sure that the vehicles and stuff around us are safe as well. It’s very important to make sure that that maintenance is being done.

Pressure, Washington, Tulsa maintains all of their equipment, the power, Washington equipment. Any oils that need to be changed. We changed those and proper intervals. Any, a tire pressures, trailer lights, anything like that. Pressure, Washington, Tulsa. Make sure that we take care of all the maintenance to ensure that we can get to the job, uh, on a timely fashion without any delays. And to make sure that the vehicles ourselves, our employees and our vehicles as well as the vehicles that are driving around on the roads do not encounter any issues from our equipment. You never know when you’re driving down the highway, what can happen, a circumvent or wreck or anything like that. Someone having to stop really fast maybe on the highway when you’re driving, you need to make sure that everything, your tires and brakes and everything is in good working order just to keep yourself safe and to, uh, help keep everybody on the road around you safe. It’s something that people neglect, but we, we’ve decided to make sure that that is something that we never go. Never neglect pressure. Washington Tulsa takes it very seriously when it comes to the safety. Pressure Washing Tulsa I know I keep repeating that, but safety is very, very important to a pressure washer and Tulsa all the way from getting to the job, getting from the job. And while we’re on the job, that’s why we carry insurance and make sure that we are performing the job’s safe, as safe as we possibly can.

Let’s just reiterate real quick, Pressure Washing Tulsa our trailer is 16 foot with the two foot dovetail, got breakaway chains with two electric brakes on each axle. So if the trailer were to have an issue, it will apply the brakes immediately and help you get that to the, uh, to the off the road safely. he’s got oversized tires that are fully capable of handling all that weight pressure. Washington, Tulsa uses a wood deck versus a metal deck just for if we ever have to move any equipment or anything like that around that we can without having to worry about putting holes into a metal deck and causing rust. So in wood deck you can replace whenever, whenever you need to. So pressure Washington, Tulsa, uh, takes great care of their equipment and make sure that everybody around them driving up and down the roads is safe as well. Thank you very much for listening. This is mark with renewable power washing pressure washing Tulsa.