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Hello, today on episode number nine, podcast number nine, renewable power, Washington. Tulsa is going to talk about surface cleaning. First of all, what are the benefits of surface cleaning? Surface cleaning can do a lot of surfaces, so the proper way is with a surface cleaner. A lot of companies use power washing lawn, um, which is fairly inaccurate, leads, stripes, and it’s hard to keep the certain heights off of the off the surface. Pressure Washing Tulsa So the proper way to do that is using a surface cleaner. One of the benefits to using a surface cleaner is customer perception. Customer perception when it comes to cleaning any surface is obviously what you’re going for. I’m using a surface cleaner, gives the customer the best bang for their buck and when they look at the finished product, it is 100 percent tip top ready to go. Keeping your commercial business clean. Drive throughs, gas stations, your storefronts and everything. It gives the perception to your customers that you are taking care of business, you are accurate, you’re clean, you take pride in your business and what you do. It’s also pressure offers all kinds of solutions when it comes to surface cleaning, drive throughs, parking lots, pool decks, driveways, walkways, the business entrances, Patios, porches, gas station, fill up lanes. There’s a lot of options when it comes to surface cleaning.

A lot of companies will use cold water with a solution to do their surface cleaning. The best application is using heat mixed with a cleaning agent to get grease stains, dirt, grime, mold, algae, Pressure Washing Tulsa any of that type of stuff off of your surface. Renewable power washing power, washing Tulsa uses a heated unit to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

When customers come into your drive throughs or they’re sitting there waiting for their food or they’re coming up to your Philip Lane, the see the companies that have the cleanest parking lots, the cleanest walkways, the cleanest drive throughs. People are going to frequent that just naturally just because it’s a clean environment for them to go to and if the environment is clean and the sidewalks and everything are playing, the building is clean. They are thinking that they are getting the best for their money. It is very important to keep that perception, especially if you’re owning a business. You might think people aren’t paying attention, but people are definitely paying attention and when people are happy, customers are happy using coming into your location, then um, they’ll spread the word and business would be great. So it’s kind of the same type of deal, you know, the saying is you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Pressure Washing Tulsa Well, a lot of times that’s true with customers. Also, your first impression will determine whether they’re going to come back and do business with you in the future or if there’s going to find somebody else and start looking somewhere else, they might end up coming back because they can’t find anything else. But you know, having that perception is very, very good when it comes to retaining customers.

Pressure washing your Tulsa will help with any needs as far as a commercial, residential, Pressure Washing Tulsa your business, anything like that. To keep your perception and to keep the goals that you have for your business. Tip Top, you can also use surface cleaners for a decks, Patios, pool decks, um, any of that type of stuff. Surface cleaning is very important when it comes to maintaining an image. We have many applications that you can use when it comes to surface cleaning, a heavy degreasers for a drive throughs where cars are sitting a lot, maybe leaking oil, maybe leaking transmission fluid or anything like that.

Russia, Washington, Tulsa also has many options when it comes to gas stations to safely remove any of the, uh, gas that might be spilled from the pump or just the residual stuff that might be coming from underneath somebody’s car while it’s sitting there in the drive through lane. Pressure Washing Tulsa Nobody wants to sit there and fill up their vehicle, standing or hovering over or dodging puddles or grease or anything like that. It’s really important also to, for a semi truck filling stations. Diesel fuel is very thick and very greasy. It leaves, you know, a pretty big mess and it stinks and once it gets on your shoes, you track it into your vehicle and nobody, you know, nobody wants all that stuff inside their vehicle. So pressure washing the Tulsa will be more than happy to take care of those applications and uh, keep that business image up and running.

Right now we are on our way to a surface cleaning job. We got a pool, that pool deck, a front patio, a rear patio, and it is a, a rock surface and we will be using, I’m just hot water and a surface cleaner to clean all the, uh, the rock and the mortar and stuff in between the rock. Pressure Washing Tulsa We will also be taking care of, uh, the siding on the house. Uh, there’s some mold removal that will have to be due on some of the rock siding and a pressure. Washington, Tulsa offers a free driveway surface, clean with any, with any surface, any service purchased. So we will also be taking care of the driveway today as well. The customer has requested that we, uh, take a look, so cleaning some of his windows, uh, that’s typically not something a renewal, a pressure, Washington, Tulsa does, but we are going to go ahead and take care of this for this customer.

A customer also has a couple of wood decks, one over a pond and one off of the back of the house. We are going to resurface and refinish the wood decks for the customer. So we will start by getting the decks clean, stripping any of the old stain off of the surface. We’re going to let that dry thoroughly for a couple of days and then we’re gonna come back and apply a, a, a stain that matches the handrails. So that’s kind of what a renewal Pressure Washing Tulsa has going on today. I’m going to be quite a large job, which, uh, we’re perfectly okay with handling. So please, uh, feel free to give us a call for any of your pressure washing needs, pressure washing Tulsa or renewed pressure washing, lifting us up on Google and we’d be more than happy to take care of anything for you. Thank you very much.